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Supporting Dictatorship

  1. 1. KMAG MAY 2009:Kmag template201x269 18/05/2009 13:06 Page 1 O you who believe, respond to the call of Allah and His Messenger when He calls you to that which would give you life... JUMADA AL-AWWAL - JUMADA AL-AKHIR 1430 ··· MAY 2009 ··· ISSUE: 06 The Real Agenda behind the War on Terror REFORMING ISLAM IN THE NAME OF ‘TERRORISM’ - ‘NATO – ARMED WING OF THE WEST’ - THE BANGLADESH ARMY MASSACRE - THE BASIS OF AUTHORITY IN THE ISLAMIC STATE - RECESSION - WHEN THE CASINO ECONOMY MEETS THE REAL ECONOMY - THE CORRUPT VALUES OF BRITISH POLITICS
  2. 2. KMAG MAY 2009:Kmag template201x269 18/05/2009 13:06 Page 2 NEWSBITES please. In contrast, true leaders, of the likes of 'Umar bin Khattab (ra) are known for leading such austere lives, that whilst in office foreign dignitaries could not distinguish 'Umar from the rest of the people for his simple dress. It is narrated that even the governors under 'Umar were required to make a promise not to wear fine clothes or eat of sifted flour. These were 12 TERROR SUSPECTS RELEASED DUE TO men who truly served the people, and did WOMEN ON THE FRONTLINE NO EVIDENCE not use the people to serve themselves. In the book The Lonely Soldier: The Private The recent case of 12 terror suspects in a Such qualities can only be found in leaders War of Women Serving in Iraq by Helen bomb plot in the UK being released without with taqwah. Benedict the harsh realities of life in the US charges is nothing surprising. Home Office military for women was exposed. Whilst statistics showed 669 of the 1,228 people proclaiming to be the champion of women’s arrested in terrorist investigations were later rights globally, the United States is proven to freed during the period September 2001 to be spectacularly failing to protect the July 2007. What is poignant about this security and needs of females in its armed episode is to whip up a media frenzy over services. how Pakistan is supposedly becoming a With female soldiers often fearing rape and “failed state”. harassment from their male colleagues more UK prime minister, Gordon Brown used the than the enemy they are fighting in order to episode for political propaganda, challenging spread ‘freedom and democracy’, it is the Pakistan to do more to root out terrorism. UN ANTI – RACISM FOLLY values of the US forces which are exposed With the US-driven military onslaught in Western delegates walked out when Iran’s as being barbaric and backward rather than NWFP by America and stoking up fear of President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad made those of ‘the enemy’ in Iraq, Afghanistan and “militants” taking over, world public opinion comments at the UN’s racism conference in other Muslim lands. is being prepared that Pakistan possibly Geneva saying Israel was a racist entity, If according to several studies of the US needs a Western intervention like the ones created and backed by Britain and America. military funded by the Department of in Iraq and Afghanistan. Millions around the world would not Veteran Affairs 30% of military women are disagree with this analysis, after Israel’s raped while serving, 71% are sexually Having destroyed the lives of these young brutality against the Palestinians became assaulted, and 90% sexually harassed, one Muslims who had aspirations for the future ever more blatant following the recent has to wonder if this is how the men of the but are now facing imminent deportation, massacre in Gaza. However, many are still US armed forces treat their own women, the concepts of justice, innocent until bewildered as to why Iran sat back and what sort of behaviour would they exhibit proven guilty and fair trial, all have become hypocritically blamed other regimes in with those they consider to be their a misnomer in this society for Muslims. The Muslim countries for doing nothing, instead enemies? blasé method in rounding up Muslims and of acting decisively to stop Israel’s assault, creating havoc in their lives for little more and even liberating the land. SOME UK SCHOOLS HIRING BOUNCERS TO than political reasons has become the norm, COVER LESSONS provoking the question – Is the government The main act of the day, however, came from The Daily Mail newspaper has reported that trying to create ‘cohesion’ or mayhem at a some of the 23 nations that walked out. The some schools are employing ex-nightclub grassroots level. US state department had previously said that bouncers, ex-soldiers and ex-prison officers it found the conference guiding document’s to stand in for absent teachers. Classroom MPS EXPENSES ROW discouragement of the “incitement to discipline, it seems, has become so bad that Given the grim economic picture, it is little religious hatred” unacceptable as this ran the schools are forced to sometimes think of surprise to hear of the intense scrutiny that counter to the “US commitment to educational supervision more like 'crowd government MP's have come under, after it unfettered free speech”. Yet when it comes control'. The news came at the conference was revealed that MP's in the past financial to exposing Israel these same western of the National Union of Teachers, where it year have managed to clock up over £93 nations and bastions of free speech refuse to was also heard that many teachers face so million in expenses. This famously includes even share a room with someone who much stress during term time that mental the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, who simply wishes to speak freely about an health problems are rife. despite earning £142,000 a year, has uncomfortable truth. Western societies have eroded respect to managed to pass off her husbands ‘dirty’ It seems free speech is a value held dear such an extent that increasingly teachers are viewing habits, plant pots and even a only when it serves a political interest. abused by pupils, and indeed their parents. bathroom plug as 'expenses'. Hardly surprising given the track record of This latest strategy merely illustrates how Yet, despite the shameless abuse of the double standards we routinely see from the bad things have become. It seems the expense system by British MP's, they appear west when it comes to Islam and Muslims. solutions proposed always end up being destitute as a church mouse compared to more authoritarian instead of thinking about the current democratic politicians and the core values in society that give young people the example that they should be free leaders of the Muslim world -who don’t to disrespect anyone they want, regardless need to bother filling out expense claims, of the consequences. instead just robbing the Ummah as they 2 :: Khilafah Magazine :: May 2009
