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Music is the abstract art of arranging vocal or instrumental sounds in a manner that produces a flow...

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  1. 1. Music | Music is the abstract art of arranging vocal or instrumental sounds in a manner that produces a flowing, unified, and thoughtful composition that has melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. In contrast to the other arts, music is not a readily tangible form of expression and is only validated when its sound patterns are skillfully interwoven into a format that is both evocative and appealing to the ears. Music may be called both, the most mathematical and the most abstract of the arts. Unlike words, pictorial images, or dance, however, musical tones in themselves have no concrete associations, and only gain meaning when they are combined into patterns. Through the centuries, various philosophers have attempted to integrate theories on the essence of music with their particular world views. Many non-Western cultures and some Western writers as well have perceived it as an inherently mystical force, able to unlock elemental truths or principles that cannot be translated into written or graphic form. Music is an important part of our lives, and has been an important part of every civilization known to man. It has been identified as the second category of sound a child relates to, after the voices of the parents. Throughout time, music has been an important means of displaying the ideas, experiences, and feelings of different societies and cultures. This section elucidates on music and sound as art and entertainment to help you learn all about the world of music. You'll also find information on the different kinds of music, how you can read and learn it, why it is important, and how it affects us and things around us, with or without our knowledge. A Complete List of Music Symbols With Their Meaning From articulation to rhythm, musical notes are written in symbols or easily distinguishable marks. Each of these musical notes has a pitch, duration, and intensity. Having knowledge about these marks is beneficial when it comes to... History of Ska Music Moving and progressing in waves, each era of ska has continually surprised its listeners with its transformed sounds and approach to the genre. According to ska legend Derrick Morgan, the term 'ska' is said to have come about... 10 Famous Music Festivals Around the World Wondering what the entertainment itinerary should be for this year? Check some of the famous music festivals of the world so that you can book your tickets in advance. Also, by doing so, you do not just go globetrotting, but also... Essential Equipment for a Home Recording Studio Equipping a home studio is not as hard as you may think. You will only need a handful of basic equipment to make powerful music. Can You Imagine a World Without Music?
  2. 2. Before you think about a world without music, answer these few questions. Can you stop time? At this point of time, can you imagine life in black and white? Can you think of a night sky without the stars? Would you dare wonder... Best Apps to Discover New Music Music lovers are always in the hunt for fresh, new tracks. If you are bored of listening to the same old tracks, discover new music by tuning into these apps suggested by Buzzle. Importance of Music in Movies Although subtle, film scores are an integral part of movies. From the very beginning of motion pictures, music has been used to evoke emotions and maintain the pace of the movie. Does Sad Music Make Us Feel Better? Feeling depressed? The first thing you do is tune into some peppy music. But do you actually feel better listening to such music, or does sad music help you? Let's find out. How Does Music Affect the Brain? Amidst the fanfare that the modern world is so used to, there is a gloomy corner carved out of the side effects of the same modernity. Depression, anxiety, or lack of concentration seem to be the order free mp3 song download of the day, but there is hope... What does your Choice of Music Say about You? Why do you listen to the music, you listen to? What does your choice of music say about you? Let's find out some answers to these questions, through this Buzzle write-up. Different Types of Music Edgard Varèse defined music as "organized sound". And even after organizing sounds to make music, you need to organize these musical works according to the way they are organized! These modes of organization are called... History of The Chieftains Regarded as the most famous exponents of traditional Irish music in the world, the Chieftains were formed in November 1962 by Irishman Paddy Moloney. Here's more on them... Ancient Japanese Music Though the Japanese enjoy various types of modern and contemporary music, the charm of their traditional music has not been lost. Even today, traditional musical forms of Japan are performed during various religious and social... Different Types of Music Genres There are thousands of genres in the world of music today. How did they originate? Read on to know more about some of the major musical genres in the world.
  3. 3. Does Music Affect Plant Growth? Music has a profound effect on everyone. From the soothing tones of classical music to the peppy beats of jazz, it has the ability to change our mood. But does music affect plants, too? The upcoming article divulges the answer. Band Name Ideas You need to ponder over several ideas while coming up with a name for a music band. While many may think it is a very easy task, this might not always be the case. There is a lot of thought and effort that goes into creating a... Why is Music Important? Even the most cynical of human beings will not debate the importance of music. All of us enjoy it in some form or the other, from classical renditions to hip-hop and rap. So what makes it so integral to our lives and how does it... Learn to Read Music Most people assume that to read or write music is extremely difficult. While it may seem so to a novice or beginner, after proper approach and practice it may not seem that difficult at all. If you want to learn to read music like... How to Mix Songs Together Do you want to learn how to mix songs together, just like a DJ? The following article will give some helpful tips by which you can learn more on mixing songs together. Types of Spanish Music Spain has a long and vibrant musical history, with each region boasting of its unique traditional style. Listed here, are the various types of Spanish music. Musical Modes: How to Use Different Modes in Music Musical melodies and harmonies hold the power to touch even the hardest of hearts. That's one reason why musicians all over the world are on a constant lookout for ways to better their compositions. Incorporating modes in music is... Why is Music Education Important For those wondering why music education is important for children, you need to check out the grasping power and concentration of students who are learning music with interest. Read on to know more about why music education is... About Rhythm Specific to humans, rhythm is an essential part of music that connects the song in itself as well as those who play it and also those who listen to it...
