Socialmetrix differentiators (October 2011)


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  • Regarding slide 13 ... Social Radar supports 12 languages. Point 2 is also incorrect as Social Radar supports 12 languages without the need for the user to do anything. Soclal Radar includes a dedicated accounts services team member and direct access to technical support. Technical support is available directly from within the application. One on one training is available on an unlimited basis for new or current users. Basically this deck is completely wrong.
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Socialmetrix differentiators (October 2011)

  1. 1. Social Media Analytics for serious decision making Why choose us? July 2011
  2. 2. About Social Media Analytics A powerful Social Media Analytics platform has to accomplish 3 main objectives: Provide access without complex setups or keyword selections. Has to be easily accessible and understandable for everyone in the Deliver only relevant organization. information to the brand without “noise”.@socialmetrix
  3. 3. Business perspective Why choose Socialmetrix • Latam based company • Part of British Conglomerate DMGT (DMGT.L) • Deep Latin American knowledge (including Brazil) • Extensive experience with big brands in Latin America • Specialized in analyzing information in Spanish and Portuguese • Extensive experience with Marketing and PR Agencies • Same service quality in all countries • Local customer support in AR – BR and MX* • Centralized multicultural Customer Care / Tech Support team • Standard Best Practices for Social Media Analytics (Members of the WAA) Mexico local team will be available by September 1st, 2011,@socialmetrix
  4. 4. Generic vs. Specific Monitoring Why choose Socialmetrix How to address, intra company, Generic needs vs. Specific Needs Socialmetrix Brands for Generic Needs – Ready to use (no setup needed) – Competitive Analysis by Category – Ideal information source for pitching and brainstorming Socialmetrix Echo for Specific Needs - Setup process made by Socialmetrix Team - Fully customizable - Built in sentiment analysis - Idiomatic adaptation to local “slangs” (Mexican Spanish, Argentinean Spanish, etc.) - Geographic filters by country@socialmetrix
  5. 5. Reach & Coverage Why choose Socialmetrix Socialmetrix monitors and analyze all types of online media, with an extensive expertise in Spanish and Portuguese language. Media types • Social Networks (Facebook) • Micro Blogging (Twitter) • Video Blogging (YouTube) • Blogs • Message Boards • Traditional Media Online (ie. El Universal, Clarín, El Mercurio, Folha do Sao Paulo, Estado de Sao Paulo, etc) Geographical Coverage & Language • Global coverage with strong focus in Latin American countries and the US Hispanic market • 25+ countries in 3 languages (Spanish, Portuguese and English)@socialmetrix
  6. 6. Socialmetrix Service Scope Why choose Socialmetrix Socialmetrix SaaS platform includes the following services • Setup / configuration made by Socialmetrix team • Data tracking and data consistency check, made by Socialmetrix team • Automated / real-time reporting • Customizable alerts • Tech / customer support (in Spanish, Portuguese and/or English) • API Access Socialmetrix solutions that can be included upon request * • Data analysis & insights • Custom reporting (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc) • Conversational services • Influencers identification and engagement@socialmetrix
  7. 7. Forrester Report on Socialmetrix (December 2010) MARKET LANDSCAPE@socialmetrix
  8. 8. Market Landscape Source: “The 2011 Listening Platform Landscape”. Forrester Research 2010 / Zach Hofer-Shall@socialmetrix
  9. 9. Market Landscape Socialmetrix Competitors Lack (Forrester Research 2010) • Base of LATAM Customers • Some Language Capabilities • Geographic Presence. • Simple User Interface. Source: “The 2011 Listening Platform Landscape”. Forrester Research 2010 / Zach Hofer-Shall@socialmetrix
  10. 10. Market Landscape Socialmetrix Main Strenghts (Forrester Research) Product • Ontology over keyword approach matches the most mature global players • Easy to integrate simple features on top of Socialmetrix stack • Overall user interface is impressive • Simplistic front end matches leaders’ recent developments Language • Socialmetrix has experience processing Spanish and Portuguese data that competitors fully lack Source: “The 2011 Listening Platform Landscape”. Forrester Research 2010 / Zach Hofer-Shall@socialmetrix
  11. 11. Market Landscape Socialmetrix Main Strenghts (Forrester Research) Technology • Strong crawling strategy • Database structure will work for the long term • Scales well to enterprise functionality • Socialmetrix has a strong core for future development • Socialmetrix has above average processing technology • Many competitors face the opposite problem: strong keyword systems with full functionality, but can’t fully analyze data Source: “The 2011 Listening Platform Landscape”. Forrester Research 2010 / Zach Hofer-Shall@socialmetrix
  12. 12. Competitive Analysis     @socialmetrix
  13. 13. Competitive Analysis     @socialmetrix
  14. 14. Competitive Analysis   @socialmetrix
  15. 15. Customers, Quotes, Media Coverage & Awards CREDENTIALS@socialmetrix
  16. 16. Socialmetrix customers@socialmetrix
  17. 17. Customer quotes “Socialmetrix Echo has allowed us to analyze the results of our actions and releases, understand the reactions of our users and improve our messages to communicate with them in the most appropriate way”. Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at ESET Software "Socialmetrix allowed us to approach and know more information about our customers and therefore, about the “customers of our customers”, optimizing the results. It is a tool easy to use and very complete”. Alejandro DiPaola, CEO at DiPaola "Socialmetrix Echo has allowed us to understand the differences that are reflected in the dynamics of conversation between different categories and topics, events and brands actions that impact to generate conversation, which helped us as an input for our customers planning strategies". Maria Florencia Pini, Research & Analytics Manager at Starcom MediaVest Group@socialmetrix
  18. 18. Media coverage The Huffington Post nuez/why-smx-echo-is-the- leadi_b_493505.html@socialmetrix
  19. 19. Awards Special mention: As one of six most innovative companies in Iberoamerica. Socialmetrix won the BAEmprende innovation program, organized by the Government of Buenos Aires City. In 2010 Socialmetrix was selected as Endeavor Company and It’s Founders as Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Endeavor awarded Socialmetrix founders as Emerging Endeavor Entrepreneurs of the Year based on the potential global impact of this Company.@socialmetrix
  20. 20. Thank you! Andrés Bruzzoni