  3. 3. KMAG MAY 2009:Kmag template201x269 18/05/2009 13:06 Page 3 students), and a new push to win Editorial ‘hearts and minds’ in the UK. This part of the strategy known as ‘Prevent’ is an explicitly ideological and totalitarian campaign against Islam, portraying Islamic values as extreme, and trying to bully Muslims into accepting western liberal values. The question arises why the need to for the torture undertaken by the CIA, bully, bomb and beat Muslims like this? and that outsourced to foreign regimes. When one sees that in the space of the But rebranding the ‘War on Terror’ will past few weeks alone, we have seen the be about as successful as the attempts sentencing of the European sick to rebrand Swine flu. Their tone, styles pervert Josef Fritzl, the shame of MPs and terminology might have changed expenses in the UK, the rise in burglary but essentially the policies are the and theft in Britain – all set against the same. backdrop of the G20 conference trying to salvage disaster Capitalism – the The military aspect of the war has answer becomes more obvious. simply changed to focus away from Iraq and onto NATO’s so-called Af-Pak Selling secularism, liberalism and strategy. Other than Obama’s offensive Capitalism to Muslims is becoming like title for this strategy (as one Rebranding commentator said, could you ever imagine a conflict between China and trying to sell derivatives to an investor – they are seen as toxic. Islam is clearly seen as the only alternative to this way Japan being named ‘Chink-Jap’) the US- of life, and its re-emergence as an the ‘War on led NATO conference showed, if nothing else, that the lies haven’t changed. NATO has tried to justify the ideology threatens to loosen the grip that the west has on the assets of the Muslim world. on-going operation with rhetoric Terror’ suggesting that the opposition facing them in Afghanistan is equivalent or As Allah (swt) instructs in the Qur’an. greater to the threat of the Warsaw pact “And when it is said to them, ‘Do not countries. In truth, the US has its cause corruption in the earth’, they In April 2009 former British Prime designs set much wider than say: ‘We are only putting things right’. Minister Tony Blair made a speech Afghanistan. Its aggression in Pakistan is Verily, they are the ones who make justifying military intervention and escalating, and the instability there corruption but they perceive not” - colonialism in order to crush the global grows greater every day. [TMQ Al-Baqarah:11-12] Islamic revival. He called for the military occupation of Afghanistan to Double-speak both in Britain and the And Allah Almighty speaks the truth. continue "until the job is done" and US, regarding Pakistan, has never been interference in Pakistan's education so great, with alternate day briefings system to counter the rise in Islamic from ‘good cop’ and ‘bad cop’ – one values. attacks Pakistan as the source of all terrorism, a failed state, imminently But while Blair openly exposed that the about to collapse, with a pacifying ‘war on terror’ is actually a war on statement from the other the very next Islam, Western governments have day. desperately trying to change the image of their colonial and, frankly, murderous In the UK, the government launched its foreign policy. They have ditched the new anti-terror strategy Contest 2. term ‘war on terror’, but are still Contest 2 proposed education reforms bombing Muslims in the border region in Pakistan, locking up terror suspects between Pakistan and Afghanistan. They (which it promptly implemented with have denounced their use of torture, the arrest of twelve innocent Pakistani but decided not to prosecute anyone Khilafah Magazine :: May 2009 :: 3
  4. 4. KMAG MAY 2009:Kmag template201x269 18/05/2009 13:06 Page 4 Dr Abdul Wahid Reforming Islam in the name of ‘Terrorism’ The UK Government’s latest anti-terrorism strategy “Contest 2” includes detailed plans to make Muslims secular, westernised and liberal. Abdul Wahid has taken a detailed look at the strategy INTRODUCTION In February 2009, draft plans by the UK government were leaked to the Guardian newspaper and the BBC Panorama programme, which exposed that the British government has an updated policy for Islam and Muslims. The leak focused on the definition of ‘extremism’. It was followed by a speech by Communities secretary Hazel Blears that reinforced the message that, according to the government, the definition of an ‘extremist’ included: • Belief in a Caliphate (Khilafah) in the Muslim world. • Promote Shariah law – for anywhere in the world, and even the personal aspects of Shariah in the UK. • Belief that Jihad, or armed resistance, is permitted - anywhere in the world including armed resistance by Palestinians against the Israeli military. 4 :: Khilafah Magazine :: May 2009
  5. 5. KMAG MAY 2009:Kmag template201x269 18/05/2009 13:06 Page 5 gathering intelligence (though the police It explicitly labels the struggles in deny this) and their grants are to lead our Palestine, Chechnya, Bosnia, Afghanistan, communities in becoming addicted to Iraq and Kashmir as ‘terrorism’. government money, so they can then It blames ‘Islamism’ – naming Syed Qutb dictate to us what we can and cannot and Maududi as proponents of this think, believe or say. thinking – as one cause of ‘terrorism’ and underplays the significance of oppression, Overall, the policy is likely to fail, as it occupation and injustice in the Islamic seeks to target matters that are too central world and western foreign policy – to Islam. However, even if it fails overall, it repeating Tony Blair’s talk about false may succeed in corrupting some small grievances - and talking about Muslim numbers of Muslims. And only Allah perceptions of foreign policy. knows who that small number who fall victim to that plan could be. It could be It describes the political ideas of Al-Qaida your children that think that sex outside and in doing so implies that anyone who marriage and homosexuality are normal; believes this believes in the political that cut off their ties to the Ummah; that agenda of what they call ‘Islamic • Belief that Islam bans start to abhor the Shariah of Allah (SWT) terrorism’. The ideas they name are: homosexuality and that it is a sin – and may Allah protect us from that. against Allah. Those who accept the money that is a) Viewing all regimes in the given under the guise of preventing Muslim world as un-Islamic or • If you fail to condemn the killing violence, thinking we can control it, or apostate of British soldiers in Iraq or that if we turn it down other Afghanistan. communities will get it instead, need to b) ‘Claims’ that western states support these regimes It could be your children that think that sex outside c) Fighting occupation and fighting regimes as rewardable in the marriage and homosexuality are normal; that cut off akhira their ties to the Ummah; that start to abhor the Shariah d) A desire to overthrow these of Allah (SWT) – and may Allah protect us from that. regimes by force or subversion e) A desire to establish a Caliphate think again. The money we are being The leak caused such uproar amongst asked to take is not for combating terror f) A desire to remove western Muslims that when the actual 160-page but for suppressing Islamic values. presence from Muslim lands policy was published the detailed Our duty is not to be passive, but to definitions were noticeably absent. distinguish our values from theirs, and Hence, there is a huge emphasis in the Instead, there were general statements build a community able to resist the whole strategy to deal with ideology as about ‘extremism’, those who oppose attempts to change Islam. We should compared with dealing with occupation, ‘shared values’ and the political ideas of Al understand the noble Islamic values. We oppression and injustice. Qaida – linking some of these core must stand for Islam and carry these Islamic ideas to a group that is constantly values to others by word and example, to 2) It explicitly links the domestic linked in the media to violence. save them from the harm of their own policy to the global war on terror. destructive way of life. It talks about ‘failed states’ as a cause of However, there can be no doubt that this ‘radicalisation’ and mentions Pakistan and latest strategy is nothing more than a plan DETAILS WITHIN THE ‘CONTEST 2’ the FATA region. One strand of the to westernise Muslims, to make them STRATEGY PAPER “Prevent” agenda is so that there can be a secular and liberal. They wish to detach The policy is divided into 4 parts: “Pursue” “positive UK contribution to ‘violent Muslims from any Islamic political ideas – “Prevent” – “Protect” – “Prepare”. The extremism’ in priority overseas countries”- and either be apolitical or follow political sections called “Protect” and “Prepare” do i.e. it justifies on-going interference by the ideas that are accepted in western address the threat of a terrorist attack like west in the Muslim world. To this end societies. 