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JavaOne 2016 - 10 Key Lessons you should know


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Getting the most out of JavaOne 2016 is a full-time job. Our ACA IT-Solutions experts visited the JavaOne conference and came back with their 10 most important key learnings of the JavaOne conference.

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JavaOne 2016 - 10 Key Lessons you should know

  1. 1. KEY LESSONS 01 2016 ACA IT-SOLUTIONS | © 2016
  2. 2. 1 Type @nnotations are an underrated feature of Java 8 Type annotations can be to add metadata to your codebase. Enabling better compile time validation through static analysis and detecting unintended use of your code; a quality booster. See ACA IT-SOLUTIONS | © 2016
  3. 3. 2Web frameworks have a lifespan of 1,5 to 2 year. Something to keep in mind while designing”Ten Essential Building Blocks of JavaScript in the Enterprise by GeertjanWielenga Web Frameworks have a short lifespan ACA IT-SOLUTIONS | © 2016
  4. 4. You need to know where mutation happens in your code. Objects returned at the microservice boundary should always be immutable. Refactoring Monoliths to Microservices with Functional Programming by James Ward 3 Immutability as an important enabler for the migration to microservices ACA IT-SOLUTIONS | © 2016
  5. 5. ‘Lambda's are the gateway for being lazy’ Venkat Subramaniam Lambda’s allow for lazy evaluation. Only the terminal operation causes evaluation of the intermediate operations.This makes streams very efficient. Start passing streams instead of collections. 4 ACA IT-SOLUTIONS | © 2016
  6. 6. Follow up on the major releases of development tools jUnit 5 finally allows for multiple extensions. Jenkins 2 has advanced pipeline features. Leverage Docker Containers to setup your build tools. Evaluate JGiven as a BDD framework 5 ACA IT-SOLUTIONS | © 2016
  7. 7. Hystrix makes the dependencies between different services visible. Hystrix has its benefits, even when there is no fallback possible. Operational Excellence with Netflix Hystrix by BillyYuen Hystrix primary use inside is for monitoring dependencies ACA IT-SOLUTIONS | © 2016
  8. 8. Would hypermedia benefit from further standardization? There is no standard in the making for Hypermedia.Will standardization eventually lead to better tool support/documentation or limit freedom? - Putting Hypermedia Back in REST with JAX-RS by Sebastian Daschner 7 ACA IT-SOLUTIONS | © 2016
  9. 9. 8 HystrixAgent is a hidden gem HystrixAgent allows you to detect all outgoing network calls in your code. This can be used to detect what should be wrapped by a circuit breaker. It can also detect regressions during continuous integration. Operational Excellence with Netflix Hystrix by Billy Yuen ACA IT-SOLUTIONS | © 2016
  10. 10. 9 ACA IT-SOLUTIONS | © 2016 Smoothen the transition to Java 9:
 start analysing your code with jdeps today Java 9 will properly hide the internal JDK packages. 
 It is never too early to start eliminating your technical depth.
  11. 11. Chase the Wizard out of Oz to deploy faster Apply the Oz Principle; your experiences become the beliefs which fuel your actions.This gives give you the result to deploy faster. Set an achievable goal the team believes and take concrete action to improve further. - Repairing a Confluence of BrokenWindows byVincent Kok Background - 10 ACA IT-SOLUTIONS | © 2016
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