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6487 Media Center Orient Atb

  1. 1. Collins Hill High School Media Center 2008-2009 Student Orientation
  2. 2. Welcome to the Media Center Media Center Hours: Monday – Friday 6:30am – 3:30 pm *Occasionally closed for meetings.
  3. 3. Your Media Specialists Amy Golemme, Janet Driver, Annette Witrick, Holly Frilot, Media Clerk Media Clerk Media Specialist Media Specialist Mrs. Frilot is a former Mrs. Driver specializes Mrs. Witrick is the Mrs. Golemme is an avid Language Arts teacher in getting books ready lady to see for reader who loves to to check out and loves who loves to read, fantasy book create book displays, discuss and suggest to read and share recommendations, and play with new books to others. Her good books with her locker issues, and technology. Her email email address is friends. Her email is student IDs. She address is amy_golemme@gwinnett can also fix any janet_driver@gwinnett holly_frilot@gwinnett.k machine! Her email 12.ga.us. .k12.ga.us. is 12.ga.us. . annette_witrick@gwinnett. .
  4. 4. What Can the Media Center Do for You? Our Collection includes: We also have:  Non-Fiction  Computers  Story Collections  Study Space  Fiction  Learning Space  Reference Collection  Leisure Reading  Magazines  GALILEO databases  Audio Books  Experienced Media  DVDs and Videos Specialists to help you
  5. 5. Find Good Books 000 100 200 General Philosophy Religion Computer Info. Psychology 300 400 500 Social Issues Language Mathematics Costume/fashion Folktales Natural Science 600 700 800 Technology The Arts Literature Human Body Sports Poetry and Plays Cooking Music 900 Fiction Reference Geography Alphabetized by Located on far History author’s last wall & organized 920’s Biographies name by Dewey #
  6. 6. Use the Catalog… Or Browse Around!
  7. 7. Reference  Encyclopedias  Almanacs  Dictionaries  Literary Criticism  Directories
  8. 8. Non-Fiction Student Policies: Students may check out up to 5 books at one time and keep them for 2 weeks. Books can be renewed if not on hold for another student. Late fees are 10 cents a day for regular books, $1 a day for videos or reference books.
  9. 9. Magazines (and the Atlas stand)  Magazines are arranged in alphabetical order by title.  The Atlas Stand has lots of different books of maps available.  These materials cannot be checked out.
  10. 10. Take a break…  Students may enjoy snacks and beverages at the designated tables in the library as long as they clean up after themselves.  Students are welcome to talk and converse as long as they do so in a manner that does not disrupt library activities or distract other students.  Puzzles and board games are available for students to enjoy during non-scheduled class time.  Check out our displays and take a look at our recommended reading, you might find something great!
  11. 11. Leisure Collections
  12. 12. Study Hard…
  13. 13. Check it Out!  Students must know their student identification number to log on to a computer or check out books.  Students sign in and out at the circulation desk.  Get the GALILEO password here!
  14. 14. Printing & Copying  Printing costs 10 cents a page for black and white; 25 cents a page for color.  A copy machine is also available; each copy costs 10 cents.
  15. 15. Multimedia Station  Scanner  Microphone  CD Burner  Headphones  TV  VCR
  16. 16. Student Computers  Have you turned in your CHHS AUP?  Computers are for academic use  No food or drink at the computer stations
  17. 17. Electronic Resources - GALILEO Research Databases Use the databases to find valid, academic information for a project or paper. You can choose any of the links below to get started. General Reference will provide you with many databases to choose from, or you can choose by subject area to narrow down your choices. If you are researching off-campus, you will need passwords for the databases; be sure to pick up a password sheet from us at the circulation desk! General Reference Language Arts Social Studies Science Biography Fine Arts Professional
  18. 18. Electronic Resources – Other Resources For valid internet sites on your topic, try the CHHS bookmark page. The Gwinnett County Public Library may have additional resources. Don't forget about our MLA Resources to help with formatting and citing. Also, be sure to check out the Collins Hill High School Media Center website for more information!
  19. 19. Our Website
  20. 20. Get Involved! We want to hear from you…  Post a message on the blog (talk to Mrs. Frilot for details!)  Write a book review for the blog  Help design a display  Join the Book Club  Vote for the Peach Award winners  Suggestions? Comments? Let us know!
  21. 21. Thank you… and come again soon!