7/7. But it is the “Pursue” and “Prevent” ‘Contest 2’ mentions funding 700 schools agendas that are worth looking at in projects in Pakistan and Afghanistan, to The policy provides detailed evidence detail. Below are some points that emerge prevent radicalisation. It talks about that the government's projects and from the strategy paper. promoting “moderate” scholars tours to funding for mosques, community centres, Muslim lands, hoping they will promote youth groups and women's groups are 1) The policy blames Islamic ideas the UK government agenda. They wish to aimed at changing the deen that the (labelled as “Islamism”), not political promote the UK overseas, as a centre for Muslims hold. These projects are about problems for the causes of terrorism. Islam outside the Muslim world. They Khilafah Magazine :: May 2009 :: 5
  6. 6. KMAG MAY 2009:Kmag template201x269 18/05/2009 13:06 Page 6 even plan to use aid from the Department values. Instead they want an atmosphere and Muslim faith leaders who for International Development as a kind like 1950’s America under the ‘witch- have undergone state sponsored of PR function. So far they have used hunts’ of Senator McCarthy. training. Muslim charities and well known Muslim personalities like MPs to do this. They say they wish to demonise people - Policies to clamp down on Islamic who hold Islamic views and block them views and promote secular views 3) It continues with their established from being active by intimidation. They in schools – through an controversial draconian anti-terror have projects under the umbrellas of: ‘extremism’ toolkit and in policies Universities under the guise of • ‘Preventing Violent Extremism’ fighting ‘extremism’ on campus. The “Pursue” strand of the strategy is said programmes (PVE) – to be to be about foiling terrorist networks and implemented by Local councils, - Citizenship programmes in plans. There is lip service to human the Voluntary sector and statutory Madrassas to promote secular rights/rule of law but essentially stop and organisations (like the local views and diminish Islamic views. - Promoting what they call “moderate” Muslim scholars to The money we are being asked to take is not for speak on any matter EXCEPT combating terror but for suppressing Islamic values. Islam’s political ideas or ideas that challenge western secular values. search, arbitrary arrest and prosecutions, Commission for Human Rights). CONCLUSION 28-day detention without trial, control The British government led a campaign to orders to detain suspects indefinitely • The Prevent strategy delivery plan destroy Islam and promote secular values without trial, financial sanctions, – run by the Police with an extra in the Muslim world in the period of deprivation of citizenship, monitoring 300 paid support staff. This decline during the Khilafah, to try to communication, covert surveillance and includes Operation Nicole where weaken the power Islam had over the co-operation with other states e.g. police run workshops in which region. They did the same when the Pakistan – are all set to continue. community members are put in Indian sub-continent was occupied under Some of these tools have been used scenario's where they take the the British Empire – to break the strength against peaceful demonstrators (not only role of counter-terrorism police of the Muslim resistance. Muslim), charities, people browsing officers who watch a 'cell' and websites, people making emotional debate if they should move in. These policies worked for only a short speeches, in addition to the people time period. Now a huge and growing suspected of “terrorist plots” – whether • The Channel Project - this is a Islamic revival across the Muslim world – within the UK or in places such as Iraq. government funded project where as this strategy paper even acknowledges police meet with young people in – is testimony to its defeat. 4) The “Prevent” strand of the forums and have open discussions strategy has little to do with preventing and, through this, identify who In recent years the British government ‘terrorism’ or promoting ‘community they think are potential developed new policies. One was to cohesion’; as we are told is said to extremists. There has been similar establish a body to sit over Muslims, and prevent the spread of ideology and advice given to teachers in carry government policy to Muslims. This radicalisation in the UK & Globally. schools with classroom failed to achieve its objective. The majority of the “Prevent” strategy discussions on political issues, and aimed at Muslims in the UK: to control to university lecturers. It then tried ‘Contest’ to promote a British Muslim communities, establish a new version of Islam. This too has clearly leadership, make Muslims reject Islam’s WHAT ARE THE DETAILED PROJECTS failed. political ideas, and ultimately to secularise AND MEANS OF CONTROL MENTIONED Muslims. It is the assimilation agenda - to UNDER THESE UMBRELLAS? Now, we have ‘Contest 2’. Overall this prevent the spread of Islamic values – policy will fail to achieve its secularisation what they call ‘extremism’ - and promote These include the following: agenda precisely because they simply do ‘shared’ (western liberal) values. not understand Islam and Muslims. How do they plan to achieve the - Creating new Muslim leaderships. We await ‘Contest 3’! westernisation agenda of the “Prevent” In particular amongst Muslim strategy? Women (National Muslim They seek to extinguish the light of Allah Women’s advisory group and with their mouths; but Allah refuses but At the moment they don’t plan to use other women’s group), Muslim to perfect His light, though the legal means to get Muslims to drop Youth (Young Muslim Advisory disbelievers may resent it. Islamic views and to adopt western liberal group and other youth counsels) (Translated meaning Quran 9:32) 6 :: Khilafah Magazine :: May 2009
  7. 7. KMAG MAY 2009:Kmag template201x269 18/05/2009 13:06 Page 7 Sajjad Khan ‘NATO – Armed wing of the West’ warheads and overwhelming superiority in conventional forces. The Taliban with their AK 47’s are now considered by NATO to be more powerful than the mighty Red Army which will be news to most people. NATO members are obviously becoming desperate in trying to justify their continued existence and an unpopular war to their apathetic domestic populations. • And following close and intense consultations with the United States on its Afghanistan-Pakistan review, updated NATO’s strategic political-military plan for its ISAF mission, stressing that success requires a stronger regional approach that involves all of Afghanistan's neighbors and greater civil-military coordination and civilian resources. It was once said by a former US Secretary endorse President Obama’s strategy for Comment: With respect to Pakistan, the of State about Britain that it had lost an Afghanistan and Pakistan. They also signed AfPak strategy is now clear and involves empire but had yet to find a role. The up to the following series of bland and more of everything. More economic aid NATO summit recently held in banal statements over the course of the for Pakistan based on performance based Strasbourg/Kehl