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Ms2 research and planning


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this is my research and the planning of my magazine

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Ms2 research and planning

  1. 1. MS2 Research and planning By Allana Brereton
  2. 2. Analysis -Teen Vogue Institution The institution of the magazine teen vogue is the company that owns it, and they are called Condé Nast Publications. They are a big company and have done many other things be sides magazines. Some of the key people from this big company are : Louis Cona, Jill Bright, Joe Simon and Thomas J. Wallace. Some of things they have done are fashion and life style, home, bridal , golf, food and travel. Here are some examples of magazines that they have done: lucky, glamor, allure and self. Most of these are for adults as they mostly are targeted towards adults.
  3. 3. Visual codesThe visual codes are things that you notice about the text. The actor Nina Dobrev whois shown on the front of this issue of vogue is wearing a pink dress which has shortnetted sleeves. The colour pink usually represents love, the magazine could besuggesting that all of her fans look up to her, also because pink appeals more towomen and It fits in with the colour scheme of the magazine. Nina is wearing anecklace and she has her hair down which could suggest that she like to have fun, thiswould be setting an example to her fans. The colours of the magazine are pink,purple, white and cream, this would appeal to her female fans. The shot of her is amid close up as you can just see a bit below her shoulders. The iconography of thismagazine would be fashion, dresses and TV The white background of this magazinemakes the text and Nina Dobrev stand out. The text on the cover of this magazine isbig/bold and it stands outCopyThe copy of teen vogue is the people who write the articles that are inside themagazine. I think that in teen vogue all of the articles are written by the sameperson. Some times some of the articles or short pages are interpreted by thewriters and some of it is true. i think that the publisher writes the articles for teenvogue, in that case the publisher is called Gina sanders. It would not only be herworking and deciding what goes in as they all have a say on what they think.
  4. 4. Technical codes/layoutThe layout of this magazine is neat as all of the text is around the outside and some of the text is in a straight line. In the centre of the pagethere is a big picture of the Canadian actress Nina Dobrev. The bar codeis in the bottom left corner. Not all of the text is straight most of it isslanted for style. On the cover there also is a big circle which has text init, in the circle it says “ your hottest hair and make up”. From this we cantell that the magazine was suited towards girls.Narrative codesThis magazine creates fashion stories and shows us picturesof different celebrities. It also shows us how to get theirlook. I think that this magazine because it is a magazinesuited towards teenagers could be different as it does notportray celebrities in the same way a UK magazine does, asthis magazine is from the US. Also the editors can make upstories about how celebrities can have fashion mis haps orhow they can be stylish.
  5. 5. AudienceThe target audience for this magazine is teenagers, I think that they would beaged between 13 – 19. the type of girls that would be interested in thismagazine are ones that like to watch their favourite stars on TV, who find theminspirational and ones who want to be like them. In my opinion they should beaged between 13 -19 because any girl that is below the aged 13 I think wouldnot be interested in fashion and wearing make up. As the colour scheme ispink, purple, white and cream I would say that the girls would have to bemature, they would have to be interested in fashion.Also I think that they have to like gossip as some of these magazines wouldcontain articles about celebrities and their fashion. The girls that would like thismagazine also would watch chic flicks.
  6. 6. Analysis – look magazine Institution The institution of look magazine is IPC media. IPC media is one of the well known magazine companies in the UK. IPC stands for international publishing corporation. It is a consumer magazine and digital publisher, it has a large portfolio selling over 350 million copies each year. They are famous for selling consumer magazines, this means that people would take in the information that they give the public. They were founded in 1958 in London The parent company is time inc.
  7. 7. Visual codesThe visual codes include things like colour, the shot, iconography and what theactor/actress is wearing. The colours on this page are white, red, pink and black.This tells us that it Is targeted towards women. Jennifer Aniston who is on the frontis wearing and black dress with a necklace this shows that she like to keep her selfneat and tidy. The way she is posed makes her look happy as she also has a smileon her face, we can only a bit below her shoulders. This shot would be called a midshot. The iconography of this magazine would be fashion, shoes, celebrities andTV. The text on this magazine stands out and so does all of the pictures as the background is black. This makes people more interested as they would be attracted toit because it does not look boring.CopyThe copy of look magazine are the people who write the articles. For lookmagazine I would say that the people who write the articles are the people whodecides what goes in to the magazines, so as well as deciding what articles to go inthey also decide what adverts and pictures they should use, as well. This wouldnot just be a one man job but there should be a team of people that should be onhand. Every one in that group has a say on what goes in the magazine and whatlooks good, and what does not. The main people that is responsible for this areJulie Lavington and Tammi Illey.
