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PMP PROCESSES مهندس استشارى حسن فرج السيد
مهندس استشارى حسن فرج

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Pmp processes summary

  1. 1. Initial Plan Execute Control and Close Monitor Process Input Technology & tools Output4 Integration management 4.1 Develop Project Contract (when applicable) Project selection methods Project Charter Charter Project stamen of work(SOW) Project management Methodology Enterprise environment factors Project management Information System Organization process assets Expert Judgment 4.2 Develop Preliminary Project Chart Project Management Methodology Preliminary Scope Statement Scope statement SOW PMIS Enterprise environment factors Expert Judgment Organization process assets 4.3 Develop project Preliminary Scope Statement Project Management Methodology Project Management Plan Management Plan Project Management Process PMIS Enterprise environment factors Expert Judgment Organization process assets 4.4 Direct & Manage Project Management Plan Project Management Methodology Deliverables project Execution Approved Corrective Actions PMIS Requested Changes Approved Preventive Actions Implemented Corrective Actions Approved Change Requests Implemented Preventive Actions Approved Defect Repair Implemented Defect Repair Validated Defect Repair Implemented Change Requests Administrative Closure Procedure Work performance information
  2. 2. Process Input Technology & tools Output 4.5 Monitor & Control Project Management Plan Project Management Methodology Recommended Corrective Actions Project Work Work Performance Information PMIS Recommended Preventive Actions Rejected Change Requests Earned value Management Recommended Defect Repair Expert Judgment Requested Change Forecasts 4.6 Integrated Change Project Management Plan Project Management Methodology Approved Corrective Actions Control Recommended Corrective Actions PMIS Approved Preventive Actions Recommended Preventive Actions Expert Judgment Approved Change Requests Recommended Defect Repair Approved Defect Repair Requested Change Validated Defect Repair Deliverables Rejected Change Request Work Performance Information Project Management Plan (Updates) Project Scope Statement(Updates) 4.7 Close Project Project Management Plan Project Management Methodology Administrative Closure Procedure Deliverables PMIS Contract Closure Procedure Work Performance Information Expert Judgment Final Product Service or Result Contract Document Organization process assets (Updates) Lesson Learn? Historical Enterprise environment factors info? Organization process assets5 Scope Management 5.1 Scope Planning Project Charter Expert Judgment Project Scope Management Plan Preliminary Scope Statement Templates, form standards Enterprise environment factors Organization process assets
  3. 3. Process Input Technology & tools Output 5.2 Scope Definition Project Scope Management Plan Product Analysis Project Scope Statement Project Charter Alternatives Identification Requested Changes Preliminary Scope Statement Expert Judgment Project Scope Management Plan (Updates) Organization process assets Stakeholder Analysis Approved Changes 5.3 Create WBS Project Scope Statement WBS Templates WBS Project Scope Management Plan Decomposition WBS Dictionary Organization process assets Scope baseline Approved Changes Project Scope Management Plan(Updates) Project Scope Statement (Updates) Requested Changes 5.4 Scope Verification Project Scope Statement Inspection Acceptable Deliverables Project Scope Management Plan Requested Changes WBS Dictionary Recommended Corrective Actions Deliverables 5.5 Scope Control Project Scope Statement Change Control System Requested Changes Project Scope Management Plan Configuration Management System Project Scope Management Plan Approved Changes Requests Replanting Project Scope Statement (Updates) WBS Variance Analysis WBS (Updates) WBS Dictionary WBS Dictions (updates) Performance Report Scope Baseline (updates) Work Performance Information Recommended Corrective Actions Project Management Plan (updates)6 Time management
