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كلمات 2

  1. 1. garbage Book 17 Trash, rubbish, waste garbage disposal Clearance, throwing away gas ‫زبالة‬ ‫رمي الزبالة‬ ‫غاز‬ gather ,Collect, assembly, bring together ‫يجمع‬ gathering get-together , harvest ‫جمع‬ generate produce ‫يولد‬ generator Creator, producer ‫مولد‬ generous giving ‫كريم‬ [glasses [eye glasses Spectacles, goggles, eyeglasses go/went/gone go away, leave, exit, depart govern Administrate , control, regulate government Administration, supervision, authority gray Snow-white ‫نظارة‬ ‫غادر‬ ‫يحكم‬ ‫حكومة‬ ‫رصاصي‬ gunnery sergeant ‫جندي مدفعية‬ handsome Good looking, attractive, beautiful hardworking Reliable, thorough heart Spirit, mind heating heating honest Frank, direct ,open if condition include Comprise, take in, contain including Together with, plus indicate Show, point out, explain informal Casual, easy, comfortable insulate Protect, separate, cut off, make shield insulated Covered , wrapped insulation ,Separation ‫عزل‬ insulator Cover, protector ‫عازل‬ ‫وسيم‬ ‫مثابر فى عمله‬ ‫قلب‬ ‫التسخين‬ ‫أمين‬ ‫لو‬ 1 ‫يشمل‬ ‫يتضمن‬ ‫يشير الى‬ ‫غير رسمي‬ ‫يعزل‬ ‫معزول‬
  2. 2. international Global, worldwide ‫عالمي‬ irresponsible Reckless, careless, foolish ‫مستهتر‬ judgment Ruling, considered opinion ‫القضاء‬ (lease (n rent ‫مدة عقد اليجار‬ live wire Exist, bright spark, activist ‫سلك يحمل تيار‬ magnet Attraction of metals, pull mandatory Necessary, obligatory, compulsory Master chief Master sergeant mean denote, , intend, be thinking about messy Chaotic, in disarray, untidy, muddled (Middle (mid Center, heart, focus, medium ‫وسط‬ mustache body hair ‫شارب‬ nation State, country national Public, general neat Tidy, compact, in order, precise ‫أنيق‬ observation Remark, performance, comment ‫ملحظة‬ occasion Reason, cause (Official (j Authorized, administrator (Official (n (paint (n ,Cover, COAT, spread (paint (v parade Show, process, march participate take part, share, join, play a part perfect Good, ideal, achieve, complete personality Character, individuality, behavior place Location, position, site ‫مكان‬ position Location, area, spot ‫موقع‬ (power (n Ability, potential (power (v Control, influence, command ‫مغناطيس‬ ‫هام ضروري‬ ‫يعني-قصد-عزم‬ ‫ملخبط‬ ‫أمة‬ ‫دولي‬ ‫حدث‬ 2 ‫رسمي‬ ‫يدهن‬ ‫عرض عسكري‬ ‫يشترك‬ ‫تام‬ ‫شخصية‬ ‫قوة‬ ‫يقوى‬
  3. 3. powerful Influential, able precede Lead, head, come first privacy ,Isolation, retreat, time alone private Personal, classified, concealed produce Create, manufacture, turn out ‫ينتج‬ product ,Creation, merchandise ‫إنتاج‬ production Manufacture, making, invention ‫النتاج‬ protect Defend, guard, care for, keep, care for ‫يحمي‬ protection Safety, shelter ‫حماية‬ public ,Community real estate Property, realty ‫القوة‬ ‫تتقدم للمام‬ ‫سرية-عزلة‬ ‫خاص‬ ‫عام‬ ‫إقليم ،مقاطعة‬ redhead ‫أحمر الشعر‬ reliable Dependable, trustworthy rely on/upon depend on responsible Accountable, dependable retreat move back, leave run/ran/run Sprint, rush, hurry, proceed scream Shout, yell, cry, shriek screw Rotate, turn, twist ‫اعتمادي‬ ‫فوق‬ screwdriver ‫مسؤل‬ ‫انسحاب-تراجع‬ ‫يجرى بسرعة‬ ‫صاح‬ ‫يلف-قلووظ‬ ‫مفك‬ section Part, portion, split security Safety, refuge selfish self-centered ‫مقطع‬ ‫أمن‬ ‫محب لنفسه‬ senior chief senior master sergeant first class sergeant major 3
  4. 4. Book 18 Advertise Announce, broadcast, spread around Advertisement Adv, announcement, commercial Air conditioning although ‫يعلن‬ ‫اعلن‬ ‫تكييف الهواء‬ even though, while, even if aluminum ‫بالرغم‬ ‫ألومنيوم‬ anthem national hymn ‫نشيد‬ Appearance Look, arrival, ‫الظهور‬ appliance piece of equipment, machine argue Quarrel, disagree ‫يجادل‬ Argument Quarrel, disagreement ‫مجادلة‬ Associate Connect, link, bracket together, partner attach Fasten, join, stick, fix, glue Attractive beautiful Available Accessible, obtainable, on hand bald hairless Bare-wire Uncovered, naked beard body hair (Blond(j fair-haired ‫جهاز‬ ‫رببببط- زميبببل‬ ‫ب‬ ‫ب‬ ‫الحجرة‬ ‫يقرن يقترن‬ ‫جذاب‬ ‫متاح‬ ‫أصلع‬ ‫سلك عريان‬ ‫لحية‬ ‫شقراء‬ 4
  5. 5. (Blond/blonde(n ‫أشقر الشعر‬ ‫ش بببعر أس بببود‬ ‫ب‬ ‫ب‬ Brunet/brunette ‫اللون‬ central Inner, middle Character Personality, individual ‫مركزي‬ ‫صفة‬ (Charge(n ‫شحنة‬ (Charge(V ‫يشحن‬ Chief-master Chief warrant officer circuit Route, track ‫دائرة‬ classified confidential ‫يصنف‬ Class A uniform the same, costume clever Intelligent, smart, skillful, talented conduct Behavior, manners, ways Conductor consider ‫لبس موحد‬ ‫ماهر‬ ‫سلوك‬ ‫موصل‬ Regard-as, believe, think-about copper ‫يعتبر‬ ‫نحاس‬ cord Rope, string, cable court courtyard Curly Wavy , coiled , twisted Current flow Dead-wire boring Debt Money-owing, obligation ‫يدين‬ (Demand(n require ‫طلب‬ (Demand(v Want, need, call-for ‫يطلب‬ Demanding needs deny Reject, contradict, disagree-with ‫حبل‬ ‫محكمة‬ ‫مجعد‬ ‫تيار‬ ‫سلك بدون تيار‬ ‫متطلبات‬ (Depend(on/upon ‫ينكر‬ ‫يعتمد على‬ dependable ‫إعتمادي‬ 5