  8. 8. Technical codes/layoutThe lay out of this magazine is neat as the text is all in straight lines goingaround the out side. There are 5 pictures on the front cover, 4 small oneswhich go around the out side and one big one of Jennifer Aniston which is inthe centre of the page. There is a strip that goes along the top of the pageand it says “ glossy fashion weekly”. The bar code like most magazines shouldbe on the front but instead it is on the back. The text is big and bold toattract the audience also it stands out.Narrative codesThe narrative codes for this magazine are how the writers write storiesabout different celebrities. They write about the drama that has goneon in the celebrities lives, how to get their look and some times theymight make a judgement on a celebrities look. the stories in thismagazine are different as they dont have any thing to do with fashion.In my opinion, I think that this is because some people might not like tolook at the fashion but others might. So it is just because they have toplease the public. Also they would say things about what celebritieswear at different events, like a film premier or a red carpet event. 22/03/13
  9. 9. AudienceThe audience for this magazine I would say is teenager, young adults andadults , I think that teenagers and young adults would read this becausethey might be interested in the gossip as well as fashion. The type ofteenagers and young adults that read this, I would say are aged between14-25. I would say that they like to gossip and talk with their friends, alsothey are the type that would go out a lot. I think that adults would like toread this especially the older ones because they could get board if they areliving alone. I think that the type of people that would be in to this are oneswho like to read, who watch serial dramas and ones who like to watch soapoperas. It would say that they age is between 49-61. Any body that is olderthan 61 I would say would not be interested as they might not be in tofashion and they might not be into gossip. The over all age range for thismagazine in my opinion would be aged 14 -61. 22/03/13
  10. 10. Analysis – glamour magazine Institution The institution of this magazine Conde Nast Publications. They are famous in the US for creating fashion magazines for adults and teenagers. They have got local editors in several different countries, like the united kingdom, the united states, France, Sweden and Italy. They have different editors for the different companies. Some magazines that they sell are teen vogue, details,GQ and W. It was founded in 1909. 22/03/13
  11. 11. Visual codesThe colours are pink, purple, white, black and yellow. All of these colours on thefront show that it is suited towards women. On the front is a picture of kylieMinogue and she is wearing a pink strapless dress, her hair is neatly and she has thenatural looks as she has a little make up on. From the shot of kylie we can just seebelow her shoulders and up, this makes her look like a powerful and a loved women,the shot is a mid close up. This is so we as an audience can get a high profiled shot ofher.The Iconography of this cover is fashion and the things that kylie has been In. thecolours on this issue would attract more of an audience as the colours are bright.CopyThe copy for glamour magazine are the people who decide what to put in themagazine. Some times its either just one person or a group of people, as well asthe decision they also have to write the articles. I would say that the people thatwrites all the articles for glamour magazine are the publishers as they have tofinalise the information. 22/03/13
  12. 12. Technical codes/layoutThe lay out is neat. It has got one big picture in the centre and all of thetext is neatly around it. At the top in a straight line is the title that iswritten in capitals, all of the other text is smaller than the title. The barcode is in the bottom left corner and at the top in the right corner it hasgot an offer in a yellow circle. Most of the key words are eitherhighlighted or written in bold, this is what we notice we when look at thefront cover.Narrative codesThe narrative codes of this are how the writers write stories based on what the actoror actress has said or done. This is because it would draw a bigger crowed in fromthe celebrities fan base. they sometimes have real life stories. They have differentpages on how to get a certain look or how to have style. Also they some times putkind of personal things in the magazine which would inform the readers when theyread it. Some of the real life stories people might find interesting and it could makeother people read the magazine, as it would inform people of what can happen. 22/03/13
  13. 13. AudienceThe audience for this magazine is teenagers and young adults, based on what themagazine is about I would say that the age should be between 16 -30. I would saythat it should be between this age as any one older that 30 might not be interestedin fashion and they might not be interested in gossip. I think that the type ofteenagers that would be in to this magazine are ones who like to keep up with thelatest fashion , ones who like to gossip, ones who like to be with their friends andones who use their phone a lot. The types of adults I think that would beinterested in this are the ones who like to read, ones who like dramas and oneswho like to talk to people. Obviously all of the audience would be girls. I think thatthe younger ones, aged 16 would be a bit more mature their age, as some peoplemight think that they would not be interested. Also in my opinion the teenagers,(aged 16) would have to be in to all of the feminine things. 22/03/13
  14. 14. Industry research The production companies for teen vogue is Condé Nast publications, this is the same for glamour magazine, as they both are US magazines. The production company for look magazine is IPC media. The editor in chief for teen vogue is Amy Astley. The UK editor for glamour magazine is Jo elvin, this magazine has many other editors as it is published in several other countries. The editor for look magazine is Ali hall and the publisher is Tammie lley. all of these magazines usually have different stars on the front cover, these depend on what they have done or if they have had a good outfit on. Also it depends on the county and where the stare is from, for example teen vogue is American, on the front was Nina Dobrev and she is Canadian American 22/03/13
