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Types of Pollution - Essay Presentation -


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Discussed the following point:
a. What is pollution and it causes?
b. Mainly disuses air, water and noise pollutions?
c. Health problem when air and water is polluted
d. Does domestic sewage causes health issue?
e. Does Residential and Industrial waste water cause pollutions?
f. How noise disrupts the activity or balance of human or animal life?

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Types of Pollution - Essay Presentation -

  1. 1. Essay Presentation Types of Pollutions
  2. 2. Pollution and its causes  Pollution is caused by the damage done to the land, air, and water  Transportation, Industries, Greenhouse gases, Chemicals and other toxic things add to pollution  Air pollution is caused by the toxics released in the air  Water pollution is caused by the contamination of clean water  Land pollution is caused by the rubbish which damages the land
  3. 3. Noise Pollution  Noise disrupts the activity and the balance of human and animal life  This is a very underrated topic  Noise pollution is caused by cars, machines and the loud talking by people  It damages hearing and increases the level of stress in people  Animals have moved away from cities and gone in hiding because of noise pollution
  4. 4. Water Pollution  The main cause of water pollution has been the increase of industries and factories  The chemicals are thrown into water bodies which are used by other people for cleaning and washing  These chemicals contaminate the drinking water  Water borne diseases are the worst and often lead to death
  5. 5. Residential and Industrial Waste  A proper system needs to be placed which deals with residential and industrial waste  With time, there have been advancements but none of them have been effective  Residential waste should be recycled  Industrial waste should be disposed off properly  Serious action should be taken to punish companies and people that do not conform to the rules
  6. 6. Health Problems caused by air pollution  Asthma  Lung diseases  Skin cancer  Breathing issues  Permanent damage to brain cells because of constant air pollution
  7. 7. Health problems caused by water pollution  Stomach problems  Babies suffer the most because of contaminated water  Hard to digest this water  Skin is damaged because of dirty water  Hair is damaged because of chemicals in the water
  8. 8. Domestic sewage  Domestic sewage is the leading cause of illnesses and diseases in most parts of the world  No maintenance of the sewage systems  Cleanliness is ignored  Proper disposal of sewage material
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