INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER                           MARCH 2012 · NUM 14INDEXOUTSTANDING EVENTS   Conference of partners and...
OUTSTANDING EVENTSConference of partners and directors of AUREN ArgentinaUnder the title “Together and on the same directi...
OUTSTANDING EVENTSAUREN Germany holds the Annual Tax Congress in Stuttgart.The annual Tax Congress of AUREN Germany took p...
OUTSTANDING EVENTS6th AUREN Germany team leader and partner meetingAUREN Germany held its yearly team leader and partner m...
AUREN INTERNATIONAL COMUNITYThe University of Alicante gives AUREN the “Trajectory 2011” AwardThe University of Alicante, ...
AUREN INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITYAUREN Chile inaugurate the southernmost AUREN’s office, AUREN PuntaArenasWe are very pleased ...
AUREN INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITYAUREN Portugal stands out in quality control field.On 19/01/2012 AUREN Portugal took part in ...
WHAT’S NEW AT AUREN OFFICESAUREN Barcelona. New Year’s reception in the German Chamber of Com-merce in Barcelona          ...
WHAT’S NEW AT AUREN OFFICESAUREN Barcelona. Incorporation of Francesc Benedé as a new partner of taxarea.Francisco Benedé ...
WHAT’S NEW AT AUREN OFFICESAUREN Buenos Aires. Argentina and Germany together for a social action.Since 6 years ago we par...
WHAT’S NEW AT AUREN OFFICESAUREN Uruguay. Incorporation of the Human Capital Department.In September 2011 the Department o...
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Auren News March 2012


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Auren News March 2012

  1. 1. INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER MARCH 2012 · NUM 14INDEXOUTSTANDING EVENTS Conference of partners and directors of AUREN Argentina. AUREN Germany holds the Annual Tax Congress in Stuttgart. 6th AUREN Germany team leader and partner meeting.AUREN INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY The University of Alicante grants the “Outstanding Achievement Award 2011” Restructuring of the AUREN Mexico’s offices. AUREN Chile inaugurate the southernmost AUREN’s office, AUREN Punta Arenas. AUREN awarded in International Awards BMP 2011. AUREN Portugal stands out in quality control field.WHAT’S NEW AT AUREN OFFICES What’s going on in... • AUREN Barcelona. New Year’s reception in the German Chamber of Commerce. • Auren Lisbon. Portugal improves contacts in the hotel industry. • Auren Barcelona. Incorporation of Francesc Benedé as a new partner of tax area. • AUREN Spain. Intranet is already operational. • AUREN Spain, development of an Advising Council. • AUREN Buenos Aires. Argentina y Germany together for a social action. • AUREN Uruguay. Incorporation of the Human Capital Department. • AUREN Spain. Auren Corporaciones Públicas • AUREN Barcelona. New Service: Protection of critical infrastructures.CORPORATE MATERIALPRESS NOTES
  2. 2. OUTSTANDING EVENTSConference of partners and directors of AUREN ArgentinaUnder the title “Together and on the same direction” the Partners and Managers Meeting ofAUREN Argentina took place in Buenos Aires last 10 and 11 of November at the Hurlingham Club, aplace many of you know and remember from your visit to our country for the International Confer-ence where we watched the polo match.The meeting started with the topic Auren International and Antea. In order to consolidate the nationalcourse with regard to the international strategy, Fernando Tezanos Pinto and also the partners DiegoCaride Fitte (Audit works), Víctor Hernández (Taxes) and Mariano Alvarado (Consulting) expoundedwhat was discussed in the Conference of Madrid in October 2011.Next, the Strategic Plan by offices was discussed. It consisted first in reaching a consensus ratifyingthe strategic plan sent by Auren International and then, for each office, in analyzing and working onthe “SyCPE (Seguimiento y Control del Plan Estratégico)” (Monitoring and control of the StrategicPlan) and on defining the “OLP (Objetivos a largo plazo)” (Long term objectives). With these two toolswe reach the conclusion they will help us with the Growth Action Plan by using all offices the samemethodology.The third topic developed was the Marketing Plan where, together with an external professional, theadvantages and non-advantages of the plan were reviewed, and basically the actions to carry out inorder to place us in the market as the leading Company of medium-sized companies.Then we continued to work on the OLP of Auren Argentina, which consisted on introducing new of-fices, consolidating the Firm, homogenizing the procedures, and to be present in strategic areas.Finally, works in Commissions that were divided in Audit, Taxes, Consulting and Corporative Financeswere carried out. Luciana Innocenti AUREN Buenos Aires