  15. 15. Publications Teen vogue Total circulation: Look magazine 1,029,336 Frequency: weekly Frequency : monthly Country: united kingdom Country: united states Language: English Language : English First issue: February 2007 First issue: February/march 2003 Glamour magazine Total circulation: 2,304,146 Frequency: monthly Country: united states Language: English First issue: April 2001 Year founded: 1939 22/03/13
  16. 16. Reviews This review is taken from Pros: Current fashions, articles geared toward teens. Cons: Lots of ads, too many designer ads with unaffordable clothing for teens. The Bottom Line: If you are into keeping up with teen fashions, this magazine covers it and then some! Overall, I like this magazine and the concept of it. It has some nice articles that make the magazine more balanced and not just a magazine to thumb through and look at the pictures of new fashions. There are a few things that I do not like about the magazine. The first is some of the ads are very unrealistic for teens. Ive seen numerous designer ads for things that a teenager would not buy because they couldnt afford it. Some of the items are not even teen related. I can only assume the advertisers are trying to hack into the teens parents by placing these ads. I know that I always looked through teen magazines before they were given to my girls for reading to see what the content was. In a recent issue, there was a handbag (that I really dont think a teen would use) featured in an ad. I looked the designer up on the internet to find that this handbag retailed for $345.00. This is not marketing towards most teens. There are very few that could afford a handbag like that or have a parent that would buy it for them. the same can be said for a teen buying a Ralph Lauren dress. 22/03/13
  17. 17. This review is taken from MagazineDate: 19/09/11Rating: 4 starsAdvantages: Great readDisadvantages: a little too invasive in celebrities livesI read the stories in there too but sometimes find myself saying I dont really careor why should people need to know this which is a little annoying but still doesntstop me reading the articles. The only part that I normally skip over is the partabout the celebrities love lives as, to be honest, I really dont care what they are orare not doing with their love lives. It is their business and nobody elses in myopinion so I do not normally read that page. I also find that if I do read this page, Ido not know the names of most of the celebrities that are named there anyway. Irecommend this magazine to any young women who love to read about fashionand who want to know what is going to be the new clothing trends. It is a greatread and gives you some clothing ideas sometimes too!Summary: great fashion magazine that is worth the money 22/03/13
  18. 18. This came from great articles and tipsCons: way to many adsThe Bottom Line: Over all this magazines still carries lots of good article and helpful tips,despite the increase of ads over the yearsI have been reading Glamour on and off for years. One of the best things I like about thismagazine is the informative and educational articles that I have come across throughoutthe year. One of the draw backs that I have found is that I have to weed my way thoughtthe advertisements to find those interesting articles. Over the years I have found several very informative and entertain, as well as useful tipsand articles that get the mind thinking. Ever have that pimple that you wish would justdisappear. In last months issue I found a tip that would make blemishes almost disappear.Tips on better ways to take care of your skin, things that you didn’t know about ourhealth, as well as celebrity interviews, are just a few things that are found that I enjoyabout this magazine. It seems these days a lot of magazines have more and more ads and fewer articles. This isone of the things I seem to notice about this one that over the years I have found itdifficult to find an article that I am looking for because it is buried in all the magazines ads.Ok lets face it the only ad that really caught my attention in this magazine was a fewmonths ago was an ad for Ford, which stood out in this type of magazine, other wise I endup skimming over them trying to find the article I am looking for, or ignore it because Icould swore that I saw that same ad a few pages back. 22/03/13
  19. 19. AudiencesI would say that the target audience for my magazine is teenage girls andyoung adults, aged 15 – 20. I think that they would be interested as they couldlike fashion and gossip. The people that would be interested should like thefeminine things, so the soft colours, fashion, the romantic films and chic flicks,gossip and they should read magazines, so the target audience for mymagazine would be the typical teenage girls. I would say that any one olderthan 20 might like just to read the articles and to read about the fashion, Iwould also say that people aged below 15 could be interested in this magazineas they might like to keep up to date on what there favourite star has beendoing, also they might be in to the fashion, make up and the gossip as all girlslike to gossip about different things. As my target audience is for teenagersand young adults I would say that the colours I would use would be suitedtowards them and so the content would be suited towards them as well, thisis because if the colours arent feminine then they might not like it as it doesnot appeal to them, also if the content of the magazine was not feminine thenthey might not buy it resulting in the loss of sales. Also I think they would beattracted as they would have their favourite star on the front, I think that thisconnotes that they find their favourite star strong and inspiring.
