Colt Ceano solution overview


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Colt Ceano solution overview

  1. 1. Solution OverviewColt CeanoPowerful, simple, unique A new way for businesses to purchase communications and IT services instantlyBenefits at a glance How can you get the latest communications tools Get leading-edge, business-grade and IT services for your business while saving communications and IT services from one single management money? The answer is Colt Ceano. platform Simply choose everything you need: all from one place. Make Order, change or cancel services changes instantly. Save money with pay-per-use options. And get within a single contract that covers everything 24/7 support. Easy. Achieve substantial savings with Colt Ceano gives you the New services are added continually, so on demand services and less edge you can stay at the leading edge of IT. hardware and licenses to buy or manage When business needs change, you Colt Ceano saves you money need to adapt quickly. However small Focus on your core business but and medium-sized companies often Sourcing voice, data and managed keep control of your IT strategy find change difficult: adding new services from different providers can be and applications technology is expensive, takes time less efficient than using one partner for and can disrupt business. everything. Colt can provide and host Ensure your services are always all your services so theyre always available, as Colt provides and With Colt Ceano, you can respond available. That way, you can focus hosts everything instantly to new challenges and better on your core business. opportunities, while your competitors Gain peace of mind, as Colt may lack this agility. Colt Ceano offers There are major savings too: provides secure services and a wide range of innovative IT and  simplify your IT with only one award-winning customer service telecoms services from just one supplier, one point of contact, one bill management platform and one trusted to pay and one contract provider: Colt. Add services and  avoid hardware, installation and change them whenever you want. Its maintenance costs fast and simple.  many services are pay-as-you-go, so you only pay for what you use. Colt Ceano lets you:  connect more cost-effectively with Colt Ceano is unique business-grade services Colts state-of-the-art fibre network and  communicate effortlessly with the 20 data centres across Europe put us office and all your contacts in a unique position to offer Colt Ceano.  collaborate easily with your team, We provide business-class services, partners and clients backed by award-winning 24/7  create and oversee a virtual IT customer support. infrastructure  protect your business and assets.
  2. 2. Purchase communications and IT services instantlyHow to get started CollaborateSimply choose any combination of  Microsoft SharePoint helps yourservices to fit your business needs. teams with content management andServices are priced competitively and an intranet portal for sharedare covered with one contract. Our documents.professionals will be glad to provide  Soonr Workplace goes further,any advice you may need. letting you create project workspaces for your team, partners and clientsWith Colt Ceano, your IT can always with access via PCs and mobilekeep pace with your business Connect devices.aspirations and budget.  Internet access gives you business-Your network, communications and quality connectivity with service level Createcloud-based IT services are all in one agreements (SLAs).  Virtual Servers and Infrastructureplace, with one trusted provider - Colt.  IAS Mobility enables everyone in in our secure data centres enableThis frees you to respond quickly to your team to work securely, wherever remote management with options fornew challenges and business they are. high availability. Use this environmentopportunities, rather than getting side-  Voice and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) give to create your own products andtracked by the need for major you cost-effective calls. services if you wish.purchasing decisions and day-to-day IT  Hosted Virtual Desktop providesissues. Communicate your familiar applications, data and network from anywhere, using anyMost importantly, you stay in control.  Exchange 2010 email services PC, Mac or tablet.We provide reports and tools for your IT hosted in our data centres mean youteam. Adding new applications and only pay for what you use.extend existing applications to new  Microsoft Lync connects your team Protectusers is easy. You can also upgrade, everywhere for presence, instant  Managed Virtual Firewalls protectswitch or cancel services on demand. messaging, voice, video and online your local network… meetings.  Managed Web Security filters you  Fax2Mail makes sending and complete internet traffic for threats receiving faxes as easy as email. and removes them  Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery services safeguard your valuable data and keep your business running.About ColtColt is Europe’s leading information delivery platform, enabling its customers to deliver, share, process and store their vitalbusiness information. An established leader in delivering integrated computing and network services to major organisations,midsized businesses and wholesale customers, Colt operates a 21-country, 35,000km network that includes metropolitanarea networks in 39 major European cities with direct fibre connections into 18,000 buildings and 20 Colt data centres.Information about Colt and its services can be found at www.colt.netDiscuss or simply find out moreTo find out more, please contact your local Colt Channel Partner or Account Manager or visit www.colt.netView our case studies at Follow us on © 2012 Colt Technology Services Group Limited. The Colt name and logos are trade marks. All rights reserved.