marked the sixtieth two day summit, results, more diplomacy (Mike Mullen anniversary of an organisation which has Chair of the Joint Chiefs has been to the lost the Soviet Union but which is still • Agreed that NATO’s International region 9-10 times in the last year and struggling to find a role almost two Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Richard Holbrooke is as ubiquitous in decades later. What started off as an Afghanistan – NATO’s largest and most Islamabad as he is in Washington ) alliance to keep the Russians out, the challenging mission in its history – is key alongside more troops and more drones. Americans in and the Germans down, is to preventing Afghanistan from becoming a Day by day Pakistan becomes the central now scratching around trying to find a safe haven for Al Qaeda and the Taliban, front in America’s war on terror, a reason for its very existence. Sixty years in, and a base for terror attacks that threaten nation of 170 million with Islam in their NATO is growing stale, disunited and more all allies and the entire international hearts and nukes on their soil, Pakistan imperialist in its old age. Rather than community; is what keeps western policymakers putting on meaningless summits, NATO awake at night. The fear of the greater needs to be put in a museum. Comment : Afghanistan is now Middle East and the growing strategic In the most recent summit, NATO leaders considered by NATO to be more importance of the Indian ocean which a came together to discuss the latest challenging than was defeating the recent US Marine Corps report (Vision challenges facing the alliance (no mean mighty Soviet Union and the Warsaw and Strategy 2025) cited as being a feat as there aren’t any) and to formally Pact with its thousands of nuclear central theatre of global conflict and Khilafah Magazine :: May 2009 :: 7
  8. 8. KMAG MAY 2009:Kmag template201x269 18/05/2009 13:06 Page 8 competition this century clearly explains massive instability, the kind of instability preparation of a new "Strategic Concept," the importance of US action. By that led to Russia’s attack on Georgia in NATO’s mission statement for the future specifying the vague goal of defeating al 2008. (last updated in 1999), to ensure that Qaeda, this will allow a US presence in • Committed to a new transatlantic NATO remains as vital to our common the region for decades to come, causing approach on Russia and Europe’s East that security in the 21st century as it was in the not just destabilisation for Pakistan but deepens cooperation with NATO aspirants 20th century. for the whole of Central Asia. America’s and advances positive engagement with plan if successful would sign the death Russia, including by restarting dialogue and Comment: Great words which could have warrant for Pakistan. cooperation through the NATO-Russia come from a firm of management consultants, but still no clarity as to what the mission should be, what is NATO for? America has history, from Hiroshima to Korea to Vietnam to its own Civil War, and its bitter divisions of region and • Selected a new Secretary General, Prime Minster Anders Fogh Rasmussen, to race, it continues to choose violence over stability, lead the reform of the Alliance so that it imperialism over morality and hatred over hope retains the flexibility and resources to meet the new challenges of our time. Council, and agreed to build pragmatic Comment: Yes a Secretary General who • Celebrated the 60th anniversary cooperation with Russia in areas of shared has no respect for Islam and who as of NATO, highlighting the Alliance’s interest, such as in Afghanistan, counter- Prime Minister of Denmark justified the successes while reaffirming the value and piracy initiatives, arms control, and publication of obnoxious cartoons the strategic purpose of the Alliance in counterterrorism; degrading the holy Prophet (sallalahu providing collective defense and working alaihi wassalam). This is the man who to build a Europe whole and free and at Comment: Is Russia that naive? that it will now be the face for NATO’s peace; will be bought off with an invite to a campaigns in the Muslim world (you NATO talking shop? Doessn’t it remember couldn’t make it up), after the Turkish Comment: Defense from who, the what NATO did and said after the government sacrificed their “principled” Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians? Who Georgia attack? opposition to Rasmussen for a few staff is exactly threatening NATO at present? positions at NATO headquarters. Isn’t it NATO that is doing the attacking? • Committed NATO to meeting new challenges; confronting new For a NATO summit meeting marking the • Agreed to renew NATO’s shared asymmetric threats to include terrorism, 60th anniversary of the alliance and sense of family united by common values; a proliferation of weapons of mass intended to be about real substance, the commitment to democracy, human rights, destruction, cyber-attacks, environmental event was more a damp squib, with NATO and the rule of law; degradation and energy disruptions, and allies at best providing lukewarm support the fallout from failed states and the to Obama’s new AfPAK strategy. This was Comment: Are these the same values that economic crisis; despite Obama detailing on the surface of inspired Abu Ghraib, Guantanomo, it a narrowed war mission: emphasising extraordinary rendition, the Iraq war, Comment: Most of these problems are intense action against Al Qaeda even above torture, secret prisons, corrupt politicians caused directly by NATO members. State implementing secular democracy and and their corporate buddies and support terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, western human rights. for Israel’s massacres in Gaza. Does NATO proliferating their own nuclear arsenals really have any credibility talking about e.g. Trident in the UK and mini nukes in “We want to do everything we can to values? America. Environmental degradation and encourage and promote rule of law, human the economic crisis were created in the rights, the education of women and girls in • Welcomed Albania and Croatia as west due to a capitalist ideology that is Afghanistan, economic development, NATO’s newest Allies, reinforcing the collapsing under its own excess. Who infrastructure development,” he said. “But I message that NATO’s door remains open created failed states like Somalia, it was also want people to understand that the and that countries in Europe’s East can America and her ally Ethiopia who first reason we are there is to root out Al become members when they meet NATO’s removed the one government (Islamic Qaeda, so that they cannot attack members performance-based standards and are able Courts) which had brought stability to of the alliance.” and ready to contribute to Allies' common Somalia in the last fifteen years. security; The Afghan war remains a dividing line for • Issued a "Declaration of Alliance alliance leaders. In October of this year Comment: A clear provocation aimed at Security" as a first step towards balancing NATO’s war in Afghanistan will enter its Russia. What would happen if the latter NATO’s traditional collective defense ninth year, by any measure the Afghan sought a military alliance with Cuba, responsibilities with the need to campaign has already been a long war and Mexico and Venezuela. NATO enlargement modernise and transform to address new most commentators expect will end up devoid of a defined mission is causing threats through the subsequent becoming significantly longer than WW1 8 :: Khilafah Magazine :: May 2009