  6. 6. ‫نظببام انضببباط‬ (Discipline(n ‫ذاتي‬ (Discipline(v ‫يعاقب‬ disciplined dishonest Unfair, lying, untruthful, false Dishwasher ‫غير أمين‬ ‫غسالة الطباق‬ (Display(v Demonstrate, show , exhibit ‫يعرض‬ (Display(n Flaunt, show ‫عرض‬ District Region, area, quarter dryer due ‫قطاع منطقة‬ ‫المجفف‬ Owing, still to pay, (Dye(n ‫استحقاق‬ ‫صبغة‬ E-7 to E-9 Efficiency Effectiveness, good-organization elderly Old, aged ‫الكفاءة - فعال‬ ‫كهبببل )متقبببدم‬ (‫في السن‬ Electric ‫الكهرباء‬ Electrical ‫كهربي‬ Electrician ‫الكهرباء‬ Electricity ‫كهرباء‬ energy Power, force ‫الطاقة‬ Even though Although ,even if ‫حتى لو‬ exclude Reject, leave out ‫استثنى‬ Excluding Without, apart from ‫استثناء‬ fairly Quite, reasonably ‫معتدل‬ (First sergeant(1Sgt,A ‫ضابط النظام‬ flag mark (Flow(n Pour, flood ,stream ‫انسياب‬ (Flow(v Run, current ‫ينساب‬ ‫علم‬ 6
  7. 7. fly Take off, take to the air Formal Official ,proper, strict ‫رسمي‬ Friendly welcoming ‫بصداقة‬ furnish Equip, provide, provide ‫يؤسس‬ Furnished (Hail(n ‫يطير‬ ‫أسس‬ sleet ‫تمطر بردا‬ [Have /had/had [causative Hazard Danger, risk Hazardous Dangerous, risky, unsafe Hire Rent, employ However though Hurricane storm ‫خطر، مخاطرة‬ ‫مجازفة‬ ‫أجرة‬ ‫ومع ذلك‬ ‫إعصار‬ In the back of ‫خلف‬ In the front of ‫في المقدمة‬ Indefinite Uncertain, vague, unclear Indefinitely without letting up,for an indefinite period Ineligible Disqualified, not entitled Invisible Disqualified, hidden Lead/led/led guide [Lead [leader show the way, direct Leader person in charge Leadership Management, guidance ‫غير محدد‬ ‫بشببببكل غيببببر‬ ‫محدد‬ ‫غير مؤهل‬ ‫غير مرئي‬ ‫يهدي‬ Lightning ‫قائد‬ ‫قيادة‬ ‫برق‬ Likely Probable, expected ‫محتمل‬ Look after care for, watch over ‫يعتنى ب‬ (Look out(for Guard, sentry ‫يحترس‬ Main Major, chief ‫رئيسي‬ Mainly mostly ‫في الساس‬ May have 7
  8. 8. Memory Remembrance, recall ‫ذاكرة‬ motivate Stimulate, encourage ‫شجع‬ Motivated Must have annoyed name first name Might have ‫إسم‬ Neither. .nor ‫ل هذا ول ذاك‬ ‫ليببببس فقببببط‬ Not only ..but also (Now (that ‫ولكن أيضا‬ at the present, currently, immediately ‫الن‬ ‫علبببى الجبببانب‬ On the one/other hand ‫الخر‬ Ought to have permit License, authorize Personal Individual, personality Personally in my opinion Persuade Convince, ‫رخصة‬ ‫شخصي‬ ‫قائم بذاته‬ ‫أقنع‬ Physics ‫علم الفيزياء‬ point ‫نقطة‬ Point of view Opinion, viewpoint, attitude Point out Indicate, reveal, identify President Leader, head ‫رئيس‬ Primarily Principally, mainly ‫مبدأي‬ primary Major, principal, chief ‫اساسى‬ Probable Possible, likely, feasible ‫محتمل‬ program Plan, agenda ‫برنامج‬ Qualification Ability, skill ‫مؤهل‬ qualified Fit, competent ‫مؤهل‬ (Qualify(v reach ‫رأي‬ ‫يستخرج‬ ‫يؤهل‬ arrive at, accomplish 8 ‫يصل‬
  9. 9. Remind tell again, repeat Rise/rose/risen go up, increase Run/ran/run into Meet by chance ‫ذكر‬ ‫أشبببرق صبببعد‬ ‫قام‬ ‫قابل بالصدفة‬ Science ‫علم‬ Scientist ‫عالم‬ ‫فص ببل نص ببف‬ ‫ب‬ ‫ب‬ semester ‫سنة‬ Set/set/set up ‫يضع‬ Set aside Dismiss, reject severe Strict, harsh, difficult Severely Harshly, strictly ‫متهجم‬ (Share(v contribute to, split, divide ‫شارك‬ (Share(n Communicate, reveal ‫يتنحى جانبا‬ ‫جسيم، شاق‬ ‫مشاركة‬ Should have Should not have Sign language ‫لغة الشارة‬ (Sleet(n Hail, frozen rain (Sleet(v hailstones social Party, community Social science ‫مطر ثلج‬ ‫إجتماعي‬ ‫علم الجتماع‬ sociology ‫علم اجتماع‬ spoil Decay, ruin strategy tactic Strike/struck/struck Hit, run into, collide with ‫اخترق،ارتطم‬ Such as for example, for instance ‫مثل‬ Sudden Unexpected, abrupt Suddenly Rapidly, abruptly, unexpectedly ‫مفاجئ‬ Supervise take charge of ‫يشرف‬ Supervisor Manager, controller, director ‫مشرف‬ ‫تلف فسد‬ ‫في الخطط‬ 9 ‫فجأة‬
  10. 10. Take into consideration bear in mind, keep in mind (Take precaution(s ‫يأخبببببذ فبببببي‬ ‫اعتباره‬ ‫خذ حذرك‬ Take something/someone for granted therefore thunder So, then, consequently No, boom, noise, ‫إذن لذلك‬ ‫ترعد السماء‬ ‫يخبببببببببببببرك‬ ‫ب‬ To tell you the truth ‫بالحقيقة‬ Tornado Hurricane, whirlwind Unemployed without a job, out of work Unemployment being without a job, job loss unfavorable Bad, adverse, harsh ‫غير مفضل‬ Unfavorably Critically, ‫غير مناسب‬ unlikely not likely ‫مستبعد‬ Academic Educational, college academy College, private school accuse Blame, point the finger at Accustomed to familiar with, comfortable with ‫مألوف‬ acquire Obtain, gain, get, get your hands on ‫يكتسب‬ Active duty ‫إعصار‬ ‫عاطببببل عببببن‬ ‫العمل‬ ‫البطالة‬ ‫جامعة‬ ‫معهد تدريس‬ ‫يتهم‬ ‫خدمة نشطة‬ Advise Inform, notify, give an opinion agree have the same opinion, ‫موافق‬ Agreement Promise, treaty, contract ‫اتفاق‬ All of a sudden Suddenly, all at once, without warning along the length of, all along Anthropology appoint ‫ينصح‬ ‫على طول‬ ‫علم النسان‬ Select, choose, fix Appointee ‫يحدد‬ ‫المعيبببن فبببى‬ 10
  11. 11. " ‫وظيفة ما‬ Appointment Job, position As for example, for instance (Barricade(n Blockade, obstacle, ‫توظيف‬ (Benefit (n ‫مثل‬ ‫حاجز‬ ‫يفيد‬ (Benefit (v Help, promote Biology environmental science blame Responsibility, point the finger at (Blind(v Unsighted, sightless ‫يفيد‬ ‫علم الحياء‬ ‫يلوم‬ ‫أعمى‬ Both ..and Bring/brought/ back Reverse, rear, backside ‫يحضببببر الببببى‬ ‫الخلف‬ ‫ل يستطيع‬ [Can’t [logical impossibility candidate Nominee, entrant ‫مرشح‬ carry Transmit, pass on, ‫يحمل‬ Chemistry ‫علم الكيمياء‬ (Chief(j person in command ‫رئيس‬ Chiefly Primarily, principally ‫عموما‬ Childhood early days, youth coast Shore, beach, shore, seaside (Commission(n official group, assignment, mission concern be about, relate to Concerned Worried, upset, disturbed Condition Order, state, situation ‫شرط‬ Consideration Thought, respect, sympathy, kindness ‫اعتبار‬ (Control(n have power over, be in command of ‫تحكم‬ convince Persuade, assure, satisfy ‫أقنع‬ Injure, break, scratch ‫ضرر‬ ‫الطفولة‬ ‫ساحل‬ ‫مأمورية‬ ‫اهتم‬ ‫قلق مهتم بب‬ Could have [Couldn’t impossibility (Damage(n 11