  3. 3. OUTSTANDING EVENTSAUREN Germany holds the Annual Tax Congress in Stuttgart.The annual Tax Congress of AUREN Germany took place on 26th January 2012 in Stuttgart. The TaxCongress has been arranged by the AUREN competence team Tax to inform all colleagues concernedwith Taxation about the latest and forthcoming changes as well as current issues about Taxation anddiscussion of these issues.Thomas Seibold (AUREN Gerlingen) and Michael J. Schulz(AUREN Rottenburg) introduced the speakers and ledthrough the interesting and versatile program of the day.The first topic of the congress concerned about current taxissues in the range of taxation of companies and sharehold-ers. Mr. Michael J. Schulz (AUREN Rottenburg) showed thenews in the legal profession of Taxation. The next topic wasthe important part of transfer of shares co-employer andhow to manage this issue practically. Therefore Mr. OliverHaaga (AUREN Rottenburg) and Mr. Thomas Seibold(AUREN Gerlingen) informed about the correct procedureand showed possibilities to handle this part of Legal andTaxation in practice.After the lunch hour Mr. Michael J. Schulz (AUREN Rottenburg) reported about the latest changes inrange of the practice of tax auditors. He told about the tax audit arrangement and in this connectionabout the changes in amnesty effectively of a self-report and the participation of the taxpayer in taxaudit, about non-deductible expenses as well as a binding commitment. Another important topic of the congress was about especial problems concerning the scale of charges for tax consult- ants. Therefore guest speaker Mr.Thilo Mitscheleinformed the participants about the “must have” of an invoice. He de- scribes, what an invoice has to included, e.g. the correct de- scription and period of performance. The current issues in sales tax were presented by Mrs. Marion Trieß (AUREN Rot- tenburg). She informed us particularly about specials of electronic invoices, of the system of the value added tax guideline of the EU as well as the acquisition and delivery of goods inside the EU.At the end of the day Mr. Michael Deindl (AUREN Garmisch-Pertenkirchen) told about the latestchanges of income tax for the year 2011. He informed us for example about the changes for compa-nies, for employees, for lessor and changes in capital investments.It was a very interesting day with great lectures and a lot of important information for the profes-sional practice. Nadine Stopper AUREN Sttutgart
  4. 4. OUTSTANDING EVENTS6th AUREN Germany team leader and partner meetingAUREN Germany held its yearly team leader and partner meeting on 27th January in Stuttgart.2011 was a year of consolidation for AUREN Germany. After an enormous growth in 2010 (+ 26 %)the growing rate in 2011 was less than 1 %. The total turnover is 14 Mio. € and the number of em-ployees is almost equal as in 2010 (200). With this figures AUREN Germany is ranked on position 31in Germany (previous year: 32).The most important projects in 2011 were the implementation of the IT-Consulting Services and theimprovement of the HR Services. Both projects were very successful. The new AUREN IT-ConsultingGmbH is located in Stuttgart. The HR department has a new branch in Munich. After two years experi-ence with consulting services this business field becomes more and more important.In 2011 AUREN Germany made for the first time experiences with a collaboration with a global com-pany. The insurance company Generali started a cooperation with AUREN. This year Generali will pub-lish our vademecums and information brochure with the Generali logo. This is a good possibility forAUREN to be recognized in the market as an important service firm.The main projects for 2012 are the recruiting of new members in Germany. The focus is not longeronly in Hamburg. In 2012 AUREN Germany is open for new members in all significant cities in Ger-many. The organic growth is not enough to reach the target position in the market. The increase ofmembers is essential to aim this goal.Beside these projects the implementation of the new service line International Advisory & Assuranceis a very important activity for the group in 2012.AUREN Germany also wants to support the process of an international strategic plan for AUREN Inter-national. Based on this international framework AUREN Germany will work out an national strategicplan. This is also one of the main issues for 2012.We look forward to continuing the development of AUREN Germany. The time is good to do the nextin the evolution. Nadine Stopper AUREN Sttutgart
  5. 5. AUREN INTERNATIONAL COMUNITYThe University of Alicante gives AUREN the “Trajectory 2011” AwardThe University of Alicante, through its Faculty of Economic and Business Studies, has awarded thefirm of professional services Auren with one of the “Trajectory Awards” in its announcement of 2011.These awards are recognition of the academic entity for those companies and initiatives that contrib-ute with their collaboration to the promotion of the training and employment programs developed bythe University.Auren’s office in Alicante that currently has 42 professionals carries out since 2008 a practices pro-gram for students of the University of Alicante that is developed in the audit and advice areas thecompany has.The awards ceremony will take place next Thursday, 9th of February, at Rosa Encinas18.00 p.m. in the Salón de Actos del Aulario II of the Campus de Sant rosa.encinas@mad.auren.esVicent del Raspeig. AUREN EspañaRestructuring of the AUREN Mexico’s offices.In the last conference of AUREN LATINOAMÉRICA that tookplace in the city of Cancun, it was brought it up with somemembers of the BOARD the urgent need of restructuring AURENin México.Some of the restructuring plans we had were pointed, and evensome candidates to partner were introduced to the BOARD inorder to settle on the restructuring.This restructuring consisted on the leaving of some partners andthe joining of a new Audit office in Distrito Federal; that is, Chi-huahua, Estado de México and Querétaro. Within the objectivesfor this year 2012 one is to formalize the joining of three newoffices outside Ciudad de México, being the places attemptedthe city of Guadalajara, Mérida and the first AUREN office in theUnited States of America, in EL PASO, TEXAS. Maximino Torio AUREN Cancún