  9. 9. KMAG MAY 2009:Kmag template201x269 18/05/2009 13:06 Page 9 and WW2 combined. For the US military insistence that they have learnt the lessons Pakistani people what America’s intentions bruised with nearly 4,500 fatalities in Iraq of Iraq. The US cannot rid Afghanistan and are. The United States pursues an imperial – the Afghan war is fast becoming one of Pakistan of Al-Qaeda (when Al Qaeda can claim on their territory and on their the most demoralising chapters in the exist everywhere in the world including in resources. For them controlling South Asia history of the United States. Despite the United States) nor can it root out or would not only degrade Pakistan’s widespread praise for President Obama’s kill everyone who opposes America or capability of becoming a cornerstone of new inclusive approach, his calls for a sympathises with its adversaries. America the future Khilafah, but is a stepping stool more significant European troop increase cannot police the borders of Pakistan until in the latest manifestation of the Great for Afghanistan were politely ignored, as they are completely secure (it can’t even Game being fought with Russia and China. America contrary to its public policy does Controlling South Asia would not only degrade Pakistan’s not respect the sovereignty of either country (daily drone attacks in Pakistan capability of becoming a cornerstone of the future coupled with a separate US mission in Khilafah, but is a stepping stool in the latest Afghanistan answering to the Pentagon are a testament to that) and it constantly manifestation of the Great Game being fought with belittles the tremendous sacrifices that the Afghans and Pakistanis have made in Russia and China securing their own countries from foreign interference. The US is not seeking a full they had been in negotiations leading up police its own border with Mexico) transition to Afghan responsibility nor do to the meeting. European allies agreed to especially as the US military is the main they seek real security for Pakistan. And provide only 5,000 new troops for source of the insecurity on both sides of going forward, American forces will ensure Afghanistan with 3,000 deployed only the border. that both states are weakened like Iraq temporarily to provide security for the before it and become yet another August elections in Afghanistan. A further 3. By not having defined metrics, stepping stone to America’s new world 1,400 to 2,000 soldiers will be sent to train the US administration can continue a order. The future of Afghanistan and teams for the Afghan Army and the police. prolonged war in a strategic location that Pakistan is inseparable from the future of So much for Afghanistan being critical for borders the energy resources of Central the broader Middle East, so it is key that western national interests. The Afghan war Asia as well as the geopolitical epicenter of America’s nefarious plan to control like the Iraq war before it is fast becoming the world, the Indian Ocean. Its location Afghanistan and weaken Pakistan be an American war with Europe steering well also has the advantage of neutralising stopped. clear. President Obama’s decision to Russian and Chinese influence in a key increase the number of American troops region of the world. There are many lessons to be learned, from this year to about 68,000 from the current what we’ve experienced since 9-11. We 38,000 will significantly Americanize the 4. America also doesn’t realise that have learned that America’s addiction to war. In a recent article in the New York it cannot build nations, after systematically war in the Muslim world, continues Times a senior European diplomat said “No destroying them with their missiles, drones unabated regardless of who sits in the one will say this publicly, but the true fact and aircraft. It is America that is stopping White House. We have learned that in the is that we are all talking about our exit Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan from having 21st century, we must use all elements of strategy from Afghanistan. We are getting a better future, by insisting that those who the Muslim world’s power to achieve our out. It may take a couple of years, but we oppose her imperial agenda can only be objectives, which is why we need to are all looking to get out.” met by more killing. The US represents the politically unify our resources, our lands, forces that over the age have constantly and our armies to ensure that no one It is clear that the new American strategy destroyed nations for material and strategic individual nation has to fight and sacrifice for Afghanistan and Pakistan is flawed for gain, a situation which today has led the alone. We have learned that our leaders are several reasons world into further cycles of violence and corrupt and not up to the task which is insecurity. America has history, from why they must be removed if we are ever 1. The numbers of forces are still Hiroshima to Korea to Vietnam to its own to meet the tough challenges of our era. insufficient to win in Afghanistan (just ask Civil War, and its bitter divisions of region And we have learned the importance of the Russians) and are therefore designed to and race, it continues to choose violence our iman, that by implementing Islam hold Afghanistan while projecting further over stability, imperialism over morality politically we can provide a better life not into Pakistan. As a variety of US officials and hatred over hope. But hostility and just for our children but for everyone else’s have stated, the strategic prize is Islamabad violence will never be a match for justice; as well. not Kabul. they offer no pathway to a better world; and they cannot stand between the people 2. The goal to defeat Al-Qaeda is of Afghanistan and Pakistan and the wider vague and ambiguous and has been Muslim world from a future of deliberately kept so. At the point of writing, reconciliation and political unity. the US administration has failed to publish any performance metrics despite their It should be clear to the Afghan and Khilafah Magazine :: May 2009 :: 9
  10. 10. KMAG MAY 2009:Kmag template201x269 18/05/2009 13:06 Page 10 The Bangladesh Army Massacre weaken the defence forces of Bangladesh i.e. the Army and the BDR. Thirdly, the government played a dubious role in the dealing with the so- called mutiny. Finally, only the Khilafah government can strengthen the defence forces and challenge the imperialists. 2. Many believe this incident had an external influence but are not necessarily specifying which country. What makes you so certain this external force was Indian? We presented an analysis of the event in our leaflet. There are three points that we need to keep in mind: What did it achieve? Who benefits from that? Why at this time? The answer to the first question can be On the 25th of February 74 officers of I am sure you have followed some news found in the reality of what has the Bangladesh Army were massacred in of the massacre. What happened is really happened – the Bangladesh Rifles has Pilkhana in the heart of the Bangladeshi brutal and horrific. The killers had with been more or less destroyed especially capital, Dhaka. This atrocity was alleged them a hit list of the officers whom they its chain of command. The Army has lost to be committed by a group within the searched out and massacred. They did some of its brilliant officers and it has Bangladesh Rifles, a paramilitary force of not stop at that – they mutilated dead been dealt a severe blow. It will take a 70,000 men responsible for securing the bodies of the officers; buried them in long time to rebuild the Bangladesh 4,000 km long border with India and mass graves; burnt dead bodies; buried Rifles and for the Army to recover. Burma. Khilafah Magazine interviews alive some of the officers; and raped, There is only one external force that Mohiuddin Ahmed, official spokesman of tortured and killed their wives and benefits from all this – India. Firstly Hizb ut-Tahrir Bangladesh (HTB) to children including pregnant women. weakening the defence forces of understand the events of that day and Regarding our position, we made it clear Bangladesh has been a long term Indian the implications for Bangladesh’s in our leaflet issued on 28 February plan and she has tried to do this on security. 