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E Response Linked In Service Presentation

  1. 1. Worcestershire’s Recruitment Experts Innovative • modular • flexible • cost friendly
  2. 2. Why choose us? easy to understand fees harness technology to deliver better and faster Dedicated Resource Service Model innovative, flexible services highest professional industry standards Proven Supplier to over 500 businesses since 2003
  3. 3. Who do we support?•Blue chip to National businesses, Public Sector, SMEs and independents•Specialist divisions
  4. 4. Services Portfolio.Innovative • modular • flexible • cost friendly
  5. 5. Services PortfolioOur service categories
  6. 6. Services Portfolio Flat Fee Recruitment Enjoy the best recruitment services with lower, predictable costs… Most cost effective service available to the local market Straightforward costs matching weekly timesheet values rising to no more than 10%Online management platform - complete transparency - complete control - vacancies published on jobs boards and eResponse websites - Job Alerts sent to suitable active job seekers local to you - In house database, recruiter network, social networking (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter) Screening Skills testing and assessments Average CV Submission to Interview ratio is 3 to 1 Average Interview to Placement is 2 to 1 Average lead time to CV’s is 1-Day
  7. 7. Services PortfolioTemporary Staffing SolutionsFast, no-nonsense, affordable extrastaff - guaranteed to really work… No quibble guaranteeScalability at short notice – Worcestershire Core Competency 15,000 +annual registrations24/7 support and response Temp to Perm “try before you buy”• Benefit from our core recruitment and staffing Solutions - temp workers on permanent contracts to boost retention - we handle 1 to 100’s temp worker assignments - over 6500 temporary assignments during 2011
  8. 8. Services Portfolio Temporary Staffing – On Site Services Outsource all or some of your Flexi Staffing to us….• High quality staff all the time• Right to Work ID Scan technology eliminated illegal workers• Biometric Time and Attendance Solutions• Dedicated Onsite Account team for Induction, Training and Management• One to One Worker Appraisals• KPI Management Reporting in line with customer SLA• In-house payroll ensuring best service for workforce and customer
  9. 9. Services PortfolioOnline Recruitment | Talent BankHire the best there is,not just the best available… Your own personalised Talent Bank low monthly cost subscription based service: - no more % based fees - flexible terms - 3, 6, or 12 months - pricing to suit individual requirements Identify potential future employees before you need them Develop talent pools for office/department/job type Single source for hiring managers Beat competitors to the best staff
  10. 10. Services Portfolio Finding People Over 15,000 regional applications every Year…Excellent Internet facilities, job board partnerships and e-marketing combined with localrecruitment centres means we can drive more people through our systems at speedwhilst still retaining a human interface and excellent quality control.Passive Candidates / Referral Network 28%Established recruitment centres 25%Our Website 24% We self generate circa 70% of ourJob boards 18% applicant flowMedia 3%Other 2%
  11. 11. Flexi Staffing – Registration Process Screening PeopleBranded recruitmentcampaigns100% ReferenceChecks CompletedPersonal face to faceScreeningFollow up after careservice ensuringstrong bond withworkforce prior toassignment starts
  12. 12. Flexi Staffing Service Highlights Dedicated Resource team responsible for Sourcing, Selection & Induction Time and Attendance solutions implemented to support daily reporting, security and automate pay and bill Onsite Check In service supported by nominated Super temp(s) One to One Appraisals completed by Account Team For several years eResponse Service Reviews and Staff assessment completed by Account have had the sole Team responsibility of managing our flexible workforce across multiple shifts filling KPI information compiled inline with company targets and requirements with less than an hours notice. objectives Matt Jauncey, All available to manage through our online service platform SP Group
  13. 13. Right to Work ID Scan technologyBiometric Time & Attendance solutions & Online Timesheets
  14. 14. ID ScannersThis Year we have invested in new technology so that we can protect ourclients against illegal workers….•Verify in 2-3 seconds, the authenticity of over 2500 international documents, includingpassports, visas, ID cards, driving licences and work permits•Subject ID documents, presented to you by potential workers, to forensic level checks – onsite•Ensure that a potential employee is unquestionably exactly who they say they are, andlegally allowed to be in/work in the UK•Scan, sign and securely store all ID document images•Extract contact data from scanned ID documents and reduce recruitmentadministration•Gain remote access to all information gathered, for investigation by• authorised personnel
  15. 15. Time and Attendance & Online TimesheetseResponse pay and bill systems are connected to our online real timetimesheet entry and time and attendance solutions that have beendeveloped specifically for customers who regularly flex temps acrosstheir business.Key benefits include:•Reduced Administration & Improved efficiency•Better service to workforce and reduced pay queries•Immediate access to reporting and spend information•Greater control and visibility of who is in and who isn’t•Improved site security with biometric hand scan technology
  16. 16. Thank you