  6. 6. AUREN INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITYAUREN Chile inaugurate the southernmost AUREN’s office, AUREN PuntaArenasWe are very pleased to inform the International Auren /Antea Community that Auren of Chile hasopened a new office in Punta Arenas last November 18th 2011, which is located about 3.000 kilome-ters south from Capital of Santiago. Punta Arenas is strategically located on the navigation route that connect Atlantic and Pacific ocean through Estrecho de Magal- lanes; this route separates Patagonia from Tierra del Fuego and it is a potentially site from large influence over international busi- ness. Punta Arenas city is a livestock and touristic centre; it is the entry of Torres del Paine Park. The port sector and Hydrocarbon in- dustry are the most important business ac- tivities, followed from Services, trade, mainly ovine, fishing, salmon and forest industry.From Punta Arenas set sails some cruises to Antarctic which port arrive the most cruises and Euro-pean ships of tourist travel as well as from airport take off flights to Falkland islands, Antarctic andthroughout the country, it means to capital or other cities like Puerto Montt or Concepción.Auren in Chilean Patagonia will be managed by partner Pedro Fecci Gallardo, he is accountant andAuditor from Universidad de Magallanes and teacher in tax area in the same entity.In the opening event, partners of firm shared and special activity with customers and staff of this of-fice. Mario Cayupan AUREN ChileAUREN awarded in International Awards BMP 2011Toyota Spain and Auren have been awarded international awards BMP 2011 that recognize excellencein the processes management due to the exit achieved with the introduction of Environmental Man-agement System ISO 14001 within the Official Chain of Authorized Dealers of the car company.Toyota Spain, as part of its commitment with sustainability, adopted last year the environmental ruleISO 14001 with the aim of complying with the current legislation regarding this subject and more-over, obtaining reduction of the impact risks on environment, as well as optimization of the processesthat could have an effect on natural resources.Auren was in charge of carrying out the consulting work of the project and also of the development oftools required to obtain this rating, certified by the company Bureau Veritas.Amongst all actions started in the Toyota Official Chain of Authorized Dealers, the creation of the ITapplication GEA-Toyota, that allows controlling the environmental parameters in the different busi-ness areas developed in a dealer stands out. Xavier Sala AUREN Barcelona
  7. 7. AUREN INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITYAUREN Portugal stands out in quality control field.On 19/01/2012 AUREN Portugal took part in a presentation, in Lisbon, on the subject of a System ofQuality Control of the audit firms, under International Standard on Quality Control 1 (ISQC1).This event was attended by professionals from several audit firms.The invitation to do this presentation reflects the recognition of our knowledge and experience inquality control field. In particular as regards to establish a quality control manual at the networklevel, able to comply with the ISQC1, and concerning to the implementation in progress.Our presentation pointed out to the success factors in AUREN regarding to the subject. In fact, ob-serving the achievements and all the way long to be in that actual situation, there are success factorsidentifiable in the process towards a system of quality control, trailed by AUREN in Spain and in thegeographic area Iberia, namely, ⇒ The commitment of the engagement partners in each and all offices. ⇒ A responsible with in an organic structure for quality. ⇒ The communication of benefits inside the structure. ⇒ A quality control manual assumed as an evolving manual, rather than a perfect but a “dead” one. ⇒ A quality control manual oriented to be effective use. ⇒ A centralized archive of documentation controls. Etc. etc. etc.Logic ways, some will say. Wised choices, we would say.By coincidence, this presentation took place some days after AUREN be formally accepted as Affiliatemember of Form of Firms. It is known the work to be done by all to prove we have fully implementedthe CQS.Nevertheless, what has been already achieved, might be the indicator to what is likely to be achievedby AUREN in the quality control field. Regina de Sá AUREN Portugal