2009. If I summarize that for you, we many occasions in the past. Secondly the made four important points in that Bangladesh Rifles protects the 1. Can you give your account of leaflet: Firstly, the so-called mutiny was Bangladesh border from the Indian what really happened on 25th February, part of a long-term plot and it was border forces (BSF). And the Indians and what is HTB’s position on this carried out by India and her agents view the Bangladesh Rifles as a problem. tragedy? inside and outside the government. One former senior Indian intelligence Secondly, the aim of the plot was to official B Raman wrote a column in the 10 :: Khilafah Magazine :: May 2009
  11. 11. KMAG MAY 2009:Kmag template201x269 18/05/2009 13:06 Page 11 magazine ‘Outlook’ on 27 February, 2009 destabilize Sheikh Hasina’s government where he said the Bangladesh Rifles’ that if they continue to do this, India will anti-Indian stance is an obstacle to the not remain silent, if necessary, India will India-Bangladesh relationship. The directly intervene”. In other words the Bangladesh Rifles is trained by the Army Indian political leadership is prepared of Bangladesh because of which it does for the fallout of the incident. It seems the job very well to the point that the that India wants Sheikh Hasina to reform BSF fear the Bangladesh Rifles. There and restructure Bangladesh Rifles after have been many incidents of clashes the 25 February incident. Also, if between the two forces where the BSF possible, they want to reform the Awami league government is playing a simply fled from the fight. Therefore Bangladesh Army in their favour. dubious role from the beginning of the weakening or even destroying the As for the timing, at present with the event. Although the government is Bangladesh Rifles leaves the Bangladesh Hasina government in power they found campaigning that it has successfully border unprotected from Indian BSF a favourable moment to execute their dealt with the mutiny, we can present an aggression. Thirdly as a Muslim country, plan. They found internal forces that will analogy here in the form of a popular the armed forces of Bangladesh are assist them in organizing the event and saying in Bangladesh – the operation always viewed as a security threat by more importantly their future plans was successful, but the patient died. The India. The Bangladesh Rifles massacre regarding the re-structuring of the reality is that the mutiny could have has severely harmed the Bangladesh Bangladesh Rifles and the Army. been put down within an hour or two, military. Previously when Hasina was in power but it was allowed to last for two days. they had executed some of their plans. The army officers could have been We should also consider the Indian Before going to the next question let me saved, but they were not. The chain of response during and after the incident. just clarify another point here. As you command in the Bangladesh Rifles has BSF sends SMS messages during the know in recent years Bangladesh has been destroyed and the murderers were rebellion to soldiers in the Bangladesh gained strategic importance in terms of allowed to flee. Rifles assuring them of assistance. The regional geo-politics. Right now in the Indian media launches a frenzied attack aftermath of the Bangladesh Rifles I am sure by now you are aware of the on Islamic Militants and the Bangladesh incident all the imperialist powers are questions being raised by almost opposition parties trying to divert the undertaking efforts to advance their everyone concerned. We raised these people’s minds. The Indian Army and air interests. The US, the British, and India – questions when every one else thought force was kept ready for assisting the all are conspiring for control over the it was a mutiny due to some legitimate Hasina government; not in dealing with Bangladesh Army. You know about the grievances. The questions that we raised the mutiny (the Bangladesh Army is FBI and the Scotland Yard’s visit here in are very important. It is in our leaflet capable of doing that) but rather to save the name of providing so-called and I will not repeat them here. There the government in case of any threats to assistance in the investigations. So now are many more questions that are being its existence. And now the Indian the issue for us is to expose the asked now. Our point is that there is a government is making statements that conspiracies of all these imperialist line that needs to be drawn between the Hasina government has their full enemies of the Ummah. failure to deal with the plot on the one hand and complicity on the other hand. It is a part of the government’s ploy to save the conspirators. How many unanswered questions do Nobody believes it. It was an attempt to divert people’s you need for proving complicity? Let us understand one very important point – attention and it miserably failed as people were not fooled at those ministers who went to the spot to all. The politicians, intellectuals, media, and business leaders negotiate with the rebels are well known agents of India. They brought the have rejected this idea openly and publicly. rebels to meet the PM and no record about these people was noted down backing and they will not sit idly by if whereas we know the tight security there are any threats to it arising from 3. In your press release you procedures that are followed before events post the mutiny. The Indian mentioned the involvement of elements anyone can get close to the PM’s office, magazine ‘Outlook’ reported that Indian within the Bangladesh government in let alone sit down and talk with the PM. Foreign Minister Pranab Mukharjee said orchestrating this disaster. You must have Furthermore one of these ministers in a closed door meeting of Congress strong arguments to make such a bold makes a public statement two days after leaders that “... in the current scenario, and brave allegation. Can you explain? the event that millions of taka was spent India is ready to provide any help to in planning and executing the Bangladesh ...I want to send strong From the analysis of events it can be conspiracy while investigations had not warnings to those who are trying to easily understood that the current Khilafah Magazine :: May 2009 :: 11
