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Follow me - Using Twitter in post-graduate learning


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Brookes-Burgundy 3rd Joint Research Conference. More information here:

Published in: Education, Technology
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Follow me - Using Twitter in post-graduate learning

  1. 1. BROOKES-BURGUNDYRESEARCH CONFERENCE 2012 Follow me - Using Twitter to extend learning among post- graduate students Dr. Ana Isabel Canhoto Senior Lecturer Marketing Oxford Brookes University
  2. 2. MOTIVATION(c) Ana Isabel Canhoto, 2012
  3. 3. MANAGING EXPECTATIONS Module guide: You are also expected to use technical platforms such as blogs and social networks (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Four Square and Google+).(c) Ana Isabel Canhoto, 2012
  4. 4. MANAGING EXPECTATIONS Classroom: Blackboard Learning System 18/ 09/ 2011 23:15 Accessibility | Help Build Teach Student View eCRM 2011-12 Course Tools Your location: Home Page Course Content Announcements Assessments Assignments Calendar General Course Information Slides This folder contains the module This folder contains the slides used Discussions guide and assignment details. in the weekly workshops Web Links My Tools My Grades BV ONLINE SUPPORT RESOURCES | PERSONAL INFORMATION PAGES | ONLINE MODULAR HANDBOOK | LIBRARY My Files My Progress Notes Hashtag: #[course code](c) Ana Isabel Canhoto, 2012
  5. 5. SURVEY: STUDENTS’ ATTITUDESN=45Attitudes survey adapted from Holden, H., & Rada, R. (2011). Understandingthe Influence of Perceived Usability and Technology Self-Efficacy onTeachers’ Technology Acceptance. Journal of Research on Technology inEducation, 43(4), 343-367(c) Ana Isabel Canhoto, 2012
  6. 6. THE OUTCOME - VERY limited reaction to module postings - Same in VLE - Decreasing enthusiasm!(c) Ana Isabel Canhoto, 2012 N=29
  7. 7. THE OUTCOME But… - Interaction in broad sense - Students sharing materials between them - Students reacting to module leader’s content - Students reaching out to module leader - Interaction with other users(c) Ana Isabel Canhoto, 2012
  8. 8. STUDENTS’ COMMENTSFamiliarity Expectations Fit Perceived benefit‘Created an ‘The basic ‘On FB (we) can have ‘It is advisable to use newaccount for approach is the longer and more clear technology… this is thethe class but best one… structured future generation ofdidnt get into without being discussions’ marketing’it’ disturbed by the technological ‘digg platforms… to ‘Can be used to have fast‘Only appearance’ share different communication… allowsmentioned in articles’ students to participate in1 module’ ‘Its a good idea discussions with experts to use Twitter for ‘Companies are and companies. That’s‘A group on the classes even looking more on difficult to happen in realFacebook… if I dont use it LinkedIn for life’because myself. It gives recruitments… youmore people an option to can post your CV, ‘Would be useful toare on FB’ people’. experiences, understand its potential references.’ from a companys(c) Ana Isabel Canhoto, 2012
  9. 9. FOLLOW ME - USING TWITTER TO EXTEND LEARNING AMONG POST-GRADUATE STUDENTS Ana Isabel Canhoto Senior Lecturer Marketing; Oxford Brookes University e: Twitter: @canhoto Ana Isabel Canhoto, 2012