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ACA IT-Solutions


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ACA IT-Solutions

  1. 1. Drive Principles Purpose Autonomy Mastery CEO Scrum Our mission is to help streamline the business automation lifecycle of our customers, from concept to operation by delivering better FASE 1 FASE 2 FASE 3 Processes and IT Systems. Close collaboration with our clients throughout the process is vital to achieve our common goals. State-of-the art technology and methodology ensure future-proof solutions. A lean culture and agile methods are cornerstones of our company philosophy. Individual skills and team play attitude make our teams great. A collaborative culture encourages our people to have professional fun, and to develop a social professionally in their own time. We provide competent management and their actions must be just, valid and ethical. Our management style is coaching and facilitating,Break-out team innovation. Through the above values, we truly believe that we achieve our common goal: to be a consulting company that delivers better solutions faster. E L C O ME COMMANDER W OFFICE TO DO IN PROGRESS DONE VALIDATED STRESSLEVEL HELPDESK TECHNICAL CHAMPS TM 20% X-RAY