  8. 8. WHAT’S NEW AT AUREN OFFICESAUREN Barcelona. New Year’s reception in the German Chamber of Com-merce in Barcelona Since last year, AUREN is a member of the German Chamber of Com- merce in Spain and participates in some of the activities it organises for its members. Last 17th of January New Year’s reception took place in the hall of the hotel Casa Fuster, located in Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona. The reception was attended by a total of 125 guests in representation of the companies and institutions associated to the Chamber.The reception began with the welcome speech of Mr Carsten Moser, President of the German Chamber of Com-merce, and Ms Christine Gläser, Consul General of Germany in Barcelona. Visi Cuestas, in representation ofAuren International/Antea, and Tiziana Ingrade, Francesc Benedé and Fred Kauer in representation of AurenBarcelona attended the reception.During the next months of February and April AUREN, together with the German Chamber of Commerce, will or-ganize two training sessions within the Series of Current Legal and Fiscal Affairs 2012 the Chamber organizes in ayearly basis with the help of its members. Cristina Adam AUREN BarcelonaAUREN Lisbon. Portugal improves contacts in the hotel industry. AUREN Portugal has become one of the many members of the ADHP, ASSOCIATION OF DIRECTORS OF HOTELS IN PORTUGAL [Associação dos Directores de Hotéis de Portugal], which has a his- tory with more than 30 years. This new AUREN partnership aims to be recognized as a service provider, improving contacts and its position, in the main Portu- guese hotel market.As cooperative partner, AUREN will be present at the general meetings of ADHP, technical sessionsand, moreover, can publish articles and advertisements in the association’s magazine. The magazineis published on a quarterly basis, with the next edition in March, and it is distributed to all profession-als in the hotel industry in Portugal, especially directors.AUREN Portugal believes it will be an effective vehicle of dissemination of services provided byAUREN, in a first step, the product LEAN / Productivity, which is in phase of implementation in Portu-gal, with the help of AUREN offices in Spain, namely Madrid and Barcelona.In conclusion, it is one more action to spread the AUREN brand, namely, in a sector often indicated asstrategic for Portugal. Marcelo Rego Martins AUREN Lisboa
  9. 9. WHAT’S NEW AT AUREN OFFICESAUREN Barcelona. Incorporation of Francesc Benedé as a new partner of taxarea.Francisco Benedé has joined the firm of professional services Auren as partner of its office in Barcelona. With adegree in Law by the University of Barcelona, Benedé also has a master’s degree in Taxation and SecretaryWork of Companies (“Máster en Tributación y Secretariado de Sociedades”) by the University Abad Oliva of Bar-celona. The new Auren’s partner has a wide trajectory in taxation and has performed part of his pro- fessional career in the Company Grant Thornton, where he held the position of partner during 12 years. He started his legal practice in Cuatrecasas Abogados. The incorporation of Francisco Benedé responds to Auren’s growth and development strategy. The company Cristina Adam has positioned itself as one of the leading companies in Spain regarding audit, consulting and advice services. AUREN BarcelonaAUREN Spain. Intranet is already operational.During the next weeks the new corporate intranet of AUREN will become operational. Now it is in the testingphase and only operative for certain functions.The new intranet will constitute a Corporate Web any person related to AUREN will have access to, and it will alsoconstitute an important source of communication between offices.Thanks to this new tool you could consult quickly the references of professional services carried out by other of-fices, also it will be possible to contact colleagues of different offices to solve technical questions.Moreover, models of documents and commercial presentations will be available to be consulted or downloaded,and also obtaining contact data and Curricula Vitarum of the team of professionals that constitutes AUREN Spainwill be possible from now onwards. Cristina AdamCongratulations to the team that has worked in order to get this project started. cristina.adam@bcn.auren.esAUREN Spain, development of an Advising Council.AUREN Spain considers constituting an Advising Council that would be a forum ofdebate and query on relevant aspects on the company’s business strategy and itsimplementation. Constituted by people that are socially relevant, we think it alsocould provide us visibility within the market and the access to certain people ororganizations of interest.We have already taken the first step with the incorporation as member of VicenteBenedito Francés, former director of the building and services entity Sacys Valle-hermoso where he held the position of Director General in different areas. He alsowas Chief of Staff of its Presidential Cabinet and Secretary of the Board of the con-struction company.Previously, Vicente Benedito was the President of BBV Brazil from September 1998to May 2001. Later he held the position of Deputy Director General of BBVA, wherehe was in charge of the management of the Insurances and Prevision area of thegroup worldwide.Moreover, he has taught in business centres and universities of reference as theInstituto de Estudios Superiores, the Fundación Universitaria San Pablo, the ICADEor the University of Alcalá de Henares, amongst others.From this relevant figure on, we are working on forming an Advising Council to make us easy the relationship ofrelevant personalities with our organization, whose contributions we consider that could be of a maximum inter-est. When appropriate, we will inform you about the development of this initiative.
