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  • “Seat at the table”1. - Discuss goals with mark and the deanChoose most appropriate platformsFacebook page vs. group vs. profileMeet with faculty members in each program2. Educate the faculty on my duties, how I could help them, and the cooperation I would need from them discuss the risk of an open social media platform with them, and how I was going to combat that via constant monitoringHas to be an extent of hand holding especially in unfamiliar territory, not all people you work with will be receptive to new technology, use those who are enthusiastic to leverage your work3.Do what I said I was going to do – especially monitoring content and reducing riskI was first to do this within SCA so if there were problems the faculty would’ve been jaded in adopting any further social media4.- Constantly looking at metrics and seeing which strategies worked best
  • Responsive – Social media is about conversations, not pushing out information, and that’s the only way a campus-focused platform can be successful, otherwise it might as well be a newsletterRelevant - people want to see things they know and can relate to for example..Real- using photos of students and links/tags to other Marist pages be it student pages or fashionology etc.Relationships- people wont come back to your site unless they feel like they are getting something out of it. I used the site to showcase students and faculty, brag about what the programs were doing, and provide a hub for information and news for alumni and current and prospective students.
  • PRODUCING not just PROMOTINGPhotos before and during sale along with detailsStudent designers tagged in photos, alos posted on their wall with link to fashionology and SCA site
  • Creating conversations and participation from other SCA students, other SCA programs (fashionology) and Marist community leaders (timmianmassie)
  • Twitter had become a great tool to start conversations with influential members of the communities you are looking to enter.I have commented on articles posted by CEOs of PR agencies and have gotten retweets, direct messages, and tweets from them thanking for my input etc. keeping in touch with connections you would like to network with, Marist Alum I have met, even a job offer through DM after twitter fodder about blogs etcAlso twitter is a great place to create your own charismatic personal brand…
  • Here is mine…For my senior capping project I have created a blog entitled KarmaWaffle which documents my experience with Rainnwilson’s NY Times Best-Seller Soulpancake. This book asks us to chew on life big questions I am using it to show off my ‘voice’ through my writing and my promotional skills on twitter Each post uses #karmawafflehashtag, and @soulpancake tag- interest from SP twitter as well co-author and SP team on my blog itself
  • Marist College Tweet Up Presentation

    1. 1. Marist SCA Internship<br />Research<br />Education/ Persuasion<br />Execution<br />Evaluation<br />
    2. 2. Marist SCA Internship<br />Gathering and sharing info<br />Showcasing student and faculty work<br />Providing a platform to broadcast events<br />Emergency notification<br />Connecting people<br />Producing, not just promoting<br />Creating a dialogue and communicating with students<br />
    3. 3. Marist SCA Internship<br /><ul><li>Be RESPONSIVE
    4. 4. Be RELEVANT
    5. 5. Be REAL</li></ul>To Build RELATIONSHIPS<br />
    6. 6. Marist SCA Internship: Connecting Content<br />
    7. 7. FASHIONOLOGY OPENING<br />Marist SCA Internship: Connecting Content<br />
    8. 8. Marist SCA Internship<br />
    9. 9.
    10. 10. True Life: I’m Addictedto Twitter<br />FOLLOW ME @ARBro<br />
    11. 11.<br />