  4. 4. Process Input Technology & tools Output6.1 Activity Definition Enterprise Environment Factors Decomposition Activity List Organizational Process Assets Templates Activity Attributes Project Scope Statement Rolling Wave Plan Milestone List Work Breakdown structure Expert Judgment Requested Change WBS dictionary Planning Component Project Management Plan6.2 Activity Sequencing Project Scope Statement Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM) Project Schedule network Diagrams Activity List Arrow Diagramming method (ADM) Activity List (Updates) Activity Attributes Schedule Networking Template Activity Attributes (Updates) Milestone List Dependency Determination Requested Changes Approved Change Requests Applying Leads and Lags6.3 Activity Resource Activity List Expert Judgment Activity Resource RequirementsEstimating Activity Attributes Alternatives Analysis Activity Attributes (Updates) Organization process assets Published Estimation Data RBS - Resource breakdown structure Enterprise environment factors Project Management Software Resource Calendar (Updates?) Project Management Plan Bottom-up Estimation Requested Changes Resource Availability6.4 Activity Duration Enterprise Environment Factors Expert Judgment Activity Duration EstimatesEstimating Organizational Process Assets Analogues Estimating Activity Attributes (Updates) Activity List Three-point Estimating Activity Attributes Reserve Analysis Project Scope Statement Resource Calendar Activity Resource Requirements Project Management Plan Risk Register Activity Cost Estimates
  5. 5. Process Input Technology & tools Output 6.5 Schedule Organization Process assets Schedule Network Analysis Project Schedule Development Project scope statement Critical Path Method Schedule network diagram Activity List Schedule Compression Bar charts Activity Attributes What-If Scenario Analysis (Monte Carlo) Milestone charts Project Schedule Network diagrams Resource Leveling Schedule Model data Activity resource requirement Critical Chain Method Schedule baseline Resource Calendar Project Management Software Resource requirement (Updates) Activity Duration estimates Applying Calendar Activity attributes (Updates) Project Management plan Adjust Leads And Lags Requested changes Risk register Schedule Model Project management plan (Updates) Schedule management plan (Updates) 6.6 Schedule Control Schedule management plan Progress Reporting Schedule Model data (Updates) Schedule baseline Schedule Change Control System Schedule baseline (Updates) Performance report Performance Measurement Performance measurements Approved changes Project Management Software Requested changes Variance Analysis Recommend corrective actions Schedule Comparison Bar Chart Organization process assets (updates) Activity List (Updates) Activity Attributes (Updates) Project Management Plan (Updates)7 Cost management
  6. 6. Process Input Technology & tools Output7.1 Cost Estimating Enterprise environment factors Analogous Estimation Activity Cost Estimating Organization Process assets Determine Resource cost rate Activity Cost Estimating Supporting Detail Project scope statement Bottom-up Estimating Requested Changes WBS Parametric Estimating Cost Management Plan (Updates) WBS Dictionary Project Management Software Project management plan Vender Bid Analysis Schedule management plan Reserve Analysis Staff management plan Cost of Quality Risk register7.2 Cost Budgeting Project Scope Statement Cost aggregation Cost baseline WBS Reserve Analysis Project Funding requirement WBS Dictionary Parametric Estimating Cost management plan (Updates) Activity Cost Estimating Funding limit Reconciliation Requested Changes Activity Cost Estimating Support Detail Project Schedule Resource Calendar Contract Cost Management Plan7.3 Cost Control Cost baseline Cost Change Control System Requested Changes Project Funding requirement Performance Measurement Analysis Project management Plan (Updates) Project management plan Project Management Software Cost Estimates (updates) Approved Change Requests Forecasting Cost baseline (updates) Performance Report Variance Management Project Funding requirement Work Performance Information Project Performance Review (updates) Recommended Corrective Actions Performance Measurements Forecasted Completion Organization process assets (Updates)