  10. 10. WHAT’S NEW AT AUREN OFFICESAUREN Buenos Aires. Argentina and Germany together for a social action.Since 6 years ago we participate in all campaigns, events and meetingswith Casa Galilea, and for the year 2011 we intended to “be more pre-sent…CLOSER TO THEM”…And so the dream of organizing a FESTIVAL FOR THE KIDS emerged!!We tell you about them and about their place:Casa de Galilea is working in the shantytown La Cava since more than 15years ago. This shantytown appeared more than sixty years ago, andnowadays it takes up a surface of 22 hectares in which approximately2.500 families live. In 2001, the economic and social crisis our country went through stressed the need of starting a work for the promotion and development of the shantytown’s residents’ skills, providing them with tools and train- ing to overcome difficulties and built a project to improve the quality of their lives. In 2002 the first program, called “Centro de Atención y Desarrollo (CAD)” (Attention and Development Centre) started. This was a program for children and young people from 6 to 16 years in risk of leaving school before legal age and/or being on the streets. In 2003 the “Centro de Es- timulación Temprana (CET)” (Early Intervention Centre), that summons mothers from the moment they are still pregnant until the baby is 3 years old, started its activities.In 2005 the Association “Amigos de Casa Galilea” (Friends of Casa Galilea), a civil association with legal person-ality is created. This association is formed by neighbours of the administrative area of San Isidro committed withsupporting and making grow over time the activities of Casa de Galilea.Auren, from its office in Buenos Aires, collaborates with this association since more than 15 years ago and, andsince 6 years ago, we work together to bring them some joy from our family in significant dates like Christmas orChildren Day.In 2011 we celebrated Children Day with a Festival, a very satisfactory experience since we could share one eve-ning with all children of Casa Galilea. We invited 3 professional football players to play this sport together, asport that, apart from amusing us, shows us to share and learn as teamwork.After the match we had a snack with the kids; some of them showed us their painting skills painting in oils on thecloth (sheers) sent from the office of Auren Germany. We also thank Auren Germany for this big contribution andinitiative they provide us to extend our participation in Casa Galilea. Then the football players spoke about theirpersonal experiences with regard to this sport and the importance of transmitting the children the idea of con-tinuing their studies, integration workshops and above all, being supporting. Finally we gave the 60 boxes pre-pared by workers, clients and families of Auren for all families of Casa Galilea. Each box had toys, clothes, books,games, food and basically lots of love. The evening ended full of smiles, hugs and pictures that made us happy.These pictures served us for transmitting our colleagues this amazing experience.The situation of La Cava is one of many situations that are currently happening in Argentina, and that are gettingworse day by day. These situations can only be solved with everybody commitment, essentially with the joinedefforts of the public and private sectors.We send you some pictures taken this evening and the link of Casa Galilea for further information!!! Luciana Innocenti AUREN Buenos Aires
  11. 11. WHAT’S NEW AT AUREN OFFICESAUREN Uruguay. Incorporation of the Human Capital Department.In September 2011 the Department of Human Capital was incorporated into AUREN Uruguay. The object of suchincorporation is to develop, motivate and align the firm’s collaborators with the organizational objectives, as wellas providing consulting services on people’s management to AUREN’s clients.With regard to work with the members of AUREN Uruguay, we will focus our efforts in applying good manage-ment practices from the moment the person joins the organization (recruitment and induction), stays in this or-ganization (retention, development and motivation by means of an adequate Training Plan, Performances’ re-views and an interesting Payment System) and leaves (leaving interviews, outplacement).On other side we pointed to clearly define the Organizational Structure of the firm (Manual of Positions Descrip-tion) and to improve its effectiveness (by means of Talents Mapping and the creation of a Succession Plan).Regarding consulting works, we offer our clients the following services: Planning: - Organizational Design - Analysis and Descriptions of the work positions - Profiles evaluation - Human Resources Inventory - Identification of potential - Determination of Human Resources’ needs Joining: - Recruitment - Induction Talent development and management: - Work performance evaluation system - Career development plans - Succession plans - Talent management programs - Work performance management Training: - Identification of training needs - Training plans Clearance: - Clearance plans (fixed and variable) Evaluation and improvement: - Human Resources Audit - Organizational Atmosphere Diagnosis Working Advice: - Outsourcing of payment administration - Knowledge and application of the current working legislationWe welcome the incorporation of Human Capital into AUREN Uruguay that will allow us to continue growing anddeveloping in accordance with both the requirements of the market and our people. Agustina Sierra AUREN Uruguay
