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Game industry at change: WOW epic mounts vs. Friends for Sale


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What's the status of the game industry and what are the change drivers. Further details at

  • friends for sale is basically dead. its dumped on a fake likagames company. it went from 5 million active players a month to now just over 300k a month. why you may ask? Because new rules changes and a bad mod named Heidi who protected the biggest cheaters in the game who ran thousands of fake profiles that collected chore money. The top cheaters non-stop raised their pets and have the master cheat multi-sale their pets to get the money. Heidi threatened and banned those who tried to speak out. She cried about being a lonely housewife who didn't love her husband and had a child with aspergers. That's no excuse to make friends for sale a friends for favors for men using you to help them advance in the game with their unchecked cheating. Shame on you mod Heidi! No wonder the game failed now with you as head!.
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  • Further details available at my blog
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Game industry at change: WOW epic mounts vs. Friends for Sale

  1. WoW Epic Mounts Friends For Sale
  2. $37 billion game software in 2007
  3. CORE
  4. $1100 million revenue $517 million profit in 2007 alone WOW epic loot
  5. PC single player PC MMO PS3 / X360 Cures: Digital distribution Online ” light MMO” Free to play Questionmarks: Free to play? WOW >> rest forever? HUGE financial risks - new games >50M$ Trends: Reaching mainstream No clear winner More casual focus New games expensive - must sell >1M units Dying fast Good growth OK growth
  7. Wii wins
  8. PC casual games Casual MMO Wii, console casual games Trends: Flash games Online New monetization Challenges: PC downloadable - over competive - low conversion % Trends: Mostly teens & tweens Free to play Web integration Challenges: Other age groups? Market glut? Getting expensive Trends: Expands market New genres - music games Games for everyone High growth Mi xed Big success
  10. >200M SocNet users ~700k daily users selling friends but where’s the money?
  11. Funware SocNet games New territory: Games-like interaction Ebay, Flickr, Wikipedia FreeRice, Food Force Games are the ultimate happiness engine. Trends: FAST viral growth Fads Improving quality More competition Virtual goods Merging with casual? Lots of VC investments High growth Monetization starting Huge potential Early days ?
  12. Trends
  13. Core Casual Social opportunity Revenue now Users now , 2010 , 2010
  14. Self expression expressing and sharing
  15. co-creators, customizers open your game. User generated content
  16. We, together Mass scale Playful Collaboration
  17. Breaking down the walled garden open APIs, web integration
  18. Everything can be a GAME e.g. Nike + Ipod
  19. Free to play will rule Pay for virtual goods
  20. Games will become accepted – by all. Games evolve Generation shift It will still take time
  21. Thousands of flowers will bloom All types of games are growing
  22. Play with me! Games enhance interaction Games enhance services Games enhance products Re-think.