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P uni


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Published in: Education
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P uni

  1. 1. Recently we had a talk from some people that came down from Plymouth University. They talked to us about university, some of the courses that we could do and the facilities that they have on offer. This talk was help full because they went in to detail about some of things that we can use, they also told us a lot about some of the course and what they entail. This for me was particularly useful because I have no clue what I want to do and no idea where I want to go, so having them break things down for me and I now know what options are open for me and the different course available. In this talk that they did for us, they only talked about the pros. This is because they wanted to sell it to us, to try and get us to go there. The pros about going to uni are things like freedom, making new friends, meeting new people, different experiences. There are other good things that can come from uni, for example you can go on to get a good job, it can lead to bigger things, you could make more money and it would make you more employable. During this presentation, although they never told us about the cons, I can think of a few. When I think of uni, I think of things like saying goodbye to my family, moving away from them, living on my own or living with other people, the costs of fees and houses. Also I think of other things like having to pay my own bills, having to pay rent, having to pay for food and other things. My own worry about going to uni is money problems and not seeing your own family. To solve these problems I could go to a uni a bit closer to home, like bath or Bristol. To also solve money problems I could get student loans and I could get part time jobs in-between my work. They would be ones with really good pay. I don’t really have many cons about going to uni but they can be solved. I don’t think that I would want to go to uni. This is because I generally don’t thing that it would be my thing and I don’t think that I would get high enough grades to get in to it. There are other things that I can do if I don’t want to go to uni. They are, go on a gap year (traveling), get a full time job, go on an apprenticeship, become an assistant or set up my own business and become a free lance photographer. I would like to do any of these things. This is an art college so it means that they are not interested in the grades that you have already got, they are interested in the portfolio that you produce. This is because they are in to the creative aspects of things.