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Front cover analysis


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Front cover analysis

  1. 1. Front cover analysis Masthead – clearly Colour scheme showing the audience the name of the magazine.Plugs - smaller storiesgiving informationabout the stories inside. Central image appealing to the college age people as he looks the same age and has books with him. Web address appealing to the young college students that are the Stories relating to audience. the audience of young people.
  2. 2. Contents page analysis Simply set out for college students to follow and find out where the stories that interest them are. The contents page title says “what’s inside?” not contents page like other magazines, makes it interesting and different to other magazines. Regulars are in their own section in the bottom left corner; this allows young students to see what their college magazine offers every issue. A welcome message to students making them feel a part of the college magazine and like it’s made for them. Graphic features of stories inside the magazine, making students more interested and are able to see pictures of how good their college is. Page numbers are a standard way to work out what’s where and how to find it. Information about the stories help the students to see what they want to read. Logos of companies that the college is connected with allowing the students to see who the college is involved with and what they do. Overall this contents page would really apply to the target audience of young college students and would make them want to read their college magazine.
  3. 3. Cover cover analysis This cover page has a main image of a girl who is probably a student at a college, she looks relaxed and happy in her surroundings which looks like a college appealing to the target audience as she looks like she enjoys college. The masthead is the colleges name, a simple masthead for the magazine again allowing students to identify with the college and for other people to see how good the college magazine is. Plugs all over the cover allowing students to see what is on offer in the issue and seeing what they are going to read and what’s included in their colleges magazine. The main story has a large font in two different colours making it clear to be seen and read by all students. Sort of buzz words such as “inside!” inviting students to continue with the read to the inside and see what they want to read. It leads them into the magazine. Feature in the bottom left hand corner showing a small graphic feature of what’s included on page 34 this would appeal to the audience as they can again see what’s inside the magazine and looks interesting. Overall again a good college front cover but could do with a few more stories on the front cover allowing students to see more of what’s inside.