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Tips To Organize Fund Raising Event


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Often fundraising events taken place at many places with a simple goal to raise funds for charity purpose. There are some specific ways to arrange such events. Let’s get into this slide to know how to arrange a successful fundraising event. Here also we have added brief info revealing the purpose of such events, its goals, budget, target audience, and how to market these events to the right audience. This presentation will surely be helpful for one to organize a successful fundraising event.

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Tips To Organize Fund Raising Event

  1. 1. Fundraising can be a great money maker ..but Loopholes also there
  2. 2. Time Consuming Expensive
  3. 3. The Success Of An Event Always depends on
  4. 4. How To Arrange A Successful Fund Raising Event …???
  5. 5. Purpose Fundraising goal Budget Leadership Steps To Follow Continued
  6. 6. Target Audience Event set- up Marketing Sales Continued
  7. 7. Practice Thank you
  8. 8. Purpose Of Event
  9. 9. Or want to reach new networks..??? Does It have any other goals..?? Raising Money or gaining publicity Is It Truly A Fund raising event ?
  10. 10. Fundraising Goal
  11. 11. Factors affecting the Fund Raising Goals Organization Staff Key Fundraisers Amount to be focused Event Host Committee
  12. 12. The Goal is To raise Money after all deductibles
  13. 13. Budget
  14. 14. Factors of Budgeting Space Rental Catering Entertainment TransportationSecurity Utilities Staff inventories
  15. 15. Keep Some Extra amount For unforeseen expenses
  16. 16. Leadership
  17. 17. The leader should be the one who host the event and make sure to reach the fundraising goal
  18. 18. Target Audience
  19. 19. Is this a general fundraising event..?? Is it an event for groups or professionals..??
  20. 20. Decide the target audience Business People Parents Young Professionals
  21. 21. Event Set -Up
  22. 22. Event Set-Up Includes Location Food Dress Entertainment
  23. 23. How To Market The Event To The Right Audience ..???
  24. 24. EventMarketing Using non-profit fund raising network Invitation Mailing Direct Interact Phone Banks Event host committee
  25. 25. Ticket selling Acceptance of Donation Decide The sales procedure
  26. 26. Flat ticket charges or extra charge for VIPs
  27. 27. Important Decide Who will sell the tickets..?? Who will handle the delivery condition..??
  28. 28. Practice The day before Practice can ensure the smooth operation of event..
  29. 29. Thank You Ceremony Saying Thank You at the end is the first Rule of Success for an Event
  30. 30. Send Thank You Notes To all Attendees Vendors Contributors Volunteers Staffs
  31. 31. Website: Amusements-316688105993/timeline/