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AOP Words4All


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AOP Presentation for Venture-lab project

Published in: Business
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AOP Words4All

  1. 1. Social translation
  2. 2. Current situationAutomated translation Traditional translationservices: companies:- Only people understand - Expensivepeople. - Inappropriate for small- Do not contextualize translations.correctly.- Misinterprets idioms.
  3. 3. Opportunity- Change the translation business.- Make the process of obtaining a translationmore user-friendly.- Provide an additional income to those whospeak at least two languages.- Job opportunity for amateur translators
  4. 4. What is Words4all?- Online platform for translations- Social platform where users and providers oftranslation services can come together. (Socialrelationship)- Fully adapted to web 2.0 and integrated withhorizontal social networks like Facebook andTwitter.
  5. 5. How does it work if I am atranslator?1. Register in Words4All2. Show us what you can do by passing a test3. Get your category range and now you can know what youll earn4. Wait for offers or apply for jobs.5. Deliver your translation within the agreed deadline6. Get your money through paypal7. Move up to next category range
  6. 6. How does it work if I need atranslation?1. Register in Words4All2. Start by either: a. Look for translators that fit your needs: languages, technical knowledge, priceOR b. Publish your offer and what youre willing to pay. c. Choose the best for you3. Get your translation and pay for it4. Rate your translator
  7. 7. Modifications of the original idea aftertesting our value proposition- Customer segment- Privacy and confidentiality- Pricing- Translators technical knowledge
  8. 8. SWOT Strengths Weaknesses ● Social network based ● Important effort in relationship between marketing needed customers and translators ● Model based in our users ● Quality translations for a trust competitive price ● Agile business model Opportunities Threats ● Niche market still to exploit ● Business competitors ● Market size grows due to ● Unpredictable economy globalization movements
  9. 9. Market size (I)- Market size: 30 billion $ (aprox: 23.500 M€)
  10. 10. Market Size (II)- In 2011 the global market for languageservices was worth USD 31 billion and growingat a rate of 7,41% p.a.- Market has large number of players but wefeel that our platform and social approach willattract clients looking for a more personalisedservice.- We estimate our initial target market tobe 0,003% of global market share.
  11. 11. Why its worth pursuing?- It covers a current need.- It will provide income to many people.- Make translations something social and withan human touch.
  12. 12. Thank you Danke, Grazie, 谢谢 Gracias, Merci, Words4All team: Jaume Lahoz, Óscar Ramos, Albert Carabasa, Pablo Castilla, Patricio Fernández, Belén Morenate, Fco Javier M.C,