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How To Engage Attendees In Trade Show


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This presentation attributes some ideas to make your Trade shows more exciting and successful. We have pointed out few factors responsible for an in-effective event. Let’s discuss these factors one-by-one and learn how to deal with them. We too need to be conscious enough to engage our attendees throughout the show. Follow the tips.

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  • Social media is an effective way to communicate with the attendees and make them aware of the upcoming shows.
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How To Engage Attendees In Trade Show

  1. 1. Arranging a Trade show is a collaborative effort
  2. 2. The Needs and takeaways always depend on the people delegates, exhibitors and sponsors
  3. 3. Why people are not responding To Your Trade Show ???
  4. 4. Ineffective social awareness strategy Lack of entertainment option
  5. 5. Make Your theme creative that will attract the people towards your booth
  6. 6. Ineffective Social Awareness Strategy
  7. 7. By maintaining social contacts, it will remind people about your trade show and they will stop by and see you
  8. 8. Lack of entertainment option
  9. 9. Your idea should be entertaining that will compel people towards your Booth
  10. 10. How To Make The Trade show Engaging ???
  11. 11. Present The Event Distinctively
  12. 12. Train a team for trade show who can deliver collaborative efforts in all condition.
  13. 13. Increase efforts for common goal
  14. 14. Reaching a common goal by working together will be beneficial for entire event
  15. 15. Encourage Creativity
  16. 16. Encourage your team to think creatively and think out of box, that will make the event unique for attendees
  17. 17. Teaming up with other organizations will excel your opportunity for funneling larger audience to your event
  18. 18. Focus on customer service
  19. 19. Be ready to resolve all the queries of customers
  20. 20. Add Technology for more results
  21. 21. Make sure to add technology to your event that will give access to your audience from far itself..
  22. 22. Promotional Products
  23. 23. Website: Amusements-316688105993/timeline/