  12. 12. (Damage(v Hurt, wound ‫يضر‬ Danger Hazard, threat, risk ‫خطر‬ deaf hard of hearing, unable to hear ‫أصم‬ Definite Sure, certain, convinced ‫محدد‬ Definitely Absolutely, certainly, (Design (n Project, plan ‫تصميم‬ Detail Feature, point, element ‫تفصيل‬ Disagree Oppose, differ, vary ‫غير موافق‬ Disagreement Discrepancy, difference ‫عدم اتفاق‬ dormitory ‫بالتحديد‬ ‫سكن الطلبة‬ (Drizzle(n light rain, rain slightly ‫شبورة ضباب‬ Economic Financial, monetary ‫علم القتصاد‬ Either. or ‫إما أو‬ eligible Qualified, adequate, suitable ‫مؤهل‬ employ make use of, occupy, utilize, take up ‫يوظف‬ Employee Worker, member of staff ‫الجير‬ Employer Boss, owner, manager Employment Service, employ ‫وظيفة‬ Engineering manufacturing ‫هندسة‬ establish set up, create, institute, begin evacuate Abandon, remove from, send away Evacuation mass departure, flight ‫تفريغ منطقة‬ excellent first-rate, outstanding ‫ممتاز‬ fact Truth, reality, actuality, verity ‫حقيقة‬ Favorable Good, kind, constructive ‫مفضل‬ fire Dismiss, lay off, throw out, (Flash (v pass quickly, ‫صاحب العمل‬ ‫يقيم‬ ‫يخلببببي عببببن‬ ‫منطقة‬ ‫يط ببببرد م ببببن‬ ‫ب‬ ‫ب‬ ‫الخدمة‬ ‫يومض‬ 12
  13. 13. (Flood (n Overflow, downpour fog Cloud, vapor, haze Foggy Vague, vaporous, muddled (Force (n Influence, break down, press Forecast/forecast/forecast Estimate, anticipate, foretell, guess ‫فيضان‬ ‫ضباب‬ ‫مليء بالضباب‬ ‫إجبار‬ ‫تنبأ‬ Get /got/gotten Get/got/gotten off Get/gotten ride off ‫الحصببول علببى‬ Get the point ‫النقطة‬ (Graduate(n ‫خريج‬ Book 19 Absolutely Completely Accomplish To complete, get done, finish, carry out According to consistent with, along with Account for Total, make up, comprise, explain Achieve Successfully, accomplish, realize Adjust to adapt to, accept become accustomed to All at once Suddenly, all together Along with Together, in conjunction with ‫مطلقا‬ 13 ‫ينجز‬ ‫طبقا لب -بحسب‬ ‫يحسب‬ ‫يحقق هدف‬ ‫يتعدل إلى يغير‬ ‫الكل مرة واحدة‬ ‫بمرافقة‬
  14. 14. Alongside Beside, next to, at the side of Annoy Bother, irritate Annoyed Angry, upset, riled ‫منزعج‬ Annoying Irritating ‫مزعج‬ arrange Assemble, put together, As well as in addition to assist Aid, give a hand, support, help Assistance Aid, help Assume responsibility take control At least no less than Attendance Present, audience attention Thought, concentration, awareness attract Get the attention ‫يجذب‬ bite Something to eat ‫يعض‬ Bite/bit/bitten Cut or crush with the teeth ‫قضم عض‬ capability Capacity, potential, facility ‫مقتدر‬ Communicate Link, connect ‫يتصل‬ complete Whole ,entire, done, accomplish ‫يكمل‬ Confidence Trust, assurance confident Certain, sure, in no doubt ‫واثق‬ Congratulate Pleasure, cheer ‫يهنئ‬ Consequently as a result, therefore convinced Persuaded, influenced, converted convincing Persuasive, believable, realistic ‫إقناع‬ develop Improve, upgrade, increase ‫يطور‬ Disappoint Let-down, fail, upset Disappointed Causing disappointment ‫خائب المل‬ Disappointing Unsatisfactory, unacceptable ‫مخيب للمل‬ ‫جنبا إلى جنب‬ ‫يزعج‬ ‫يرتب‬ ‫مثل‬ ‫يساعد‬ ‫مساعدة‬ ‫يتظ بببببببببببباهر‬ ‫ب‬ ‫بالمسؤولية‬ ‫ليس اقل‬ 14 ‫الحضور‬ ‫انتباه‬ ‫ثقة‬ ‫وبالتالي‬ ‫أقنع‬ ‫يخيب أمل‬
  15. 15. (Divorce(n,v Ending of marriage ‫يطلق‬ Drop off go to sleep, snooze ‫يسقط - ينام‬ Drop out of Quit drown go down, sink ,to die ‫يغرق‬ Eager Excited, willing ,desire, full of interest ‫متلهف‬ Educational Instructive, learning End up Finish, wind up ‫ينهي‬ Entire Whole, complete, total ‫كامل‬ -Ex Former ,no longer Fatal Serious, critical Female Womanly ,one of six ‫أنثى‬ few Not many, hardly any ‫قليل‬ Fuel Material used for producing power ‫وقود‬ General Universal, common, all-purpose Get/got/gotten along with To have a friendly relationship with Get/got/gotten through finish ‫ينهى‬ Grandchild/children Child of one's son or daughter ‫حفيد‬ granddaughter Daughter of one's son grandson Son of one's son Guidance Advice, support, direction guide Lead, handbook, tour guide ‫يرشد‬ Guilty innocent (Antonym), in the wrong ‫مذنب‬ Hand in Submit, give by hand helmet Protective head covering Helpful Useful, willing help Helpless unable to help, weak, powerless In a rush Hurrying, rapidly, quickly In addition Also, as well In order Neat, trim, arranged ‫هجر‬ 15 ‫تعليمي‬ ‫السابق‬ ‫مميت‬ ‫عام‬ ‫يتفق مع‬ ‫حفيدة‬ ‫إرشاد نصائح‬ ‫يسلم يعطى‬ ‫خوذة‬ ‫مساعد‬ ‫غير مساعد‬ ‫باندفاع‬ ‫بالضافة‬ ‫مرتب- مهندم‬
