Elements of indian music


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Elements of indian music

  1. 1. Tala, Raga, Shruti, Alankara, Drone
  2. 2. Is known to be the rhythmic time cycle of Indianmusic. It is composed of long and short beats that areaccented and unaccented. It is characterized by thesam , the first beat of Tala. Khali is the empty beat andTali is the accented beat. The shortest kind of tala iscalled Dadra, which has 6 beats, while the Tintal has16 beats. To execute the tala, the percussionist taps thedrum on the beat where the number is marked X.Then he claps his hands on the other unmarked beatsand waves his hand only on the beat marked O tosuggest silence.
  3. 3. One of the reasons why Indian music is difficultto explain to a Western listener is because it is basedon a different tonal organization called Raga. A raga is an aesthetic melodic form withpeculiar ascending and descending movement. It isbased on a scale of five to seven notes. Indian Tonal System SA RE GA MA PA Dha Ni 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 D E F G A+ B C Vadi – The most important tone. Samvadi – 2nd most important tone
  4. 4. Is the twenty-two microtones, which are used asornamentations for the raga. This adds texture to the melody ofthe music.Drone:Is a low dull monotonous sound that is continuously playedthroughout the composition. In the Indian musicaltradition the stringed instrument called Tambura is used toplay the drone.