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Intro To Super Visions' monitoring


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A brief introduction for informational purposes to describe Super-Visions ( and its Added Value to monitoring in your company

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Intro To Super Visions' monitoring

  1. 1. Super-Visions
  2. 2. Super-Visions Operations monitoring value proposition
  3. 3. Our Mission
  4. 4. Our Mission Redefining IT Infrastructure & Service Monitoring approach Centralize monitoring in- & output, aggregate, correlate using your Business Intelligence to alert, show and report incident root cause, service and business impact Making IT Infrastructure & Service Monitoring into a True Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with measured Quality of Service Bring IT Governance into Enterprise Governance (ISACA)
  5. 5. The company
  6. 6. The company ➪ Monitoring integrator & services company, founded in 2007 ➪ Represented in Belgium & Sweden ➪ Specializes in true end-to-end monitoring ➪ Fills gap in IT services with understanding of business operations ➪ Comprehensive, real-time & role-based visualization and analysis ➪ Using industry standard and proprietary best-practices ➪ Tailored for requirement matching  Managed services  Project / Consultancy services ➪ Strategic alliances with & contributing to multiple monitoring and reporting software packages
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  8. 8. Thank You!