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Salmons and Ghost Cities. Challenges and solutions for the Social Enterprise - Social Now 2013


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Challenges, solutions and best practices on how to improve the success rate of Social Enterprise projects. Delivered at Social Now 2013, Lisbon

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Salmons and Ghost Cities. Challenges and solutions for the Social Enterprise - Social Now 2013

  1. Salmons and Ghost Cities Challenges and solutions for the Social Enterprise Emanuele Quintarelli Digital Transformation Leader, Ernst & Young @absolutesubzero -
  2. 5 facts about the Social Enterprise
  3. FACT 1 Companies and employees are flocking to the Social Enterprise •  83% of companies use at least one social technology (McKinsey 2013) •  Social software will be important or somewhat important to 86% of organizations in 3 years from now (MIT 2012) •  Social technologies are employed by 79% of organizations (Gartner 2013)
  4. FACT 2 It’s a new paradigm that millenials expect and demand •  By 2025 75% of workers will be millenials. 45% of them would trade salary for mobility (IBM) •  Millenials are disrupting the workplace. They are mobile, connected. transparent. They collaborate and multitask (Forrester) •  Millenials don’t like hierarchies, boundaries, privacy, command & control
  5. FACT 3 Social enterprise means introducing social software. Deploy it & they will come •  81% of the budget goes to platform implementation in organizations with 80k+ employees •  50%+ organizations have no formal or informal community management Source: Digital Workplace Report 2013
  6. FACT 4 Once you get started, employees won’t ever be able to live without it •  “Did you know that social software is having a dramatic impact on the way people work? It's true. Today, social software is fundamental to real work getting done” (IBM) •  “Hundreds of companies have been using social collaboration in largescale deployments for years and reporting sizable, measurable benefits” (Jive) •  PUT ANY OTHER VENDOR YOU LIKE HERE…….
  7. FACT 5 Your efficiency, productivity and profitability will never be the same again •  90% of executives whose companies use social tools report measurable benefits •  Social software can unlock $900 – $1300 B value in 4 sectors •  Social Enterprise saves knowledge workers 28h / week and improves their productivity 20-25% Source: McKinsey 2012-2013
  8. How many of you have seen such results?
  9. Are you still drinking the Kool-Aid?
  10. BLUE PILL or RED PILL? “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back” THE MATRIX
  11. Back to Reality •  Only 28% of knowledge workers actually use collaborative tools at least monthly •  Gen Y won’t change workplace collaboration. The most active group is Gen X not Y. •  Only 22% of social workers consider social software indispensable to get work done •  55% of social workers only uses one tool regardingless from the richness of platforms •  64% of organizations achieved relatively limited business benefits from E20 Source: Forrester Research
  12. walking into a “ It’s likeof skyscrapers, forest but they’re all empty ” The largest ghost city of the Enterprise
  13. Up to 50% of social initiatives will fail 90% Source: Beeline labs, Gartner
  14. Lack of purpose and support Attracting people Keeping people Source: Beeline labs, Gartner
  15. Where’s the problem with people? •  •  •  •  •  •  Don’t have time Collaboration is not a priority Knowledge is power What’s in it for me? How can I retain control WTH…… is a WIKI?
  16. What are orgs getting wrong? •  •  •  •  •  •  It is not really about people Departmental fiefdoms and political turfs Knowledge stocks vs knowledge flows Command & control vs Cultivate & coordinate Rewarding doesn’t include collaboration Transparency and openness are a chimera
  17. Aren’t you feeling much like a salmon?
  18. You know how this story ends.. Right?
  20. No people. No party
  21. Or do ! they?!
  23. Start from the business G O A L S Implementing Enterprise 2.0 (Ross Dawson, 2009) McKinsey 2010
  24. Co-Design is the single most critical factor to success
  25. Embed social in the flow
  26. Success is about the majority First wavers Second wavers From Diffusion of Innovations (Everett Rogers) & Crossing the Chasm (Geoffrey Moore)
  27. Communities as living organisms Potential crash Forrester, 2008
  28. Try. Fail. Evolve… and try again Organizational Evolution Pilot(s)
  29. Respect the fear Pushback on being forced to change Fear of the unknown Comfort with the status quo No sense of future benefit Roadblocks from individuals! Group habits Irrevocable change Practice & technology inseparable Roadblocks from groups! Roadblocks from the Organization! Culture Politics Inconsistency Time
  30. Stick or Carrots? The Social Enterprise is more about meaning than about money The Cardinal Rules of User Adoption – Dreamforce
  31. Source: Tom Humbarger Measure business. Not only participation More revenues Cost reduction Better products Quicker go-to-mkt Increased agility
  32. Surprise people whenever you can Measure business. Not only participation
  33. What does a community manager do? Multi-modal content creation Visible Actions On-going facilitation Moderation & reporting Communicate & let it evolve Back-channelling Promoting positive behavior Event planning and orchestration Keeping an ear to the ground Event follow-up Nurturing relationships Keeping people in the loop Evangelizing (also stakeholders) Drafting, content & discussions Programming with participants Monitoring & risolving disputes Mediating organization / members Behind the scene
  34. Find and nurture your Jedi knights! Community Manager’s Traits -  Patience -  Networking -  Communication -  Facilitation -  Good party host -  Marketing -  Self Motivation -  Workhaholic tendencies -  Organization -  Mediation -  Passion -  Be honest and trustworthy
  36. Be human and have fun!
  37. Emanuele Quintarelli Digital Transformation Leader, Ernst & Young @absolutesubzero -