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Student and Teacher Experience (week 8 CoreJan12) PGCAP


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skeleton to be used during our face-to-face session

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Student and Teacher Experience (week 8 CoreJan12) PGCAP

  1. 1. the student and teacher experience Week 8: LTHE module PGCAP, University of Salford Twitter: @pgcap @ilenedawn
  2. 2. confidentiality
  3. 3. Learning together• (15 min) Quick introductions – now! ;o)• (15 min) Digital storytelling a taster by Rebecca Jackson• (1h) Activity-based session: students and teachers learning in partnership to identify how we can enhance the student and teacher experience. Share findings through digital stories.• (10min) BREAK• (30min) starting at 12pm: The student experience elsewhere, online Skype discussion with Dr. Ilene Dawn from the US
  4. 4. Teaching, learning support, facilities AcademicPriorqualifications Goal Commitment Integration Tinto’s Institutional model Commitment Individual attributes Dropout decisionsFamilyattributes, e.g.parentaleducation Debt, Social counselling, Integration medical, personal, family events. Tinto, V. (1993) Leaving College: Rethinking the Causes and Cures of Student Attrition. (2nd Ed) Chicago: University of Chicago Press 4
  5. 5. Reality check: Problems? What problems? students’ task teachers’ task • What • What problems do problems do you have you have with your with your teachers? students?Warning! Avoid mentioning names, specific modules etc. thatwould point the finger at specific individuals! What we sayshould be shared in confidence!
  6. 6. A problem shared is a problem halved! • Create mixed groups 50-50! • Groups will be student-led! • Students pick their group members Task (1h) a. look at the problems from the previous activity b. resolve the issues creatively c. create a digital story “your dream university” d. (15min) share your story with the other groupYou could use: Camcorder, Storybird, Flickr (digital photographs), drawings, cartoons etc.
  7. 7. projects:1. mini screen digital storytelling2. big screen with Rebecca Jackson u: p: letmein u: pgcap p: letmein u: pgcapsalford p: pgcapsalford
  8. 8. useful resources:
  9. 9. Week 9 webinar - evaluating Session with Caroline Dangerfield, President of the Student Union Live classroom from Blackboard