  16. 16. In place of Instead of, on behalf of incomplete not whole, lacking ‫بدل من‬ ‫غير كامل‬ In-law (Inquire (about To ask, see if (Insist (on Persist, be adamant, (Keep/ kept away (from Avoid Kill Murder, take life Knowledge information ‫معرفة‬ (Lack (of be short of, need, not enough ‫ضعف‬ Lazy Idle ,avoiding work ‫كسلن‬ Lenient Moderate, compassionate, not strict little not much, a small amount Lose one’ temper Become angry Make sense Logical, seem right ‫شعور‬ Male Guy, one of the six ‫ذكر‬ Method Manner, technique, process ,system ‫طريقة‬ Misplace Lose, be unable to find wrong place ‫يخطئ المكان‬ mission Duty or purpose, assignment, task ‫مهمة‬ (Neglect (to Ignore, overlook, disregard, pass over ‫يهمل‬ (Object (to be against, complain, oppose ‫يعارض‬ Obtain Get, achieve, gain, get hold of ‫يحصل‬ once one time, just the once Once in a while Sometimes order arrange Otherwise If not Pay attention to keep an eye on, be cautious about prevent Stop, avoid, put off preventable Avoidable, escapable Put/put/put aside To reserve for later use ‫يسأل‬ ‫يصر‬ ‫يتجنب‬ ‫يقتل‬ ‫متساهل‬ ‫قليل‬ ‫يفقد صوابه‬ ‫مرة واحدة‬ ‫احيلنا‬ ‫ترتيب ،أمر‬ ‫وأل‬ 16 ‫يهتم بب‬ ‫يمنع‬ ‫يمكن منعه‬ ‫يضع جانبا‬
  17. 17. Put/put/put up with Tolerate ,bear , endure Quite a(n) (adj) + noun Rather , some degree Quite a few Many ‫ليس اقل‬ (Regret (n,v Sorry ‫يندم‬ Relationship Association, connection rest Reminder Routine Regular, standard Run/ran/run across Find or meet by chance ‫قابل بالصدفة‬ come across-meet Meet by chance, encounter, run into ‫قابل بالصدفة‬ rush Hurry ,great activity ,quickly ,Send Mail, transmit, send out Self-confidence self-assurance , one's ability sensible Conscious, aware, good sense sex Gender , male or female ‫جنس‬ Skill Ability, talent, , proficiency ‫مهارة‬ Someday in the future, sometime ‫يوم ما‬ Specific Exact, definite spouse Partner, other half ,husband or wife (Start out (on To leave, begin a trip or career (Stay away (from Avoid, pass up ‫يتجنب‬ Stay up Remain a wake ‫يبقى يقظا‬ strict Severe, firm, stern ,enforcing rules ‫حازم‬ Stupid Foolish, silly ‫غبي‬ Succeed do well , successful ‫ينجح‬ Successful winning ‫ناجح‬ Sufficient Adequate, enough, ample, plenty ‫كافي‬ Take/took/taken off Leave ‫يغادر‬ Technique Manner ,doing ‫تحمل‬ ‫يفضل‬ ‫علقببببة وجببببه‬ ‫التشابه‬ ‫بقية‬ 17 ‫روتين‬ ‫بسرعة‬ ‫يرسل‬ ‫الثقة بالنفس‬ ‫محسوس‬ ‫محدد‬ ‫الزوج أو الزوجة‬ ‫يبدأ‬ ‫البراعة الفنية‬
  18. 18. telegram Message send by telegraph Tolerance Patience, tolerant Lenient, patient, trim In good condition, neat, tidy Turn in go to bed, retire Use up Finish completely, exhaust Volunteer Helper, give services without payment waste throw away, weaken. ‫برقية‬ ‫يحتمل‬ ‫تحمل متسامح‬ ‫ينسق‬ ‫ينام‬ ‫منهك‬ ‫متطوع‬ ‫يضيع يهدر‬ Book 20 A good deal of A lot of ‫كثير من‬ A great deal of plenty of, a lot of, ample of ‫كثير من‬ accelerate increase speed, go faster additional Added, extra, further alert Aware, attentive, watchful align arrange in a line ally assistant, person joined with another ‫تحالف‬ altogether Completely, on the whole, thoroughly ‫جميعا‬ antifreeze Keep liquid from freezing apart Separately, away from each other Apart form Beside ,separate from ‫منفصل عن‬ attack Hit, strike ,use force or violence ‫يهاجم يقسو‬ authorize Allow, give permission ‫يوكل سلطة‬ automatic Working by itself bag Container battle Fight =combat ‫حرب‬ become Happen, turn into ‫حدث‬ (Bet (n) (v Gamble, stake, make abet border End of the edge, boundary, frame ‫يزيد السر عه‬ ‫اضافى‬ ‫واعى‬ ‫ترصيص‬ ‫مضاد التجمد‬ ‫جانب‬ ‫اتوماتيك‬ ‫شنطة‬ 18 ‫يراهن‬ ‫حدود‬
  19. 19. call for Require = go and get Call up communicate carburetor ‫يستدعى‬ ‫يتصل‬ ‫كربراتير‬ circulate pass around, rotate clutch grip combat Battle, fight, conflict ‫قتال‬ combination Mixture, grouping ‫إتحاد‬ combine Mix, bring together ‫خليط‬ combustible Burnable being burned combustion Ignition, burning component Part, element, piece coolant Fluid used for cooling engines cost Price, amount, rate create To make, invent, produce cylinder A hollow defect Fault, flaw, imperfection ,Defective out of order, malfunctioning, defend Attack, protect ‫يدافع‬ defense Protection, cover ‫دفاع‬ define Identify, describe ‫عرف‬ Depend on To be decided by something else eliminate get rid of, do away with, remove, omit enemy Rival, opponent ,person is against another engage Connect ,conflict ,bring together Estimate Guess, calculate approximately ‫يخمن‬ exhaust wear out, weaken, tire out ‫عادم‬ external Exterior, outer ,outside ‫دورة‬ ‫دبرياش‬ ‫قابببببببببببببل‬ ‫للشتعاال‬ ‫الشتعا ل‬ ‫مكونا ت‬ ‫محلول تبريد‬ ‫تكلفه‬ ‫خلق - أنتج‬ ‫اسطوانة‬ 19 ‫عطل‬ ‫العطل‬ ‫يعتمد على‬ ‫حذف – إزالة‬ ‫عدو‬ – ‫يشبببببببتبك‬ ‫ب‬ ‫ينازع‬ ‫خارجى‬
  20. 20. Feel like Desire, want, wish filter clean ‫مرشح‬ fluid liquid ‫سائل‬ For the purpose of In order to Freedom Liberty, free will, not under control friction Resistance, roughness From time to time Some time function Purpose, meaning, job, work, operate From time to time Occasionally ,sometime (Function (n) (v Job, purpose, task gear Tooth wheel Give away To make a gift Groceries Foodstuff, items sold at grocery Have a look at Inspect, investigate, look into ‫يلقى نظره‬ hydraulic Movement by force of liquid ‫هيدروليكي‬ ignite To set fire to Ignition Starting system In order to so as to , for the purpose of ingredient Component, element interior Internal, inner, inside , part of jar Pot, container label Sticker, identification least smallest amount lever handle Liquid fluid ‫سائل‬ (List (n) (v Inventory, listing ‫قائمه‬ ‫يشعر برغبه‬ ‫مممممن اجممممل‬ ‫الغرض‬ ‫حرية‬ ‫احتكاك‬ ‫وظيفممممممه او‬ ‫عمل‬ ‫أحيانا‬ - ‫وظيف مممممممة‬ ‫م‬ ‫عمل‬ ‫ترس‬ ‫يقدم هديه‬ ‫منتجات بقاله‬ ‫يشعل‬ ‫الشتعال‬ ‫لكى من اجل‬ ‫مكونا ت‬ ‫داخلى‬ ‫برطمان‬ ‫تيكيت‬ ‫اقل‬ ‫يد رافعه‬ 20
