How Tarot Reading
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How Tarot Reading
Discovering Tarot is one of the most sought after skills on the internet and there are lots of avenues open to
the prospec...
How Tarot Reading
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How Tarot Reading


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How Tarot Reading

  1. 1. How Tarot Reading
  2. 2. All Rights Reserved Produced By ABWALLER
  3. 3. How Tarot Reading
  4. 4. Discovering Tarot is one of the most sought after skills on the internet and there are lots of avenues open to the prospective student. One approach that is very popular involves working your means through your Tarot deck a card at a time and spend a time frame with each. List what you think the meaning of the tarot card is but not what you expect it to be. If you get a feeling about the card then this will stand you in excellent stead so write it down. As soon as you have travelled through each card then get out an excellent Tarot guidebook (you must have one if you have purchased an excellent tarot deck of cards). Iwould also advise buying or borrowing a second tarot guide book that is different from the first. Next work your means through the Tarot deck again making use of the guidebook as a reference and source.After looking carefully at the image on the card look at the guidebook entry for that card. List the sentences that stand apart for you. Next try to find an essential word or two within each sentence you copy down. This latter step will help the meaning of each card stay in your memory and function as a focus for recall of the card when reviewing live. The next step is to compare similar cards from Wands, Pentacles, Swords and Cups the four Tarot Suits. Try to find what each match card has in common and afterwards where the major differences are. Do this for the Major and MinorArcana listing the similarities and differences for each card group. Finally review the Major and MinorArcana and understand the meanings of each group. Learn what each match and grouping symbolises and why they are in a certain order. Try and understand the underlying theme behind each match. Write this down and you must now have a detailed summary of card meaning sand their duty independently and the match they are in. When doing a live reading you need to not refer to the guidebook at all but concentrate on the imagery of drawn cards and the spread you are making use of. You need to then planning to relate the cards to the scenario at hand, particularly the trouble the client is offering you. Use your intuition to focus on essential and suitable elements of the scenario and trouble.