Social media e-portfolio for learning and assessment


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presentation used during the webinar presented with Dr. Chris Smith and Craig Despard for the online programme of eAssessment Scotland 2012

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  • Chrissiblended programme, modules, teaching qualificationaccredited by HEA and NMCprogramme-wide portfolio for learning and assessmentgeneric assessment criteria demonstrating competence against module learning outcomesengagement with generic and subject specific literaturecritical reflectiongrades (pass, fail)
  • Chris
  • Craig: share your general feelings about the programme when you started and the use of eportfolios. Where your feelings unique? Do you have info that others felt similar? How do you know? Craig: used eportfolios with own studentsNot for own learning
  • IT support needed, but not availableif large groups providing feedback constantly challenging> solution more peer feedback and sampling work?
  • IT support needed, but not availableif large groups providing feedback constantly challenging> solution more peer feedback and sampling work?
  • Craig: share your views around this? Feel free to add some notes here which you could use during the webinarMaking and constructingSeeing it developing/growing – capturing the processPride in the finished productConnecting with peers and tutorRe-think own practice and use of eportfolios with own students
  • Social media e-portfolio for learning and assessment

    1. 1. Social media ePortfolios for learning and assessmentDr. Chris Smith Chrissi Nerantzi Craig Despard
    2. 2. intro to the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) • what is it • structure • assessment strategyChrissi
    3. 3. patchwork e-portfolio • a personal and collaborative learning space • ongoing conversations and exchanges • among students on the same cohort, other modules and the wider community • capturing the learning process, experiences and the journey as it unfolds • develop reflective habits • students in the driving seat and as creators • “immediate” and ongoing feedback for learning • enabled through social media • modelling innovative practices • mobile learning enabled and extendedChris
    4. 4. How do our students feel at thebeginning? Craig Despard
    5. 5. authentic assessment as the driving force for learning • assessment for learning • assessment of learning (Barrett & Carney, 2004) • assessment as learning (Earl, 2003)Chris
    6. 6. combo approach • Learning and Teaching in Higher Education module: Professional discussions • Application of Learning Technologies module: blended conferenceChrissi
    7. 7. benefits • opportunity to model diverse practices • develop reflective skills and habits • media-rich and inclusive learning and assessment • be creative, innovative and experiment • learning conversations • build personal learning networks and connect with othersChris
    8. 8. personalisationChrissi
    9. 9. challenges • lack of familiarity with technology • ongoing support required • setting-up portfolios and administration • providing formative feedback on a regular basis is time consuming especially in large groups • high-level of personalisation and variety of artefacts also means inconsistency demands additional time to accessChris
    10. 10. Does the e-portfolio really work?The experience at the end of a module “It has really helped me to begin my journey as a reflective practitioner and really think and reflect on the impact my teaching has on my students. It has helped me think about why I am teaching.” (academic) Craig Despard
    11. 11. Q & A and ideasChrissi, Chris and Craig
    12. 12. References• Barrett, H & Carney, J (2004) Conflicting paradigms and competing purposes in electronic portfolio development. Available at: portfolios/LEAJournal-BarrettCarney.pdf [accessed 23/02/12].• Earl, L M (2003) Assessment as learning. Thousand Oaks: Corwin Press.• Smith, C and Nerantzi, C (accepted) ePortfolios: Assessment as learning using social media, Waxmann publishers, series ”Gesellschaft for Medien in der Wissenschaft” (Association for Media in Science, (more details will follow)
    13. 13. contact us!• Chrissi Nerantzi: / @chrissinerantzi• Dr. Chris Smith: / @chrissmith544• Craig Despard: / @despard1974