Generating leads using social media channels


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How to harness the power of social media to generate leads for your business effectively.

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Generating leads using social media channels

  1. 1. Social media & lead generation – 6 steps to complete a sales funnelAbhishek ANAND Drop me a mail: mail@abyshake.com
  2. 2. Step #1 – An active blog Maintain an active blog to start and join real-time conversations online. If real- you don’t have a blog, start one NOW!Abhishek ANAND Drop me a mail: mail@abyshake.com
  3. 3. • Start today. Don’t wait till you finalize a blogging strategy • Change your blogging approach with time. Evolve! Observe and analyze the conversations on your blog and adapt to sentiments • Set up a monitoring system to keep abreast of conversations happening among your audience ̶ Maintain a consolidated or separate feeds for the results of the monitoring system ̶ Include twitter for real-time conversations • Put to use Google Alerts for specific keywords to Blogging is the new public speaking, if not more get notified about any new development in your1. Build good content; make people aware of it targeted niche market2. If the content is good, people will come to you3. Following is loyal, since they are interested in what you write about • Write on most searched-for terms in industry Abhishek ANAND Drop me a mail:
  4. 4. • Engage in conversations: – Irrespective of the source where the conversation is happening – other blogs or a forum – the people participating in the conversation there are part of your target group. Engage with them; make them aware of your products, services and expertise • Keep yourself aware of latest trends in industry; write Encourage discussions between and with the audience about them. If its something new, people want to know about it. The more you are able to attract people to your website, the better chances you have at generating a lead • Result: – Improved audience perception and visibility – Better brand recall – People tend to remember if they have interacted with you in past. And aEngagement is about people; morethan establishing your expertise, it meaningful interaction/conversation builds trust is about building trustAbhishek ANAND Drop me a mail: mail@abyshake.com
  5. 5. Step #2 – The power of twitter Twitter is the best mode of having a real-time crisp and precise real- conversation. People follow others with mutual interests and that gives you an important leverageAbhishek ANAND Drop me a mail: mail@abyshake.com
  6. 6. • Tweet important news-items related to your company with the active online community, e.g. blog-posts, webinars, seminars, developments • Think of ways to prompt people from audience to respond, e.g. quizzes, trivia, opinions • In case your company is organizing an event, symposium, seminar of some nature, get feedback and thoughts on the same – both during as well as after the event • People tweet to vent out, search for solutions, looking for quick responses – Stay connected with your audience; be it rave or rantNo useless jibber jabber. Tweet things relevant • Re-tweet industry related information – helps and interesting to your target audience. you stay in front of your followers and stimulate Remember, Quality >> Quantity relevant conversationsAbhishek ANAND Drop me a mail: mail@abyshake.com
  7. 7. Strategic approach on using Twitter as an effective marketing tool Market Strategy Follow Create Engage Answer questions, respond Customers – both existing Relevant content – tips,Customer Relations to comments, inform of your as well as potential trends, company info etc. existence Direct to additional Raise issues in the industry, Related reputed brands,Crisis Management resources, information, provide information and products, relevant issues insights insights Critical insights and Get involved in the Industry leaders, groups ofReputation Management expertise – get established conversation (but only if similar interests, media as a thought leader you can add value to it) People interested in or Event information, updates, Talk to attendees, set-upEvent Coverage attending the event follow-up discussions virtual meet-ups and Q&A Customers – existing and Links to promo and demo Encourage questions,Product Promotion & Sales potential – interested in videos, information on answer them. Provide similar products upcoming sales, discounts additional info if neededAbhishek ANAND Drop me a mail: mail@abyshake.com
  8. 8. Step #3 – LinkedIn Groups As compared to groups created over any social network, LinkedIn groups have been most successful on account of the capability to attract the right professional backgrounds – leading to highly efficient engagementAbhishek ANAND Drop me a mail: mail@abyshake.com
  9. 9. • Create the group as an open forum to discuss issues related to the industry, not the company or its products and services • Having the group and the issues being discussed not limited to the company makes it easier to attract engagement from a much larger Initiate the discussions on issues relevant to your industry. Initiate and keep it alive, but audience-base related to the industry encourage participation from audience • Take initiative in the group to kick-off conversations, and to keep it alive – but using highly relevant and good-quality data • Representatives of company should act as catalysts to keep conversations going, and help more people participate. But the effective dialogue between two separate individualsPeople tend to be influenced more by those who have knowledge of the industry, and who can should be as promoted and encouraged give critical insights while answering queriesAbhishek ANAND Drop me a mail:
  10. 10. Step #4 – Optimized PRs With a lot of customers researching all products and services online in purchase decisions, optimized press release strategy to ensure quality blog- blog-coverage and SEO would get the company higher web-footprint web-Abhishek ANAND Drop me a mail: mail@abyshake.com
  11. 11. • Be regular – have a systemized Press Release distribution strategy. Release at least one press release each week • Encourage inbound traffic by having just the crisp summary in press releases, with links to sections of company website/blog wherever relevant – Pique their interest, rope them in • Optimize the dissemination time to late morning/early afternoon of the time-zone where your target audience is located • Make use of press release distributing agencies – free or paid • Post your press releases on LinkedIn and Twitter to get maximum visibility in front of the exact target audience – potential customersAbhishek ANAND Drop me a mail: mail@abyshake.com
  12. 12. Step #5 – Social signature Just promoting your company/yourself on social media channels isn’t enough; you need to promote the social media channels as well. If nobody knows of them, promotions on these channel wouldn’t helpAbhishek ANAND Drop me a mail: mail@abyshake.com
  13. 13. • Keep your audience – known or unknown – aware of your social media presence • Include the links to your social media channels as well as blog into ̶ Email signatures ̶ Presentations ̶ Events, seminars and webinars ̶ Promotions and blog • Do cross promotion ̶ Include update from your social channels into your blog ̶ Include important news, announcementsLink to the latest post on the blog inserted in the signature – Now everytime a mail is sent, you are circulating your blog and coverage into your email signatures post. You can use it to publicize blog, events etc. and on the blogAbhishek ANAND Drop me a mail: mail@abyshake.com
  14. 14. Step #6 – Analyze Analyze the amount and nature of impact Step#1 – Step#5 are making on your traffic, and constantly optimize your strategy and efforts being put in the sameAbhishek ANAND Drop me a mail: mail@abyshake.com
  15. 15. • Track a variety of social metrics: • Unique blog post views • Twitter followers and retweets • LinkedIn group members and their interaction with the group • Track a variety of marketing metrics: • Unique visitors to the website and their inbound source • Traffic generated by SEO • Leads generated by various sources – Blog, Break your overall online marketing presence into Social media posts, Seminars and Webinarsgranular levels and see the impact each level has been making on the final conversion funnel • Identify a correlation between activity on the Optimize you online marketing, presence and social media channels and increase in leads and engagement accordingly sales pipeline activityAbhishek ANAND Drop me a mail: mail@abyshake.com
  16. 16. # Abhishek ANAND @abyshake mail@abyshake.comAbhishek ANAND Drop me a mail: mail@abyshake.com