  20. 20. Questionnaire results I learnt that from my survey most people are interested in magazines and they read them monthly. I also found out that most people are attracted to a magazine because of the content and what is on the front e.g. bright colours and who the celebrity is on the front cover. I also found out that most of the people who answered my survey are in to fashion magazines. My results have influenced me to change the colours on my magazine as they were kind of light, also I would make the text bigger and brighter, to attract more of an audience.
  21. 21. Target audience profileFemale, aged between 15 – 20.They should be in years 11 and up as any one young might not want to readthis magazine.Occupation, is a student.The nationality would be British as my magazine would be based in the UK.Hobbies and interests would be hanging out with friends and readingmagazines, I think that they also should have a wide range of media.Interested in reading fashion magazines and reading gossip. Also theywould read magazines monthly and they should like general magazines, likeok and look. They would be the kind of people that like to gossip and theylike to be with their friends, also they would be the type of people that areout going and generally loud and some times quiet. So they are your typicalteenagers. I think that they would like this magazine as it would attractthem because of the bright colours, the bold text, content and the celebrityon the front.
  22. 22. TheorysI think that the two step flow theory would fit in to my magazine as Iwould be giving them information about fashion, hair and gossip. Ifthe target audience then reads this magazine they could show theirfriends the clothes or they could tell them the gossip about acelebrity. This would be the two step flow theory because acelebrity has been in the news and the people who read it tell theirfriends about it, they could also tell a family member.
  23. 23. Planning my text I want my magazine to be a fashion magazine, some possible titles and logos for my magazine are:BEAUTIFUL YOUThis title would make women stunningfeel good about them selfs butit sounds like its for olderpeople as the tile soundsboring. This magazine title could be suited towards a teen audience as it uses words that they use, also it is short and does not sound boring.Gloss This magazine title sounds like it is suited towards a teen audience, also for young adults. It sounds up beat and happy also short and snappy.
  24. 24. The narrative/stories, target audience and starsThe stories I would put in my magazine are how to get the look, how tohave the perfect hair, stories about celebrities and what they have beenwearing, advert pages on where to get the best make up and clothes,interview with a star and what is in this season. I would put these in mymagazine because I think that the target audience would like to keep upwith the latest fashion and they would want to know about the gossip.The target audience for my magazine is teens and young adults, I thinkthey would like my magazine because they would be the type of peoplethat fashion and gossip appeals to.Also in my magazine we would interview a range of different celebrities,we would decide what celebrities to put in depending on who has beenpopular each month.
  25. 25. Articles and contents draftThe font that im going to do for this is calibri, but in different sizes.Themagazine would be packed with this to keep the audience happy, theywill be things like interviews, pictures of their favourite celebrities andfashion secrets. Due to this the contents page would look somethinglike this: Contents The articles I would include1.Contents 11. Advert are ones about celebrities2.Best makeup 12. Events-breaking and things that they have3.Interview dawn red carpet done. Also I would include4.Advert 13. Up coming events things about how to get the5.Celebrity stories 14. Puzzles look, the best makeup and6.Advert 15. High street bargains outfits.7. Best clothes 16. Advert8.Interview 17. Competition9.Pictures 18. Answers10. Get the look 19. Advert
  26. 26. Magazine layoutsAs you can see all of these magazine layouts that I wouldLike similar to each other as these are what most fashionMagazine look like, they may look the same on the out sideBut the content would be different. All of these are simple as theyAre basic plans that I made for my magazine front cover.