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Voice thread professional development


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This voice thread tutorial can be use as part of a staff development on technology in education.

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Voice thread professional development

  1. 1. Creating a VoiceThreadGo to VoiceThread at on Sign in or Register at the top.Click Register at the bottom.
  2. 2. Start your Voice Thread experience by viewing What is a VoiceThread. Click the Browse tab and find What is a Voice Thread.You’ll need your sound on to hear the narration. It a great wayto learn about what Voice Thread can do.
  3. 3. To create a voice Thread,click on Create.The VoiceThread can be created from this screen.Upload pictures by clicking the Upload button..
  4. 4. Once images are loaded, you can click on Edit title toadd the name of the Voice Thread and description
  5. 5. To load new users, click on Comment.
  6. 6. A pop-up with all the loaded identities will display. Click on Create New Identity.Click Add an Identity at the bottom of the scroll down menu.
  7. 7. Type in the name and click Select an Image to browse for a picture. Once the image is loaded, click Save.
  8. 8. To record a message, click on your identity from the list. Make sure a microphone is plugged into your computer, then press Record.
  9. 9. You can share you voice thread by copying a link or clicking in embed.