Development of mobile applications andrés burgos(english4-second draft)


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Development of mobile applications andrés burgos(english4-second draft)

  1. 1. Topic: Development of mobile applicationDevelopment and research of the topicAccording to the proposed topic in the last draft and the subtopics that I will research;at the moment I am making the summary of information about the following topics:History of development in mobile, also I am researching about the evolution ofthe different platforms or Mobile Operating Systems. In the next paragraphs Iwill give to knowing a short abstract of the topics that I researched.I am consulting information to depth about the implementation of the mostimportant mobile platforms that had allowed innovate the labor field and thelife of the men with the development of apps.For this second draft, I will exhibit a brief explanation of every one of subtopics writtenabove.Research summary of the topic (theoretical setting)1. History of development in the mobile platformsThe massive development of mobile apps was generated from last eight years orlast ten years because although the cell phone began to appear from 40s, wasfrom 1996 that was created the first mobile operating system and in 2005 theoperating systems evolved to a technology very high that allowed create diverseapps for different tasks besides conventional applications that was created initially,for example (calculator, diary, messages, etc).This is a brief summary of the important aspects in the history of development ofmobile platforms:In 1996, the Palm company launched the first mobile operating systemcalled Palm OS 1.0, this system contained apps of RIM Company (Blackberrycompany), for example: emails, diary, memo pad and task.Between 1997 and 1998, the Palm company launched others two versions(2.0 and 3.0). These versions didn’t change much with the exception of thatmanaged Web Support and interface with colors of 8 bits.In 2000 changed the operation of operating systems with the Microsoftcreation called Pocket 2000 that later would have apps as: Messenger appand Media Player 8 Enhanced UI.Also in that year was created the Symbian operating system that was asystem implemented in mobiles as: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Psion, Samsung,Siemens, Benq, Lg, Motorola, Lenovo, Sharp, Panasonic, etc. This hascommon applications of the time, but later this will allow the gamesdevelopment and java applications, specifically with Java ME and J2ME(programming languages).
  2. 2. In 2003, Microsoft created the operating system called Windows Mobilewith Bluetooth support and Internet Explorer browser.In 2004, the Palm company launched the Palm Os Cobalt, this wascharacterized for has wifi connectivity and Bluetooth.From 2005 the history of mobile development generate other advancebecause in this moment was leading the operating systems: Microsoft(Windows Mobile 5) and Blackberry (Blackberry OS 4.1). Also an importantfact was the purchase of Android Inc for Google Company.In 2007 Apple go in market with the launch of iPhone OS (iOS).In 2008, Google Company launched to the market your first cell phone withAndroid.In 2009, the versions of iPhone and Android advanced technologically andin this moment iPhone had iPhone OS 3.0 version and Android had (1.1, 1.5,1.6, 2.0 and 2.1) versions. Also Microsoft competed with the WindowsMobile 6.5 and Balckberry competed with BB OS 5 version. In this yearHewlett Packard (HP) launched your operating system called HP Web OS.In 2010 and 2011, Android created the 2.2 and 2.3 versions, this versionsare very important in nowadays because these are running in mobiles oflow range and low-media range. Microsoft launched Windows Mobile 7.Blackberry created the Blackberry OS 6 version and Symbian try to follow inthe market when created the Symbian^2 and Symbian^3 versions.Nowadays, the mobile platforms more important in the market are: IphoneOS, Android, Windows Phone (this is a evolution of Windows Mobile) andBlackberry OS.Source: Infografía – X cube labs ( Important Mobile PlatformsSYMBIANIs a operating system that was produced in a alliance of different companies ofmobile telephony, for example: Nokia, Sony Mobile Communications, Psion,Samsung, Siemens, Arima, Benq, Fujitsu, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, MitsubishiElectric, Panasonic, Sharp, etc. Your origin came of EPOC32 that was used inPDAs and Handhelds of PSION.The objective of Symbian was creating an operating system for mobiles thatcould compete with the operating system of Palm Company or WindowsMobile, Android systems and iOS of Apple Inc. and Blackberry OS.In 2011 was confirmed that this system just would give support to 2016 for thisoperating system.BLACKBERRY OS
  3. 3. Is a mobile operating system developed for RIM Company (Research In Motion)for your cell phones and smart phones (Blackberry). This system is multi-taskand according to your mobile devices, this operating system acceptsmanagement for trackwheel mechanism, trackball and touch.Your development is originated of the firsts handheld in 1999. These devicesallow the access to emails, web browser and sync with programs as MicrosoftExchange or Lotus Notes in addition of making functions of mobile device.To Difference of Blackberry, existed others devices that used emails apps ofBlackberry OS, for example: Siemens, HTC, Sony Ericsson.The mobile devices that use this operating system is orientate for professionaluse or corporate use.IPHONE OS (iOS)Is a mobile operating system of Apple Inc; initially, this was developed for cellphone (iPhone), but after was used in different devices as: IPod Touch andApple TV.The iOS interface is based in the concept of direct manipulation, use touchmotion.iOS is derivative of Mac OSX, also it`s derivative of Darwin BSD and for thisreason, this is an Unix operating system.The applications must be written and compiled specifically for AMD Architect(operating system architect), the applications developed for Mac OSX can’t usein iOS for the differences in the architect.ANDROIDIs an operating system based in Linux; mainly, this is design for mobiles withtouch screen as smart phones, tablets, etc. Android Inc. was support by GoogleInc., later in 2005 Google Inc bought the Android Inc. The first cell phone withAndroid operating system that sold was in October 2008.Android, to difference to others operating systems, it’s develop with openSource and the people could modify your code for personalize or improve.Initially, Android was an operating system that was used with mouse andkeyboard (operating system of PC) and your code was completely free or opensource. These characteristics changed when Google bought the company and itsold your first device with this operating system.
  4. 4. Format:The second draft will exhibit with Slides in power point or prezi; this will contain thetopic theory but with more graphics. Likely, I will present a video about the history ofmobile development.BibliographyInfografía – X cube labs ( – Symbian ( – Blackberry OS ( – iPhone OS( – Android (