  4. 4. Calypso Music Before the spread of Calypso music around the world, it was first used as a method of communication... Most Popular 90's Music Hits The songs of the 90s have some resemblance to the 80s music, because a lot of it was derived from it. We can look back today at the greatest musical achievements of contemporary music of the 90s and actually be amazed; they sure... Music, Language and Dance - Three Means of Expressing Emotions Learn more about the way music, language and dance can convey emotions burrowing the spiritual side of nature! Music and Visual Elements Can you also "see" a musical piece or do you belong to those who don't associate images with music? The following gives you some more on this subject. Characteristics of Minimalist Music Minimalist music is derived from Minimalist Visual Arts and is associated with reduced or minimal music. Music Censorship Timeline This music censorship timeline is not a complete one, and it simply recounts some events in the United States that have shaped the censorship of the music industry. Over time, all these events have combined and brought several... How to Make Electronic Music Using a good audio software is the simplest way to compose great electronic music. This article consists of information on how to make electronic music... How to Beat Musical Boredom Are you sick of all your music? Are you unable to find any new music that excites you? Do you cringe at the thought of having to decide what to listen to next? If so, you may be in a musical funk. Read this article to find out what... Facts About Cuban Music Every country has its own distinctive music style and history. These facts about Cuban music will give you a small insight into the fascinating world of music in Cuba. Why Popular Music is Unoriginal Many of the most successful musicians are the ones that give massive audiences what they want to
  5. 5. hear. The fact is, what they want to hear is something they've already heard. True originality in music often remains underground, and... Importance of Music Education in Schools Music plays a very crucial role in the overall development of an individual. The following content will cast some light on its importance in schools, which is unfortunately, severely neglected. Texture in Music Just like you can tell a cloth by its feel and texture, music too, can be recognized by the presence of various individual musical pieces in a single combination. Varied combinations decide the texture of that musical piece. Read... Vinyl Records Value You want to find out the approximate value of the records you found in your attic, but how do you go about it? In this article, we tell you how you can find out if there is any actual value attached to the records that you own. The Johann Strauss Ensemble The Johann Strauss Ensemble is a lovely orchestra with a talented leader traveling and performing all over the world. Here's more... Famous Musicals If you're a big fan of musical films and theater, the following article enlisting famous musicals is sure to delight you. Check out the ones you may have missed and add them to your vintage collection of musicals. Traditional German Music German music is one of the most important in the history of music, since it is closely related to the development of Western Classical music. Read on to know more about the music of Germany... Top Oldies Music Here is a compiled list of some of the best oldies songs, consisting of classics from the 50s right through to the 80s. Most Popular Type of Music If you are someone who loves music, take a look at the most popular type of music, which is well- known among individuals of all ages. Feel Good Music In the mood for some feel good music? This article will help you compile a collection that's bound to lift your spirits and send them soaring.
  6. 6. Top Musicals for Kids A good musical can produce a stirring of emotions within anyone like no other. The effect can be just as good in a kid too. Oldies Music List They say music is evergreen, and when it comes to the old soundtracks they are still sung by the older generations. Take a look at some beautiful oldies music lists in the article coming up for you and relive those extraordinary... How to Promote Your Music We are living in a DIY age, and promoting music is not left behind in this respect. If you are a budding singer or musician, here are a few tips on how you can go about promoting your music. Have a look... Cool Band Names Wondering what name to give your band? Read this article that compiles a list of some cool band names... How to Learn Music Notes Fast Do you want to know how to learn music notes in the quickest way possible? Well, read ahead if you want to learn music notes for a guitar or a piano. How to Clean Vinyl Records In today's times, vinyl records have been outdated, but a few DJs use it on their consoles for mixing music. Some people treasure their old music collections on these records. Here are some ways to keep those cherished records... Types of Brazilian Music Brazil is one of the most happening places in terms of music and dance. Read on to know more about various types of Brazilian music. Facts about Polynesian Music Twinkling guitars and grass skirts aptly describe the music of Polynesia. For some important and interesting facts about Polynesian music, read on. Music of the 1860s In the 1860s, music was largely influenced by the revolutionary fervor that was catching on globally. It flourished in the form of opera and soul music, finding its way into the hearts of millions via theater. A Brief History of Opera
  7. 7. Where did opera begin? How did it spread across the globe? Go through this brief history of opera to find the answers. Indian Music Indian music is versatile where people around the world are using instruments that speak of its kind, in their own music. Learn about the different types and history of Indian music. Irish Music Music has always held a very important position for the people of Ireland. Take a look at the brief history of Irish music and the various kinds of instruments that were used for the beautiful compositions. Persian Music Persian music goes back to ancient times. This article gives a brief history about this music. History of Tango Music Tango is a popular music genre in many parts of the world. Read on to know more about how this catchy music emerge and develop... Musical Notes From Bach to Rob Zombie, Beethoven to... well, there's no one like Beethoven - this article will delve deep into the developments of the musical note. Music or 'the unspoken word' has the potential to reach deep within us. It... Traditional Japanese Music One of the distinctive features of the Japanese culture is the way in which all the cultural elements from different lands coexist in peace and harmony, which has a strong influence on the existing culture, thus producing a whole... Universal Language Of Music Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries and bonds people thousands of miles apart. This article is a dedication to that form of art that can touch the hearts and lives of people. Music in the Renaissance The free exchange of musical ideas was made possible during the Renaissance due to the spectacular advances in music composition and technology. Music Censorship Although music censorship originated with community organizations, it has gradually become the domain of state and federal agencies.