Vivaldi and Rembrandt


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Vivaldi and Rembrandt

  1. 1. •Rembrandt and Vivaldi were born inbaroque period.•They were baroque artists.•Baroque is a period of artistic style.•Baroques describes the art style of Europebetween 1600-1750•The word baroque means that somethingis "elaborate“.
  2. 2. ‘Four seasons’ is one of He lived 63 years. his main works.He was a painter. He was priest. He was a He was poor. His name was Vivaldi. musician/composer.He was born in 1678. He was born in 1606. His name wasHe was born in Italy. He did ‘The Night Rembrandt. Watch’ . He was born in He was an engraver. Netherlands. He was a violinist. He lived 63 years. He died in 1741. He died in 1669. ‘Anatomy Lesson of Dr. He wrote concerts, Nicolaes Tulp’ is one ofHe never said mass.. cantatas and sacred his main works. vocal music. He painted portraiture, landscape and He did opera. narrative paintings. He had got an art school.
  3. 3. Hello Marinada’s students!I was Rembrandt. I was born in Netherlands in1606 and I died in 1669. So, I lived 63 years.I was a famous painter and engraver from theBaroque. I painted portraitures, landscape andnarrative paintings.I had got an art school. Unfortunately, I waspoor.I painted ‘Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes’ and‘The Night Watch’.
  4. 4. Narrative painting
  5. 5. Narrative painting
  6. 6. Portraiture
  7. 7. Narrative painting
  8. 8. Landscape
  9. 9. Hello Art students!I was Vivaldi. I was born in Italy in 1678 and I diedin 1741. So, I lived 63 years.I was a famous musician, composer and violinistfrom the Baroque. I was priest but I never saidmass.I composed ‘Four seasons’. I wrote concerts,cantatas and sacred vocal music. Moreover, I didopera.
  10. 10. Violin concertos