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Unicef walk for water


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Walk 4 Water kick off assembly ppt

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Unicef walk for water

  1. 1. Walk for WaterApril 26th, 2013
  2. 2. Talking about WATER… Where do we get ourwater from?? Taps, water fountains We buy it in bottles..bigand small Lakes, reservoirs,springs… Filtered, cleaned, evenhas additives to make ithealthier!
  3. 3. Percentage of world population without reasonableaccess to safe drinking“More than 5 million people, most of them kids, die every year from illnessescaused by drinking poor quality water”Blue Gold", 2001, Maude Barlow,;
  4. 4. Some more water facts… Did you know? 900 million people stilldo not have access to safe,clean drinking water Did you know…? That over 2.6 Billionpeople live withoutproper sanitation becauseof a lack of clean water
  5. 5. A precious resource… 900,000,000 = nodrinking water 2,600,000,000 = nosanitation
  6. 6. Some help from kids… 18.5 L = 18.5 Kg 18.5 KG = 40.785 lbs
  7. 7. A precious resource…not available to all There arethousands ofchildren aroundthe world thatspend theirentire daycollecting water …And sometimesthe water theybring home isnot even safe todrink
  8. 8. A precious resource…not available to all Instead of goingto school, kidshave theresponsibility offetching water… Kids in manycountries forgoeducation andotheropportunitiesbecause of thisburden.
  9. 9. A precious resource… Let’s think about howother people get theirwater? How do we get ourwater? Is it clean or dirty? Do we walk far to get it?
  10. 10. Sharing the Story of Solange…Solange Tuyishime spenther early childhood inRwanda, enjoying thesame things most kids do … playing with friends,going to school, andspending time withfamily.
  11. 11. Sharing the Story of Solange…But in 1994, at age 12, Solangeand her family wereforced to flee their home dueto the civil war and genocide.Along with thousands ofothers, Solange, her parentsand two younger brotherstravelled for days seekingsafety in neighbouringCongo.
  12. 12. Sharing the Story of Solange… They eventually settledin a cluster of tentsoutside one of therefugee camps. Solange was forced togrow up faster thanmost children her age.As the eldest child, oneof her responsibilitieswas to ensure the familyhad enough clean water.
  13. 13. Sharing the Story of Solange…Every two days, she and other children would have to travelfor four or five hours at a timein search of the water needed for drinking, cooking,cleaning and bathing.
  14. 14. Sharing the Story of Solange…On each trip, Solangewould have to carry a20L water container onher back and a 10Lcontainer in eachhand, weighing morethan80 pounds.
  15. 15. Sharing the Story of Solange…The trips were oftendangerous, so childrenwould walk in groups offour or five.It was common for kids tobe threatened by wildanimals, criminals orsimply by getting lost inthe dark on their wayhome.
  16. 16. How UNICEF helped Solange…Solange and herfamily came to knowUNICEF when it wasproviding tents, food,groundsheets andwater containers forRwandan refugees inthe camps..
  17. 17. How UNICEF helped Solange…Luckily , Solange’s mother worked with UNICEF in one of therefugee camps, drawing on her social work experience invarious social services within nutritional centers andhospitals, where she helped hospital patients and childrensuffering from malnutrition..
  18. 18. How UNICEF helped Solange…Eventually, Solange and her familyimmigrated to Canada, settling in NewBrunswick…
  19. 19. How UNICEF helped Solange…Eventually, Solange andher family immigrated toCanada, settling in NewBrunswick…
  20. 20. Solange Tuyshime: UNICEF CanadaAmbassadorNow 26 years old, she has… graduated with a Masters inpublic communications, dedicated countless volunteerhours to local community andhuman rights organizations, won numerous scholarships,athletic and academic awardsand been crowned Miss CanadaGalaxy 2011. ..and is a UNICEFAmbassador
  21. 21. Sharing the Story of Solange…Solange has been named aUNICEF Canada Ambassadorand helps to raise awarenessand funds for children andtheir families to have accessto clean water andsanitation practices.
  22. 22. UNICEF Walk for Water: April 26th WHAT? As part of Chartwell’sRights Respecting SchoolsInitiative we will beholding a Walk for Waterevent WHY? To build our sense ofGLOBAL CITIZENSHIPand raise awareness aboutwater conservation andthe needs of others aroundthe world…especially kids!
  23. 23. UNICEF Walk for Water: April 26th WHEN? Kick Off Assembly onMonday April 5th Fundraising Campaign April5th – April 24th Walk for Water April 26th WHO? SAC members will work toraise awareness andGENERATE momentum STUDENTS will build theirawareness and collectsponsors for their walk
  24. 24. UNICEF Walk for Water: April 26thTO DO:1) Donation of 5 dollarsper family;2) Seek out furthersponsors; family friends,neighbours, relatives, etc.for a dollar to sponsoryour Walk for Water3) bring a 4L milk jugfrom home
  25. 25. UNICEF Walk for Water: April 26thWhere will our money go? go?
  26. 26. UNICEF Walk for Water: April 26thTO DO:LET’S WALK 4 WATER SOTHEY DON”T HAVE TO!1) Donation of 5 dollars perfamily;2) Seek out further sponsors;family friends, neighbours,relatives, etc. for a dollar tosponsor your Walk for Water3) bring a 4L milk jug fromhome