  12. 12. KMAG MAY 2009:Kmag template201x269 18/05/2009 13:06 Page 12 even started. This is nothing but a ploy 6. Hizb ut-Tahrir have launched a establish the Khilafah. by the government to put the blame on campaign on this issue. What do you other than the real culprits. Your readers want to achieve from your campaign So support the work for Khilafah as you will be interested to know that the and what is your action plan? can. I can make some suggestions. Firstly, government has so far prevented the those of you who have relatives in minister from being questioned as to his HT is a global political party working for Bangladesh and make frequent visits source for that information. re-establishment of the Khilafah. All our here - inform them about the Khilafah activities are aimed at achieving that and the work of HTB especially the 4. It appears the government goal. We undertake the work of culturing politicians, intellectuals and the media. believes that Islamic militants are the Muslims with the Islamic thoughts Second, win over the Bangladeshi media responsible. How credible is this? and opinions. We also expose the in the UK so that they publish news of conspiracies of the colonialist states the work for Khilafah. This will make the It is a part of the government’s ploy to against the Muslims. As well as this we community aware of the Khilafah, who save the conspirators. Nobody believes take the rulers in the Muslim countries can then convey the concept to their it. It was an attempt to divert people’s to task for their failure, negligence and friends and families in Bangladesh. Third, attention and it miserably failed as subservience to the imperialist enemies. talk to the politicians belonging to people were not fooled at all. The This is what we aim to achieve from this Bangladeshi based political parties in the politicians, intellectuals, media, and campaign i.e. expose the imperialist UK; they make visits to Bangladesh and business leaders have rejected this idea enemies and their agents so that the have influence. Fourth, many politicians openly and publicly. The minister who people reject them and at the same time and influential people such as writers, made the statement has now backed off create public opinion about the need for journalists, columnists and ulama from from his statement due to the public the Khilafah. Bangladesh visit the UK. Contact them, backlash. We all know the crusaders and talk to them and convince them about their agents are carrying out a vicious As for our action plan we are continuing the Khilafah as the only viable campaign against Islam throughout the with various programmes making the alternative for the multitude of problems world and they look for any opportunity people aware of the conspiracy. We are facing Bangladesh. to advance that goal. doing political activities such as demonstrations, posters, etc. We are Specifically on the Bangladesh Rifles 5. Many of your members have contacting the people, for example the massacre you need to realize the grave been arrested and charged. Can you teachers, doctors, imams and the mass dangers of this conspiracy. I have no explain why they have been arrested people through interactions in public words to describe it. It is one of the and your views of the charges? places such as mosques, markets, biggest conspiracies in the country’s schools, and so on. We are holding history. It is not the issue of one party 31 of our members and activists have discussions with influential people in nor should the issue be looked at from been arrested for distributing leaflets. the society. As part of that we organized partisan interests. It is a plot against the Cases have been filed against them on a roundtable discussion on the 18th of Bangladesh army – the defenders of the charge of attempting to cause a riot; March which was attended by many key Islam and Muslims, the defenders of the attempting to create mutiny in the army, figures in the country’s intellectual and future Khilafah. You should protest and attempting to harm relationships political arena. We have also produced a against this and all imperialist with friendly states. These charges are small booklet presenting our analysis of conspiracies against the Muslims of really untenable. There is nothing in the the event and how the Khilafah will Bangladesh. You should apply pressure leaflet to justify it. We simply invited the challenge the imperialists. upon the government of Bangladesh people to resist the Indian plot to through organizing protest actions such destroy our army and the Bangladesh 7. What is your message for the as demonstrating outside the Bangladesh Rifles and take the government to task Muslims living in the UK? embassy, demanding that the for its mysterious role. The government government explains its dubious role in undertook this oppressive action exactly In general, we need to understand that the so-called mutiny; refrains from its because of this i.e. we exposed the our life and provisions are in the hand of ploy to save the conspirators and also government and their masters. They are Allah (SWT) to whom we will all return. releases our members and supporters. afraid of our ideology i.e. Islam, which We have no control over this. We will The media should be contacted, commands the proclamation of the truth take with us nothing from this world information about the conspiracy should openly and bravely without an iota of except our deeds. Thus our daily lives be passed to them and they should be fear even if the whole people are afraid must not make us forget our Islamic motivated to publish news about it so and silent. obligations – the most important of that the community is aware of the plot. which are the obligation to remove these corrupt rulers and the colonial powers from the Islamic lands and to re- 12 :: Khilafah Magazine :: May 2009
  13. 13. KMAG MAY 2009:Kmag template201x269 18/05/2009 13:06 Page 13 Culture The Basis of Authority in the Islamic State “O you who believe, Obey Allah, Obey principle upon which Muslims are told Consider for example the following His Messenger and those in authority to live by and this is the principle on hadith: It has been reported that Ali (ra) from amongst you and if you differ which Muslims are instructed to view said, "The Messenger of Allah sent a then refer it to Allah and His Messenger their rulers. Here the word for rulers or troop under the command of a man if you believe in Allah and the Last those in authority is ulul amr. It is not from Al-Ansar. When they left, he became Day.” restricted to the Khaleefah, but also angry with them for some reason and [An-Nisa: 59] includes the walis, wazeers and all those said to them, `Has not the Messenger of who have authority, especially since the Allah commanded you to obey me' They This noble verse in Surah an-Nisa comes word has been used in the plural (ulul said, `Yes.' He said, `Collect some wood,' after verse 58 which focused on the amr and not waliyul amr which is in the and then he started a fire with the wood, rulers when they were enjoined to rule singular). It is interesting that the ayah by justice which is none other than does not repeat the verb 'atee'u' when it what Allah (SWT) has revealed. In this comes to the rulers as it did in respect verse the focus is on the Muslims under to Allah and His Messenger, which is an the authority of the rulers and their additional indication alongside the clear responsibility. In this respect the verses and hadith which state that rulers message of this ayah is addressed to the must obey Allah and His Messenger in Ummah at large and we can learn from it their ruling and exercise of authority. For the following matters: example the Messenger (saw) said: 'There is no obedience to the The verse begins with the verb 'atee'u' disobedience of the Creator.' [Sahih ('obey') in the imperative form and the Bukhari, Volume 9: Hadith 363] Here object of obedience is Allah (swt). The there is an absolute prohibition of verse then commands 'Atee'u' (obey) following an order that goes against the and this time it is referring to the order of Allah (swt), whoever makes that Messenger (Sallallahu alaihi wassalam). order. This hadith came specifically in The repetition of the word 'obey' and the context of authority and ruling. Its the order indicates the two basic mafhum or implied meaning indicates reference points that Muslims have and that just as the person cannot obey a they are the Qur'an and Sunnah. ruler who disobeys Allah (swt) so in the Therefore, anything in contravention of same way, a ruler or amir cannot order, Qur'an and Sunnah must be disobeyed enact laws or rule by anything that is in and anything from the Qur'an and violation of what Allah (swt) has ordered. Sunnah must be obeyed. This is the Khilafah Magazine :: May 2009 :: 13
