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The vision for is to provide the 74% of the growing 30+ Million fantasy sports enthusiasts who use up to four different fantasy sports websites w/ the first all inclusive website & app providing a social networking platform allowing for all fantasy sports enthusiasts to stay connected with their friends’ leagues, performance, transactions, and activity. A fantasy sports platform will also exist for multiple sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, NCAA March Madness, & more.

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  1. 1. • LLC provides the 74% of the 30+ million fantasy sportsenthusiasts who use up to four different fantasy sports websites with the first all-inclusive fantasy sports website allowing them to manage all their fantasy sportsteams, leagues, and research while staying connected with all their friends’fantasy sports leagues, teams, stats, and activity.
  2. 2. • was inspired when I was asked to join six differentfantasy football leagues during the same NFL season. While I had the interest toparticipate in all those leagues, I did not have the time to invest to participate ineach of those leagues.• As a result of deciding to not participate in three of those six available leaguescaused for me to not only miss out on the opportunity to play with many of myfriends but also to miss out on the interaction with those friends.• With that said, was created to allow for all fantasysports enthusiasts to remain connected through one website with all their friendsleagues being visible, activity logs being available, and a standard scoringsystem to compare teams while benefiting from the numerous of other featuresoffered through
  3. 3. • In conjunction with the social networking platform, a fantasy sports platformwill also exist for multiple sports including: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, WorldCup, Olympics, NCAA March Madness, NCAA Football, and much more.• A standard scoring system will exist in order for tracking of lifetime statistics incomparison to friends’ statistics, global rankings,achievements/awards/trophies, and participation in competitions.• Additionally, will offer fantasy sports services includingfantasy sports consulting, player research tools, draft kits, and trophies forpurchase.• will also include a fantasy sports blog for each sportand sports news section therefore providing fantasy sports enthusiasts withstrategies, suggestions, and an overall a unique fantasy sports experiencewhile continuously evolving the fantasy sports field.
  4. 4. • Fantasy sports participation has grown over 60 percent the past four years asover 35 million people are now actively playing in the U.S. and Canada (FSTA).• 60 percent of fantasy players spend over an hour a day just thinking about theirfantasy team, and 85 percent spent over 30 minutes. (FORTUNE)• With upwards of 15 million players in the U.S., fantasy sports are a billion-dollarmarket. CBS SportsLine, for example, generated $15 million in sales from 1.3million fantasy football customers last year (FORTUNE).• Since fantasy players tend to linger on sites -- reading player profiles, ponderingtheir starting lineups, and sending messages to others in the league they attractblue-chip advertisers like McDonalds, Verizon, and General Motors (FORTUNE).• The average amount spent was $360, but 24 percent spend more than $500 ayear on their various teams (FSTA).
  5. 5. • Who are Fantasy Sport Enthusiasts (FSTA)?• 65% Have a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher• 92% Attended College• 70% Make $50,000 or more annually• 3 out of 4 play fantasy sports with people they know• Which Fantasy Sports do they play (FSTA)?• Football – 72%, Baseball - 37%, Auto Racing – 24%, Basketball - 20%,• Golf - 13%, College Football - 13%, Hockey - 12%, Soccer - 7%• How many sports news websites did Fantasy Sports Players visit in 2010 toobtain relevant information for their fantasy football leagues (FSTA)?• 6 or more - 30%• 4-5 - 44%• 2-3 - 16%• 1 - 7%• None - 3%
  6. 6. • will generate revenues primarily through advertisingrevenues based on a CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per 1,000impressions) advertising model.• Additional revenue streams also include the sale of :• Fantasy Sports Consulting Services• Player Research Tools• Fantasy Draft Kits• Online Magazine Membership• Online Magazine Advertising Sales• Fantasy Sports Award Shows and Events• Fantasy Sport Trophies• Competitions• Additional Innovative Offerings
  7. 7. Adam CarrPresident, Director of Finance, Co-Founder• Possesses his B.S. in Finance from Iowa State University, a M.B.A. inEntrepreneurship from Ashford University with Honors, and currently studying forhis PhD in Organizational Development & Leadership. Professionally Adam hasprior entrepreneurship experience dating back to when he was 16 years old whenhe flipped his first car he rebuilt, and as the founder of a tax preparation businessCornbelt Financial, LLC which was operated for two tax seasons. Adampossesses a well-diverse background consisting of leadership, sales, customerservice, finance, accounting, taxes, entrepreneurship, and much more.• With Adam serves as the predominant leader anddecision maker of the organization.
  8. 8. Palmer LoveVice President, Director of Operations, Co-Founder• Possesses a B.S. in Biology from New Mexico State University where he was aRegents Scholarship recipient, a Crimson Scholar, and was recognized by theUniversity’s Biology Board for conducting substantial diabetes research. Palmer isalso currently pursuing a M.A. in Healthcare Administration from AshfordUniversity. Professionally Palmer has experienced success working in a variety ofsales positions while also maintaining leadership roles.• With Palmer will initially serve as the leader of the futureoperations staff including advertising sales and blogging staff while serving assecond in command.
  9. 9. Chris LathinghouseAssociate Vice President, Director of Marketing, Co-Founder• Possesses a B.S. in Marketing from the University of North Carolina Wilmingtonwhere he academically performed on the Dean’s list, studied abroad in Europeand Scotland, and was the Student Leader for the Pi Sigma Epsilon MarketingFraternity. Chris is also currently pursuing a M.B.A. in Information Systems fromAshford University. Professionally Chris has developed substantial marketing andsales experience. While at Hertz, Chris introduced the Local Edition inWilmington, Southport, Oak Island, and Ocean Isle in the southeastern region ofNorth Carolina while also managing Hertz’ social media presence. In addition,Chris has assisted in the launch of Red Egg Marketing, has served asCaptain/President for UNCW’s Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, and currentlyserves as Captain/Co-Founder Inception Ultimate Frisbee.• With Chris serves as the predominant leader of thefuture marketing staff and decisions to increase membership.
  10. 10. • appreciates your time to learn more about strives to become and we look forward to having you asone of the Fantasy Sports Enthusiasts who call home forall your Fantasy Sports participation and activity.