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Google scholar


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This was created for a basic workshop on Google Scholar for Bodleian Law Library

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Google scholar

  1. 1. Using Kate Jackson Human Rights 2015
  2. 2. What is it? • Journals and books index • Scholarly material : articles, papers, theses, books • Abstracts with links to subscription databases where Oxford has them • Includes citation data – providing links to other articles
  3. 3. What’s good and what’s not so good • Easy familiar searching • Spelling errors/incorrect citation • Links through to subscriptions • Has citation information • No clear list of what it searches • Not fully comprehensive • Some of the major legal databases are not indexed Advantages … Disadvantages …
  4. 4. Lets have a look….
  5. 5. Main Search Screen Before starting your search click on settings to make sure you have preferences set up for Oxford
  6. 6. You can change certain settings for the Search Results on this screen Choose Library links to show links to holdings @ Oxford
  7. 7. If University of Oxford is not there (it will not be if you are off campus) then search using the box above
  8. 8. You can use the basic search box to search (do not choose Legal documents) OR The arrow button allows for more filtering Use the different fields to structure your search. You can also narrow it down using date.
  9. 9. There are links to most results, although not all will be available under Oxford’s subscriptions Find it@ Oxford will take you to the ejournals box where you can choose which database to view the full text. This link will only work if you remembered to go into settings and add Oxford to the Library Links (see slide 6 onwards)
  10. 10. There are links through to other articles that have cited this and to other articles that Google think are related By clicking on the title you should get an abstract