  21. 21. Look over Inspect, examine, check, peruse Lubricate oil maintain Keep, preserve ,take care of Maintenance Upkeep, repairs, care, looking after ‫صيانه‬ malfunction Fault, breakdown, failure ‫عطل‬ manual Handbook ,work by hand ‫يدوى‬ (Mix (n) (v Combine, mix up, blend ‫يخلط‬ Mixture Combination, jumble, muddle ‫خليط‬ most The largest part , number ‫معظم‬ Mostly Chiefly, regularly, generally ‫معظم‬ Menace =threat Risk, hazard ‫تهديد‬ neutral Unbiased, not taking sides ‫محايد‬ nevertheless Also , however, even so Notify Inform, tell, advise, give notice ‫يبلغ‬ On hand Available to use, convenient ‫متاح‬ On alert Ready for danger Overhaul Repair, service ,major job ‫عمل رئيسي‬ Overheat Become Excessively hot ‫سخونه عاليه‬ Overheated Excessively hot peace end of war, concord ,end conflict pedal Handle ,operate by foot pipe Tube ,carry liquid ‫يفحص‬ ‫يزيت‬ Piston – ‫يح ممممممافظ‬ ‫م‬ ‫يبقى‬ ‫بالرغم من‬ ‫جاهز‬ ‫سلم‬ ‫دواسه‬ ‫انبوبة‬ ‫بيستم‬ Pressure Stress, load, applied force process Procedure, method, Property Belongings, possessions, anything owned Provide Supply, afford, give (Pump (n) (v Impel, push 21 ‫ضغط‬ ‫إجراءات‬ ‫ملكيه‬ ‫يمد‬
  22. 22. (Purchase(n) (v Buy, get, obtain, pay for, acquire ‫يشترى‬ Purpose Reason, principle, point,objective ‫غرض‬ Put off Postpone, delay, hold over, defer ‫يؤجل‬ quantity Amount, capacity, measure ‫الكميه‬ raw uncooked, rare, pink, underdone rebuild Reconstruct, remake, restructure, again recipe Formula, method, way, steps Regulate Adjust, make conform, control release let go, free, liberate, discharge Repair Fix, mend, restore rub Wipe, polish, massage Secure Protected, locked ‫يؤمن‬ Security Safety, refuge ‫امان‬ j) (v) )separate Not shared ,divide, split, disconnect service Repair, overhaul, examine set Collection, group, equipment is assembled Settle set up house, stay on, inhabit, take up Shift Swing, change, alteration Situation Location, site, position, condition (So (that In order that spark Flash, small part of fire ‫شراره‬ Spark- Plug Produced an electrical spark ‫بوجيه‬ Speedometer Indicate speed standard Typical, typical, ordinary ,acceptable Step on the gas Accelerate, hurry, step on it Stir Mix, blend, ‫نىء‬ ‫يعيد بناء‬ ‫وصفه‬ – ‫منظممممممممم‬ ‫معتاد‬ ‫يطلق – يحرر‬ ‫يصلح‬ ‫يحك‬ ‫منفصل‬ ‫خدمه صيانه‬ – ‫يثبممممممممممت‬ ‫مجموعه‬ – ‫نظممم انشممأ‬ ‫سكن‬ ‫يغير‬ ‫موقف‬ ‫لذلك‬ ‫عداد السرعه‬ ‫مثالية‬ ‫يزيد السرعة‬ ‫خلط‬ 22
  23. 23. Supply Provide what is needed Surface Outside, exterior, facade ‫سطح‬ System Method, procedure, practice ‫نظام‬ Take a look Examine, inspect, observe Take control of Take, take over, capture, dominate Take over Begin controlling Take asides Support a group or individual Take steps Begin to act (Tear (up Rend, destroy, rip ,pull apart Tear down Demolish, rip down, break up, destroy Thermostat Regulating temperature ‫ترموستات‬ threat Danger – warning, risk ‫يهد د‬ Threaten Warn, intimidate, pressure thus Therefore, as a result, in consequence Transmit send out, broadcast ‫يرسل رد‬ used second-hand, worn , not new ‫مستعمل‬ Useful Beneficial, advantageous ‫مفيد‬ war Conflict, combat, battle ‫ح رب‬ War and tear Damage resulting from use ‫قديم‬ (Wear out (v Exhaust, tire out, become very tired (Worn out (j Exhausted, used up, tired ‫يمد‬ ‫ياقى نظره‬ ‫يفمممممممممرض‬ ‫سيطرة‬ ‫يفحص‬ ‫يأخذ جانب‬ ‫يأخذ خطوة‬ 23 ‫يمزق‬ ‫يحطم يدمر‬ ‫تهد يد‬ ‫لذلك‬ ‫أرهق‬ ‫قديم جدا‬
  24. 24. Book 21 Abbreviation Short –brief, contraction, ellipsis abnormal Unusual ,not normal ‫غير عادى‬ absorb Soak, take in, attract ‫يمتص‬ Abundance An amount more than enough Advantage Benefit, gain, improvement ‫فائدة‬ affect Influence, involve, concern ‫يؤثر‬ (Aid (n Help , service, (Aid (v assist Airtight Too tight for air to enter or escape ‫محكم السد‬ anyway Any case at any rat = ‫على كل حال‬ Appetite Strong desire, wish especially for food Approximate More or less, near architect A designer of building artificial Not natural, false ‫إصطناعى‬ As a result Consequently, accordingly, therefore ‫نتيجة لذلك‬ As a result of because of, due to, on account of (Average (j Normal ,usual ,ordinary (Average (n (Average (v Usual, normal To figure out Be no use Be useless ‫مختصر‬ ‫وفير غزير‬ ‫مساعدة‬ ‫عاون‬ ‫شهيه‬ ‫تقريبي‬ ‫مهنمممممممممممدس‬ ‫معماري‬ ‫بسبب‬ ‫عمادى متوس مط‬ ‫م‬ ‫م‬ ‫معتاد‬ ‫قليل الستخدام‬ 24
  25. 25. Be in contact with be in touch with, communicate Bend/bent/bent Ramp, twist us force into differ shape ‫ملوى‬ beneficial Useful, valuable, favorable ‫مفيد‬ beyond further than, away from, past (Bounce (back suddenly,to spring back ,rebound Branch section, wing, part brand kind make name (Brief(j Short, concise, Call off cancel, break off, ‫إلغاء‬ Case event,problem tried in court ‫حالة‬ Category type or kind, grouping ‫صنف‬ Characteristic Feature, trait, quality chemical By chemistry ‫كيميائي‬ civil Public, social ‫مدني‬ Client Customer, shopper, user ‫عميل‬ (Command(n power-control (Command (v fiat-bid commit Do, perform, , unlawful ‫ارتكب‬ Conclude to end or finish, wind up ‫أنهى‬ conduct carry out, ‫موصل‬ Contact link up ‫اتصال‬ Contain Hold, include content What is a container contented Happy, satisfied, at ease, comfortable Contribute Donate, make a payment court Patio, crime Offense, fault, law-breaking Criminal Illegal, wrong, against the law ‫جنائي، مجرم‬ dense thick, crowded, close-together ‫كثيف‬ ‫ما وراء‬ ‫وثبة مفاجئة‬ ‫فرع‬ ‫ماركة‬ ‫اختصار‬ ‫مميز مواصفات‬ ‫أمر‬ ‫يحتوي على‬ ‫محتويات‬ ‫مرتاح البال‬ ‫يساهم،يتبرع‬ ‫ساحة، محكمة‬ 25 ‫جريمة‬
