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Lauren porter 2011 homebirth conference


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Lauren porter 2011 homebirth conference

  1. 1. Vulnerability, Support & New Research in Mother-Infant Bonding Created to Connect Lauren Porter, Centre for Attachment, Taranaki NZ Homebirth Conference, 29 October 2011
  2. 2. Supporting a relationship....
  3. 3. Early SeparationBystrova, Uvnas-Moberg, et al,2009 (Early Contact vs Separation: Effects onMother-Infant Interaction One Year Later in Birth,36:2, June 2009)
  4. 4. Sensitive Periods•Contact after birth (oxytocin)‣Skin to skin‣Swaddling‣Suckling•Maternal sensitivity•Infant self-regulation•Mutuality
  5. 5. Epigenetics & the work of Michael Meaney(Meaney et al, Nature Neuroscience 2004, Epigenetic programming by maternalbehavior, 847-854.)
  6. 6. “The single most important factor determining thequality of mother-offspring interactions is the mentaland physical health of the mother. This is equallytrue in rats, monkeys and humans.”-Dr. Michael Meaney
  7. 7. Supporting & Healing• If the mother-infant bond: ‣ has a sensitive period ‣ is essential for health ‣ has long term implications ‣ and can be impacted/ changed...• How do we support bonding and also create change when necessary?
  8. 8. Seeing, allowing, understanding, loving...being with
  9. 9. Community Whanau Mother Baby
  10. 10. video clip (‘being with’)
  11. 11. THANK