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Effect of Pollution - Essay Presentation -


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Discussed points:
a. What are main causes of Pollution in effect in life?
b. Effects of Pollution in Human Life
c. Effects of Pollution on Animals
d. How pollution destroying plants, animals and Human?

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Effect of Pollution - Essay Presentation -

  1. 1. Essay Presentation Effects of Pollution
  2. 2. Causes of pollution  It is very important to understand the causes of pollution to understand the effects it has on everyday life  Water pollution is caused by water contamination  Air pollution is caused by the harmful gases in the air  Land pollution is caused by the chemicals which damage the soil
  3. 3. Effects on human life  Human health is damaged because of continuous exposure to harmful air and atmosphere  Chest pains and asthma can be seen even in kids  Heart problems are also increased because of pollution  Water pollution causes rashes all over the body which do not heal with time. They have to be treated with ointments
  4. 4.  Environment is degraded because of pollution which makes it very difficult to live in some areas  There is a lack of sunlight in most areas so humans do not get the sufficient amount needed to survive  Global warming has led to the warming of Earth. Humans cannot adjust to these changes so easily  Infertile land is causing the farming communities to suffer because they do not get enough profits as the product is not good enough.
  5. 5. Effects on animals  Animals have moved away from cities and shifted to more secure places because they cannot live in polluted areas  Stray dogs and cats die within weeks now because they get sick because of all the rubbish lying around  Global warming is affecting the natural habitats of animals  Animal homes are damaged because of pollution
  6. 6.  Oil spills killed millions of fish in the past several years  Animals suffer because of the acid rain that is caused because of sulfur di oxide  Ozone layer depletion affects animals as well because they cannot breed in the heat  The changes in climate have destroyed the ecosystems where animals live and survive
  7. 7. Destruction of plants  Plants are destroyed because of pollution  The infertile land is making it difficult for plants to survive and grow  The acid rain kills baby plants and they cannot grow big  Unusual hail storms tear the leaves off the stems  Flowers that grow now, do not smell as beautiful as they did before because of pollution
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