  26. 26. Density Thickness, compactness, concreteness ‫كثافة‬ Department Section, branch, subdivision ‫قسم‬ desert sandy region, wasteland, barren region Determine establish, decide, agree on Disadvantage loss-damage, difficulty, drawback (Discharge(n set free, send away (Discharge(v relieve of duty discover explore, determine, find out ‫يكتشف‬ (Drain(v to empty, remove, pump out ‫يفرغ‬ dual Double, twin ‫ثنائي‬ Effect Achieve, result caused by something Effective useful Efficient Competent, capable elastic Stretchy, flexible enforce put into effect, implement escape Flee, leak, run away, get out of place. extend stretch, expand fair fine fill Jam, fill up ‫يمل‬ flexible Bendable, without breaking ‫مرن‬ Shape, appearance, make up ‫شكل‬ ‫صحراء‬ ‫حدد‬ ‫خسارة‬ ‫تسممممريح م مممن‬ ‫م‬ ‫الخدمة‬ ‫تأثير‬ ‫فعال، مؤثر‬ ‫ناجح، كفؤ‬ ‫بلستيك‬ ‫أجبر‬ ‫يهرب‬ ‫مدد‬ ‫جميل‬ For a living form Get contact with Get in touch with Growth Increase, expansion, enlargement habit custom, practice, convention Hardly Barely, scarcely, almost not (Head (n skull ‫رأس‬ Hesitate Pause, falter, delay ‫تأنى‬ 26 ‫ينمو ، يتزايد‬ ‫عادة‬ ‫بصعوبة‬
  27. 27. In general Overall, ordinarily, on the whole In that case Then, therefore , affairs industry business, commerce, trade Inflexible Rigid, stiff, hard, firm (Influence (n Effect, impact, stimulus inform Notify, tell, update Innocent not guilty, blameless, in the clear Interpret Translate, figure out (Judge (n Moderator, critic, arbitrate Judicial Legal, official jury adjudicators just Exactly, recently, a short time ago Justice Fairness, honesty, righteousness Keep/kept/kept up with Remain informed ‫يتابع‬ Lawyer Attorney, notary, ‫محام‬ legal Lawful, official ‫قانوني‬ Maximum Greatest amount, highest ‫الحد العلى‬ Minimum Smallest amount, least, lowest amount ‫الحد الدنى‬ model Particular type, pattern Normal Natural – regular – usual ‫عادي، طبيعي‬ Nowadays these days, today, currently ‫في هذه اليام‬ Obligation Compulsion, commitment occur To happen, take place, 27 ‫عموما‬ ‫بشأن‬ ‫صناعة‬ ‫غير مرن‬ ‫تأثير، نفوذ‬ -‫أبممماغ – أخمممبر‬ ‫اطلع‬ ‫بريء –ساذج‬ - ‫شممرح –فسممر‬ ‫ترجم‬ ‫قاضى- حاكم‬ – ‫شمممممممممرعى‬ - ‫قانونى‬ - ‫هيئمممممممممممممه‬ ‫المحلفين‬ ‫مجمممرد – منمممذ‬ ‫لحظه‬ ‫حق – عدل‬ ‫نموذج – موديل‬ – ‫التزام – تعهد‬ ‫سند‬ ‫حدث – وقع‬
  28. 28. Once again Once more Again as before, once more One more time original Creative, primary peak ‫ا‬highest point of anything, top per For each, apiece Pharmacist druggist Pick up To get find, collect, give a ride to ‫اصلى‬ ‫ذروة – قمه‬ ‫لكل واحد‬ ‫صيدلى‬ Plumber ‫يلتقط‬ ‫سمكرى‬ Populate Inhabit, settle, occupy Population Inhabitants, people portion A share – section, part Prohibit Forbid, exclude, ban rapid Fast – or quick, speedy rate Value – cost - speed Re-enlist ‫يسكن يحتل‬ – ‫ج مزء– قس مم‬ ‫م‬ ‫م‬ ‫وزع‬ ‫حرم - قنع‬ ‫سريع‬ ‫معممدل – سممعر‬ ‫قيمه‬‫متطوع‬ real True, genuine Recent New , modern ,fresh Recruit Enlist, take on region Area, district, zone, territory Represent Denote, signify, stand for rescue Save, set free, let go, liberate Resist defend against, fight back Result Consequence, effect – ‫حقيقمممممممممى‬ ‫صادق‬ ‫جديد – حديث‬ ‫مجند جديد‬ ‫منطقه – حقل‬ – ‫اظهمممر بيمممن‬ ‫صور‬ ‫انقاذ – حرر‬ ‫يقاوم‬ ‫نتيجة ل‬ ,Result form/in Rigid Hard, stiff, firm, severe, strict ‫صارم - قاس‬ Scenery View, panorama, outlook, landscape ‫مشهد – منظر‬ 28
  29. 29. (Seal (n Close, fasten, stick Search look for, investigate, explore ‫يبحث‬ Shape Form, outline, profile ‫شكل‬ ‫يغلق - يقفل‬ (So...(that Soak Saturate, marinate, bathe Soak up Absorb, take up ‫يمتص‬ Spread/spread/spread Increase, extend, expand ‫منتشر‬ Squeeze Press, grip , compress, constrict ‫نقع‬ ‫شدة - ضغط‬ Stand/stood/stood for ‫وقوف‬ Stretch Extend, make bigger, draw out ‫مرن‬ Subject to expose to, cause to experience ‫موضوع‬ Substance Material, matter such Suggest ‫مادة‬ ‫ثروة‬ ‫مثل‬ Propose, advise, recommend -Take/took/took after ‫اقتراح‬ ‫يشبه‬ Urge push for, insist on Veteran experienced person, expert, old hand Waterproof water-resistant, watertight 29 ‫دافع –حث‬ - ‫عريق محنك‬ ‫لينفذ الماء‬
  30. 30. Book 22 Adequate Sufficient, ample, enough, plenty Adhere (to) Follow, stick on, hold on Aim Goal, target, purpose Ambulance Vehicle for transporting sicker Ammunition Bullets, bombs, cartridges ‫ذخيره‬ Approach come near, come close to, advance ‫يقترب‬ Arm supply with weapons, equip ‫يسلح‬ As if ‫ملئم/مناسب‬ ‫يتبع‬ ‫هدف‬ ‫سيارة إسعاف‬ ‫كما لو‬ As though At once Immediately, instantly ,now Back and forth from side to side Bare Naked, exposed, nude, not covered Barrel Tub, container Beauty Attractiveness, good looks, satisfies Blunt Dull, not pointed Board Floorboard, timber, flat piece of wood Bolt Lock, fasten, attach, metal fastener Bore Tire, turn off , to make a hole Breathe Exhale Bullet Shell, shot, cartridge, pellet Call on Visit, go to see, stay ‫يزور‬ Carpenter A Person repairs things made of wood ‫نجار‬ Cartridge Magazine, ‫فى الحال‬ ‫للمام وللخلف‬ ‫عاري/حافي‬ ‫ماسورة/برميل‬ ‫جمال‬ ‫غير حاد‬ ‫لوح خشبة‬ ‫ترباس‬ ‫ثقب‬ ‫تنفس‬ ‫مقذوف‬ ‫طلقة‬ 30