  12. 12. WHAT’S NEW AT AUREN OFFICESAUREN España. Auren Corporaciones Públicas.AUREN CORPORACIONES PÚBLICAS (AUREN PUBLIC CORPORATIONS), a new pro-ject that gets together the main references of Consulting within the Public Sectorof the firm’s offices, is created.The main objective of this new company is positioning Auren as a reference point in the development of projectsfor public corporations within national and international fields.AUREN CORPORACIONES PÚBLICAS arises from the initiative of professionals in consulting from the different of-fices and from the directors of “Konecta Consultoría”, a company with more than ten years of experience in thepublic sector. This integration joints experiences, talent, vocation and capacity to the service of public function toprovide it with tools and solutions that will allow obtaining the objectives through innovation, efficiency and effi-cacy. Isaías Pérez Domínguez and Román Gómez-Millán Quintanilla, the partners managers of this project, ex-perts in projects management for the Public Corporations, assume this exciting project, value creator and inno-vative, to become the leading consulting firm for public sector nationwide.We live in a period of turbulent times, changes, continuous evolution from what surrounds us. The pillars of oursociety are changing vertiginously; we are in a complex economic context. Due to this, this is the moment forcontinuing with the promotion of change, evolution, keeping the innovative movement, gaining knowledge, ex-periences and fortitudes that will allow obtaining the highest value from our work, contributing in this way to theimprovement of society in general, and public function in particular. As a consequence of this, we have under-taken a new path, a new and better way of doing things, integrating our experience as Konecta Consultoríawithin the public sector with the support of a firm like Auren, a referent point in the consulting world thanks to itsprofessional team.It is a pleasure for us to introduce you to AUREN CORPORACIONES PÚBLICAS, a new project, exciting, valuegenerator and innovative that will become the leading firm within the public sector consulting services nation-wide.New opportunities and challenges arise before us that, due to our experience, vocation and capacity, we will as-sume with hope and responsibility, providing our complete efforts to the improvement of the Public Administra-tion, evaluating the Public Function and its great contribution to soci-ety, and providing it with tools and solutions that will allow obtaining Román Gómez-Millánthe objectives by means of innovation, efficiency and efficacy. AUREN MadridAUREN Barcelona. Nuevo servicio: Protección de infraestructuras críticas.It was after September 11th, 2001 that the security scenario changed worldwide. A scene in which destruction orchange of certain objectives could affect life, health and welfare of both citizen and States was formed. In re-sponse to the request made by the European Council to the European Community to create an overall strategy inorder to protect critical infrastructures (hereinafter CI) it was adopted a “Communication on critical infrastructureprotection in the fight against terrorism” which put forward suggestions to improve prevention, preparedness andresponse of Europe to terrorist attacks.Later, it was created a Directive on identification and designation of European Critical Infrastructures and theassessment of the need to improve their protection (Council Directive 2008/114 EC) which became effective onthe 12th of January, 2009.Among other things, this Directive establishes the primary and ultimate responsibility for protecting ECIs falls onthe Member States and the operators of such infrastructures and it urges to the implementation of certain initia-tives and actions by the Member States for its incorporation into national laws. Concretely with regard to Spain,the National Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (CNPIC) considers there are more than 3.700 criti-cal infrastructures distributed in 12 sectors (administration, water, nourishment, energy, space, nuclear industry,chemical industry, installations for investigation, health system, tax and financial system, information and com-munication technology, and transport) and approximately the 80% of their management is carried out by theprivate sector.AUREN has created together with OPS a line of services focused on High Security, addressed to meet the require-ments both of Physical and Logical security that the private operatorsdesignated as CI must implement in their installations. José Miguel Aliaga AUREN Barcelona
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