  14. 14. KMAG MAY 2009:Kmag template201x269 18/05/2009 13:06 Page 14 Culture arbiter must be Allah and His Messenger ie the Qur'an and Sunnah. It states: “if you differ then refer it to Allah and His Messenger if you believe in Allah and the Last Day.” Just as the young man in the above hadith disputed with his Amir when he commanded them to enter the fire and referred the matter to the Messenger, we are also obliged to refer to the Islamic reference point ie the Quran and Sunnah when there is a dispute. The last words of the ayah enjoin on the believers the importance of referring to Allah and His Messenger in ruling, by drawing attention to the fact that not to do so is a negation of iman and hence it says: '...if you believe in Allah and the Last Day.” This is how the Sahabah (ra) understood this matter and nothing shows this more clearly than the speech of Abu Bakr as- Siddique when he assumed the post of saying, `I command you to enter the the disobedience to the Messenger as Khaleefah, he said: "Help me, if I am in fire.' The people almost entered the fire, the Ayah obliges obedience to Allah and the right; set me right, if I am in the but a young man among them said, `You His Messenger. That is why the wrong. The weak among you shall be ran away from the Fire to Allah's Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him strong with me until, Allah willing, his Messenger. Therefore, do not rush until and grant him peace, said in a hadith rights have been vindicated. The strong you go back to Allah's Messenger, and if reported by Abu Hurairah, 'Whoever among you shall be weak with me until, he commands you to enter it, then enter obeys me has obeyed Allah and whoever if Allah wills, I have taken what is due it.' When they went back to Allah's disobeys me has disobeyed Allah. from him. Obey me as long as I obey Messenger, they told him what had Whoever obeys the amir has obeyed me Allah and His Prophet; when I disobey happened, and the Messenger said, Had and whoever disobeys the amir has Him and his Prophet, obey me not." you entered it, you would never have disobeyed me'" [Agreed upon] As for the departed from it. Obedience is only in statement 'whoever obeys the amir has Thus, we can see from the above ayah righteousness.'' (Reported by Bukhari obeyed me and whoever disobeys the the basis of ruling, ie the commanding Volume 9, Book 91, Number 363:). Here amir has disobeyed me' in the above the good and forbidding the evil by the the Messenger (saw) stated that hadith or the following hadith: "Anyone rulers and obedience to them must be in obedience is only in the 'maroof' and who dislikes something from his amir obedience to Allah and His Messenger. not in the 'munkar'. So the one in should be patient. Anyone who abandons This means that the basis of the Islamic authority cannot command anything but obedience to the amir for even a short State is Islam and none other. The state ma'ruuf and people cannot obey time dies the death of the Jahiliyya of the Muslims must be Islamic, ie where anything but maroof. What is 'ma'roof is (ignorance)." [Agreed upon] This does Allah and His Messenger are obeyed what Islam has defined as good and not mean their absolute obedience to both by the rulers and by those who are munkar is what Islam has defined as evil. the rulers. These hadiths are talking of ruled. It must be a state where the It is not left to the discretion of man to not rebelling against the rulers due to Muslims refer to Allah and His Messenger decide these matters. their misappropriation of the people’s and this is a requirement of their belief rights and not about obeying the rulers in Allah and the Last Day. The verse also obliges the obedience to in the matters which are a clear the command of the Messenger (saw) violation of the Shariah. Rather, when and links that to the rulers. As long as the ruler commands a clear munkar the the rulers or those in authority obey the Muslim must disobey that command and Messenger then there is the obedience cannot say he was following orders. to him, otherwise there is no obedience. It is ludicrous after saying that there is The verse then concludes that if there is no obedience in the disobedience to the a difference over a matter between the Creator that there can be obedience in Muslims and their rulers then the final 14 :: Khilafah Magazine :: May 2009
  15. 15. KMAG MAY 2009:Kmag template201x269 18/05/2009 13:07 Page 15 Arif Samad RECESSION - When the casino economy meets the real economy goods led to production cut-backs and rising unemployment. In the fourth quarter of 2008 the UK economy was officially in recession - defined as two quarters of negative economic growth. This is how the casino financial economy initiated and caused a devastating recession in the real economy. DEBT FUELLED GROWTH The finance sector (comprising mainly of banking, finance and insurance industries) has grown in significance in the last decade. While the manufacturing sector was in terminal decline, jobs in finance grew from 5 million to 6.6 million between 1997 and 2007 (1), accounting for 1 in 5 of all jobs in the UK. It is no coincidence that debt levels Falling economic activity in one or more markets. The failure of this specific area over this period also surged. industries or sectors is not uncommon of finance initiated a chain reaction that even during more general periods of resulted in, until recently, highly Britain’s total debt exploded during the sustained economic growth. As an profitable century-old global financial economic boom. The total debt owed by example manufacturing employment in institutions filing for bankruptcy, government, businesses and individuals – the UK fell from 4.5 million to 3.2 sometimes, overnight. In the UK, commonly known as gross external debt million (1) between 1997 and 2007 – a Northern Rock, a bank from the North – rose from 1.7 trillion in 1997 to £5.7 10 year period over which UK-wide East of England, went bankrupt, after million in 2007, an increase of 238% (3). economic growth rose by a robust 3% which other banks were kept afloat only It was this astounding growth in debt per annum on average in real terms (2). as a result of Government bail-outs and from all sections of society that It is however rare for a sub sector to guarantees. With domestic and propelled continuous economic growth cause the whole economy to go into international financial sectors in turmoil, over the last decade. At the end of 2007, recession. However, this is exactly what’s the many heavily indebted businesses Britain’s total external debt stood at over happened during the current financial found it difficult to raise funds while 400% of GDP (the total value of goods crisis and subsequent recession. debt-ridden individuals could no longer and services produced by the UK) of The collapse of high risk ‘sub-prime’ afford to borrow to finance approximately £1.5 trillion per annum. lending in the USA exposed the fragility unsustainable consumption levels. The That’s equivalent to a debt of £94,000 and global interdependence of financial subsequent fall in demand for consumer for every man, woman and child in the Khilafah Magazine :: May 2009 :: 15