  31. 31. Case Shell , container Catch /caught up with Over take Chamber Cavity, hollow Cheek off Mark items on a list ‫يعلم‬ Choke Obstruct, grip high, stop breathing ‫يخنق‬ ‫ظرف فارغ‬ ‫يلحق ب‬ ‫تجوي ممف-غرف ممة‬ ‫م‬ ‫م‬ ‫الغاز‬ ‫اتجممماه عقمممارب‬ Clockwise ‫الساعه‬ Coarse Rough, stiff ‫خشن‬ Complex Difficult, complicated, involved ‫معقد‬ Complicated Problematical, complex ‫معقد‬ Concern Worry, relate to, be about Conscious Alert-aware, knowing Counterclockwise ‫يتعلق بم ، يقلق‬ ‫حساس/ واع‬ ‫عكس‬ Crash impact, collide, hit with force ‫صدم‬ Critical Dangerous, serious, crises of disease ‫خطير‬ Cut/cut/cut in Interrupt, break off, break up Declare Announce, speak out, say publicly Designate Appoint, elect, choose, to name ‫مختار لمنصب‬ Detect discover, find out, reveal, expose ‫كشف/ تحرى‬ Device piece of equipment, appliance Differ Change, vary, fluctuate Difference Alteration, change, variance Dig/dug/dug Tunnel, mine ‫حفر‬ Drill (n, v) make a hole, bore ‫يثقب‬ Drive/drove/driven To push, send, ‫يدق‬ Due to Because of, for the reason that ‫بسبب‬ Ease rest, comfort, smooth ‫راحة‬ Elect Nominate, select by vote 31 ‫قطع‬ ‫وضح- علق‬ ‫جهاز/ حيله‬ ‫اختلف‬ ‫اختلف‬ ‫مختار بالنتخاب‬
  32. 32. Enable Allow, permit, facilitate, to make able Entrance Place of admission a door or gate ‫مدخل‬ Entry An entrance a door , driveway ‫دخول‬ Equip Provide, furnish, prepare Essential Necessary, fundamental, important Exit go out, depart, leave ‫خروج‬ Explode blow up, burst, get angry, violently ‫انفجر‬ Extreme Excessive, great, farthest ‫زيادة عن لزم‬ Faint pass out, fall unconscious, weak ‫باهت/ ضعيف‬ Familiar Known, common, closely, acquainted Favor good turn, aid, helpful Feature Characteristic, trait, prominent part ‫سمه/ صفه‬ Fine very well, all right, not course ‫جميل، ناعم‬ Firearm Gun, weapon Firing pin A pin that strikes the cartridge Flame Fire, glow, light up, burning fuel Flammable Combustible, easy to burn ‫سريع الشتعال‬ Former Previous, past, earlier, ex- ‫سابق‬ Give a hand Assist, aid, help out ‫يساعد‬ Glue (n, v) Join, stick, paste Goggles safety glasses, protective eye covering Grip Hold, grasp, hang on Guy Gentleman, man, male person Hammer Strike, driving nails Hole Gap, cavity, empty area ‫فجوة‬ Huge vast,enormous, titanic,extremely large ‫واسع‬ 32 ‫سمح/ مكن‬ ‫جهز/ ذود/ إمداد‬ /‫اساسمممممممممممى‬ ‫جوهري‬ ‫مألوف/ معروف‬ ‫معروف،خدمة،م‬ ‫ساعدة‬ ‫سمممملح نمممماري‬ ‫خفيف‬ ‫ابره ضرب النار‬ ‫لهب‬ ‫غراء‬ ‫نظاره‬ ‫يمسك/ يقبض‬ ‫رجل‬ ‫شاكوش‬
  33. 33. Identify Recognize, discover, spot, verify Inner Internal, inside Insect Bug, pest Interest Concern, attract attention Interrupt Disrupt, break off, interject, cut short join fasten together, link up with ‫يربط‬ latter Last, end, final, second of two ‫أخيرا‬ lens An optical glass ‫يميز‬ ‫داخلي‬ ‫حشرات‬ ‫اهتمام، جذب‬ ،‫قط مع، اع مترض‬ ‫م‬ ‫م‬ ‫عطل‬ ‫عدسة‬ lessMagazine Compartment in some firearms major main, most important, chief Make sure certain, confirm, ensure, take care minor Slight, small, teenager, lesser Motion Movement, action, shift ‫حركة‬ nail Fasten, attach, fix, secure ‫مسمار‬ Nominate Appoint, elect ‫خزنة‬ ‫رئيسي‬ ‫يتأكد‬ ‫صممممغير، أقممممل‬ ‫أهمية‬ ‫يعين- يوظف‬ -Non Note Observe, remark, take in Object Complain, be against, protest On account of due to, because of, through outer external, surface, on the outside Particular Special , unusual, worthy of notice Pass out fainted, lose consciousness Patience Endurance, tolerance, persistence ‫صبور‬ sick Ill, not well, in poor health ‫مرض‬ pin Brooch, badge, fastener ‫دبوس‬ Plain simple, basic, easy to see or hear ‫بسيط‬ 33 ‫يلحظ‬ ‫أعترض على‬ ‫لن‬ ‫خارجي‬ ‫دقيق، محدد‬ ‫أغمى عليه‬
  34. 34. Pliers Gripping tool Poison Toxic, venom, pollute ‫سم‬ Poisonous Fatal, venomous, evil, having poison ‫سام‬ powder Gunpowder, face powder, dust Reckless Careless, irresponsible, inattentive risk Danger, hazard, take a chance round Surrounding, circular Run/ran/run across Meet by chance rust Corrosion, oxidation ‫صدأ‬ sand Smooth, rub down ‫ينعم‬ Sandpaper rub down (Saw (n,v Sharp edged tool used for cutting ‫منشار‬ Scissors Cutters, twin bladed cutting tool ‫مقص‬ shell Armor, skin, cartridge case Shout Yell, cry, scream, speak loudly Shovel Move sound, dirt sight View, scene, vision, eyesight ‫مشهد‬ Simple Easy, uncomplicated ‫بسيط‬ Slight Minor, small, slim snake Crawling animal with no legs ‫ثعبان‬ spot Site, mark, to locate, find, see ‫حدد‬ Stationary not moving, fixed, still ‫مستقر‬ Steal/stole/stolen Take, thieve, rob, dishonestly ‫يسرق‬ Stuff things, material, substance ‫أشياء‬ (Surprise (n,v Astonish, amazement, wonder swallow Eat, ingest, consume, sip tend To be likely, lean ‫كماشة‬ ‫بودرة، بارود‬ ‫مهمل-طائش‬ ‫مخاطرة‬ ‫دائرى حول‬ ‫قابل بالصدفة‬ ‫ورقة مسنفرة‬ 34 ‫ظ مممرف ب مممارود‬ ‫م‬ ‫م‬ ‫معدني‬ ‫ن مممادى بص ممموت‬ ‫م‬ ‫م‬ ‫عال‬ ‫جاروف‬ ‫تافه‬ ‫دهشة‬ ‫ابتلع‬ ‫مال إلى‬