  7. 7. Process Input Technology & tools Output8 Quality Management 8.1 Quality Planning Enterprise Environment Factors Cost Benefit Analysis Quality Management Plan Organization Process Asset Benchmarking Quality Metrics Project Scope Statement Design of Experiment Quality Checklist Project Management Plan Cost of Quality Process Improvement plan Addition Quality planning tools Quality baseline Project Management Plan (Updates) 8.2 Perform Quality Quality Management Plan Quality Planning tools and Techniques Requested Changes Assurance Quality Metrics Quality Audit Recommend corrective Actions Process Improvement plan Process Analysis Organization Process Assets (Update) Approved Change Requests Quality Control Tools and Techniques Project Management Plan(Updates) Work Performance Information Quality Control Measurement Implemented Change Requested Implemented Corrective Actions Implemented Defect Repair Implemented Preventive Actions 8.3 Perform Quality Quality Management Plan Cause and Effect Diagram Quality Control Measurements Control Quality Metrics Control charts Validated Defect Repair Quality Checklist Flowcharting Quality Baseline (Updates) Deliverables Histogram Recommended Corrective Actions Work Performance Information Pareto Chat Recommended Preventive Actions Approved Change Requests Run Chat Request Changes Organization Process Assets Scatter Diagram Recommended Defect Repair Statistical Sampling Organization Process Assets Inspection Validated Deliverables Defect Repair Review Project Management Plan (Updates)
  8. 8. Process Input Technology & tools Output9 Human Resource Management 9.1 HR Planning Enterprise Environment Factors Organization Chart And Position Role and Responsibility Description Organization Process Assets Role, Authority, Responsibility, Networking Competency Template, checklists Organization Theory Project Organization Chart Project Management Plan Staffing Management Plan Activity Resource Requirement 9.2 Acquire Project Enterprise Environment Factors Pre-Assignment Project Staff Assignment team Organization Process Assets Negotiation Resource Availability Role and Responsibility Acquisition Staff Management Plan (Updates Project Organization Charts Virtual Team Staff Management Plan 9.3 Develop Project Project Staff Assignment General Management Skills Team Performance Assessment Team Staff Management Plan Training Resource Availability Team-Building Activities Ground Rules Co-location Recognition and Awards 9.4 Manage Project Organization Process Assets Observation and Conversation Project Management Plan Team (Updates) Project Staff Assignment Project Performance Appraisal Requested Changes Team Performance Assessment Conflict Management Recommended Corrective Actions Role and Responsibility Issue Log Recommended preventive Actions Performance Report Organization Process Assets Work Performance information (Updates) Staff Management Plan Project Organization Chart
  9. 9. Process Input Technology & tools Output10 Communication Management 10.1 Communications Enterprise Environment Factors Communication Requirement Analysis Communication Management Plan Planning Organization Process Assets Communications Technology Project Scope Statement Project Management Plan Constraints Assumptions 10.2 Information Communication Management Plan Communication skills Organization process Assets Distribution (Updates) Information gathering and retrieval system Lessons learned documentation Information Distribution Method Project records. Lesson Learned process Project reports. Project presentations. Feedback from stakeholders. Stakeholder notifications. Requested Changes 10.3 Performance Work performance information Information presentation tools Performance Report Reporting Project Management Plan Performance information Gathering and Forecasts compilation Performance measurement baseline Requested Changes Status review meeting Performance Measurement Recommend Corrective Actions Time report system QC Measurements Organization Process Assets Cost report system Deliverables Approved Change Request Forecasted Completion
  10. 10. Process Input Technology & tools Output 10.4 Manage Communication Management Plan Communication Method Resolved Issues Stakeholders Organization Processes Assets Issue Logs Approved Corrective Actions Approved Change Requests Organization Process Assets (Updates) Project Management Plan (Updates)11 Risk Management 11.1 Risk Management Enterprise Environment Factors Planning meeting and analysis Risk management plan Planning Organization Process Assets Methodology Project Scope Statement Roles and responsibilities Project Management Budgeting Timing Risk categories Definitions of risk probability and impact Probability and impact matrix. Revised stakeholders tolerances Reporting formats Tracking