  35. 35. Tendency An inclination, trend, ‫يميل إلى‬ Thorough complete, absolute, total ‫تام كامل‬ tip a point or end, trigger Lever used to discharge a firearm Troubleshoot /troubleshot To locate the mal function upper the highest part, greater ‫أعلى‬ voice Sound from people when they speak ‫صوت‬ vote Formal expression of choice Within Inside, surrounded by, contained by Workshop Place when work is done yet but, until now 35 ‫سن أو طرف‬ ‫زناد‬ ‫تحديد العطل‬ ‫صوت ناخب‬ ‫داخل، من خلل‬ ‫مشغل معمل‬ ‫حتى‬
  36. 36. Book 23 /‫دق ممممه/ ض ممممبط‬ ‫م‬ ‫م‬ Accuracy Precision, truthfulness, accurateness Accurate Precise ,correct, exact Advance To go forward, go ahead, press on ‫تقدم‬ Aim point toward, target, wish, goal, direct ‫هدف‬ Altitude The height, height above sea level Apply Put into use, utilize, operate Arrow Indicate direction, shot Artery blood vessel, vein ‫شريان‬ Artillery Farge gun ‫مدفعيه‬ Atmosphere Air surrounding the earth Atom Smallest, molecule Aware Conscious, alert, awake, attentive Awfully Dreadfully, terribly, Bandage cover bind Barely Almost not, hardly, scarcely ‫الجهد/ الكاد‬ Barometer Advice that measures ‫جهاز قياس‬ Be composed of Made up, contain Beneath Below, under, lower than By means of Using, through ‫صحيح‬ /‫دقي ممق/ ص ممحيح‬ ‫م‬ ‫م‬ ‫مضبوط‬ ‫اعل ممممي نقط ممممه‬ ‫م‬ ‫م‬ ‫ارتفاع‬ ‫طبقه/ استعمل‬ ‫سهم‬ ‫لغلف الجوي‬ ‫الذرة‬ ‫مدرك/ واع‬ ‫شنيع/ مرعب‬ ‫ضماده‬ ‫خليط من‬ ‫أسفل/ تحت‬ ‫أسلوب/ وسيله‬ By the time (that) By way of Carbon dioxide ‫بطريممممق/ عممممن‬ Via, by Gas produced ‫طريق‬ ‫كربون‬ 36
  37. 37. Carry on Continue, keep, persist Carry out Accomplish, do, complete Collapse Fall down, give way, crumple Collide Crash, run into, smash together Collision Impact, accident Compress Press to gather, squeeze, compact Conscious Aware, knowing, awake Consist (of) Made up, contain Continuous Constant, incessant, nonstop Converge To meet, come to gather, unite, join Convert Change, adapt, exchange, switch Correspond Communicate by mail, exchange letters Correspondence Letters, messages Crush Squeeze with force, ‫حطم/ عصر‬ Demonstrate Show, reveal , display, exhibit ‫كشف/ اظهر‬ Depress Push down ‫ضغط علي‬ Destination The place to ward, target ‫غاية/ وجهه‬ Direct To guide, straight Distribute Scatter, give out, hand out, disseminate During the time (that) while Effort Sweat, exertion Element Basic part, ingredient, component Elementary Basic, simple, plain Elevate Raise, lift up ,Elevator Endorse Write your name, approve Evaporate fade away, vanish, disappear Event An occurrence, happening, incident Exert put forth, make use of, Exhale To breath out ‫يستمر‬ ‫أكمل/ أتم‬ ‫سقط/ انهار‬ ‫اصطدام‬ ‫تصادم/ تعارض‬ ‫ضغط‬ ‫واع/ حساس‬ ‫مركب/ مختلف‬ ‫مستمر‬ ‫مجمع/ تقارب‬ ‫يتغير‬ ‫مراسله‬ ‫مراسله بالبريد‬ ‫مباشر‬ ‫فرق/ قسم/ وزع‬ ‫جهد/ مسعى‬ ‫عناصر‬ ‫اساسي/ ابتدائى‬ ‫رفع‬ ‫وقع شيكا‬ ‫يتبخر‬ ‫حادث/ واقعه‬ ‫أجهد بذل/ يعطى‬ ‫زفير/ تنفس‬ 37
  38. 38. / ‫احتفممظ ببقممائه‬ ‫م‬ ‫م‬ Exist To be, live, stay alive, survive, stay alive Expand Become louder, get bigger, increase Expert Skilled, specialist, professional Expose Bring into view, description, rendering Failure Lack of success, breakdown Firm Steady, solid, rigid, stiff, hard, First aid Initial emergency medical treatment First of all The most important ‫أولهم‬ Float Hover, hang, suspend in surface ‫يطفو‬ Fold To bend something, double Form appearance, model, shape, outline ‫شكل‬ Forward ahead ‫أمامي‬ Fracture A break, crack, especially of a bone Gas Fluid Give/gave/given out Distribute, hand out, emit Give/gave/given up Surrender, submit, lay down your arms Go/went/gone on with Continue ‫يستمر‬ Go/went/gone over To review, reconsider, re-examine ‫يراجع‬ Hydrogen Gas ‫هيدروجين‬ Immediate Instant, abrupt , moment ‫فورا/ حالي‬ Improve Make better ‫حسن/ عدل‬ In the meantime During this time Infantry Foot soldier ‫مشاه‬ Infect Disease in the body, contaminate ‫افسد‬ Inhale To draw air into the body Initial First, primary ‫وجد‬ ‫يتمدد‬ ‫خبير‬ ‫كشف عن‬ ‫رسوب/ فشل‬ ‫جامد/ صلب‬ ‫مساعدة أولوية‬ ‫طمى ورقمه/ ثنمى‬ ‫م‬ ‫م‬ ‫م‬ ‫ورقه‬ ‫تمزق/ كسر‬ ‫أطلق/ وزع/ نفذ‬ ‫استسمملم/ تخلممي‬ ‫عن‬ ‫يستنشق‬ ‫أولى/ ابتدائي‬ 38
  39. 39. Inspect examine, check, look over Interfere Obstruct, hold up, get in the way Intermediate Middle, midway, in-between Intersect To crass, overlap, interconnect Investigate Inquire/ look into, explore, examine Island Isle , land mass Layer A single thickness, coating Level (n, j) Even-horizontal, flat Look in on Make a brief visit to, call in, visit Lung Used in breathing Marksman/men /‫اشششششرف علششششي‬ ‫فحص‬ /‫اعترض/ تدخل‬ ‫متوسط‬ ‫قطع‬ /‫بحششششث حقششششق‬ ‫استجوب‬ ‫جزيرة‬ ‫طبقه‬ ‫مستوى‬ ‫يزور‬ ‫رئه‬ ‫رامى ماهر‬ Marksmanship Matter Substance, material Means Method, process Meanwhile Away of accomplishing,in the meantime Melt Change from solid to liquid, dissolve ‫يذوب‬ Molecule The smallest, particle, tiny part ‫لجزئ‬ Nitrogen Gas Northeast (a, j, n) Coming from the northeast Northwest (a, j, n) Coming from the Northwest Occupy Fill certain position, live in, inhabit On top of Over, above, higher than Opposite Reverse, contrary, contradictory Ought to Should, be supposed to Oxygen Gas Particle Very small piece, atom, element Phase Stage, part, segment ‫ماده/ أمر بشأن‬ ‫أسلوب/ وسيله‬ ‫أثناء/ خل