  11. 11. Process Input Technology & tools Output11.2 Risk Identification Enterprise Environment Factors Document Reviews Risk Register Organization Process Assets Check List analysis List of Identified Risks Project Scope Statement Information Gathering technology List of Potential Responses Project Management plan Brainstorming Root cause of risks Risk management plan Delphi Updated risk Categories Interviewing Root cause identification SWOT Diagram Technology Fishbone Flow charts Influence diagrams Assumption Analysis11.3 Qualitative Risk Organization Process Asset Risk Probability and Impact Assessment Risk Register(Updates)Analysis Risk management plan Probability and Impact matrix Ranking /Priority Project Scope Statement Risk Data Quality Assessment Categories Risk Register Risk Categorization Near-term required response list Risk urgency Assessment List of risk for Additional analysis and response Watch lists for low risk Trends in qualitative risk analysis result
  12. 12. Process Input Technology & tools Output 11.4 Quantitative Risk Organization Process Asset Data Gather and Representation Risk Register(Updates) Analysis Risk management plan Interviewing Probabilistic analysis Schedule mgt plan Probability Distributions (beta?) Probability of Achieving schedule and cost Cost mgt plan Expert Judgment Prioritized list of quantified Project Scope Statement Quantitative Risk analysis and modeling Risks techniques Risk Register Trend of analysis result EMV Modeling and simulation (Monte Carlo) 11.5 Risk Response Risk Register Strategies for negative risks Risk Register(Updates) Planning Risk management plan Strategies for positive risks Project Management Plan (Updates) Strategies for both threats and opportunity Risk-Related Contractual Contingent Response Strategy Agreements 11.6 Risk Monitoring Risk Register Risk Reassessment Risk Register(Updates) and Control Risk management plan Risk Audit Project Management Plan (Updates) Approved Changes Variance /Trend analysis Recommended Corrective Actions Work performance information Technical Performance Measurement Recommend Preventive Actions Performance reports Reserve analysis Requested Changes Status meeting Organization Process Assets(Updates)12 Procurement Management
  13. 13. Process Input Technology & tools Output12.1 Plan Purchases and Enterprise Environment Factors Make or Buy Analysis Procurement Mgt PlanAcquisitions Organization Process Assets Expert Judgment CSOW Project Scope Statement Contract Type Make or buy decision WBS FP/Lump sum Requested Changes WBS Dictionary FPIF Project Management Plan CPF /CPPC Risk Register CPFF Risk-Related Contractual Agreements CPIF Resource Requirements T&M Project Schedule Activity Cost Estimation Cost baseline12.2 Plan Contracting Procurement Mgt Plan Standard Form Procurement Documents CSOW Expert Judgment invitation for bid Make or buy decision request for proposal Project Management Plan (RFP) Risk Register request for quotation (RFQ) Risk-Related Contractual Agreements tender notice Resource Requirements Project Schedule invitation for negotiation Activity Cost Estimation contractor initial response Cost baseline Evaluation Criteria Contract Statement of work (Updates)12.3 Request Seller Organization Process Assets Bidder Conference Qualified Seller ListResponses Procurement Documents Advertising Proposals Procurement Mgt Plan Develop Qualified Seller’s List Procurement Document Package
  14. 14. Process Input Technology & tools Output12.4 Select Sellers Qualified Seller List weight system Selected Sellers Proposals Independent Estimates Contract Procurement Document Package Expert Judgment Contract mgt plan Procurement Mgt plan screening system Resource Availability Project Mgt Plan Seller Rating Systems Procurement Mgt plan (Updates) Risk Register Contract Negotiation Requested Changes Risk-Related Contractual Agreements Proposal Evaluation Techniques Evaluation Criteria12.5 Contract Contract mgt plan Contract Change control System Contract DocumentationAdministration Contracts Buyer-Conducted Performance Review Requested Changes Selected Sellers Inspections and Audits Recommended Corrective Actions Performance Report Performance Reporting Project Mgt Plan (updates) Work Performance Information Payment System Procurement Mgt Plan Approved Change Requests Claims Administration Contract Mgt Plan Record Mgt System Organization Process Assets (Updates) Information Technology Correspondence Payment schedules and requests Seller performance evaluation documentation12.6 Contract Closure Contract mgt plan Procurement Audits Closed Contract Contract Documentation Record Mgt System Organization process assets (updates) Procurement Mgt plan Contract file Contract Closure Procedure Deliverable Acceptance Lesson learned Documents