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Media work 1


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this is also part of my research and planning

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Media work 1

  1. 1. My pitch By Allana Brereton By Allana Brereton
  2. 2. Production detailsThis magazine contains all the things that you, our target audience would like. Allof the content is targeted towards teenage girls preferably aged 15- 19. Someexamples of the things that it contains are : make up, interviews, celebritystories, clothes and much more.The narrative of this brand new magazine are the articles involved, we have someinteresting and high profile coverage on the stories. We have included articlesabout events that have just happened, e.g. the breaking dawn red carpet eventand articles about different celebritys fashion mistakes and fashion victories. Alsoincluded in the magazine are interviews with different celebrities, the will talkabout the good things that are going on in their lives and they would answer yourquestions.
  3. 3. Information- pre productionThe size of the text is depending on what the text is used for. Forexample if it was a title then it would be bigger than the text. Thecolours that im going to use in my magazine are black, light purple, lightpink and possibly light blue. I would have the text black and the titleand the sub headings would be different colours, the backgroundwould be white to make sure that the text and the pictures stand out.The pictures involved would be young people round about the targetage, I have chosen these people so they can appeal to the audiencemore. They will be wearing dresses that would be shown in themagazine and they would also have some of the make up featured inthe magazine.
  4. 4. Examples of titles and textSome examples of the title and the text I would use : Gloss Agency FB gloss Charlemagne Std GLOSS GLOSS Gloss Harrington Brush Script MT Trebuchet MS (Body)
  5. 5. Examples of other magazine covers All of these magazine covers I have looked at are similar to my magazine. I have chosen these magazines to look at as they are fashion magazines and they would be targeted towards the same audience as my magazine. I think that my magazine would be different from these 3 magazines.
  6. 6. In my magazine ● On the contents page there would be● On the front page there will be a a title, text and pictures of the clothes picture of a model with text that we sell. The colour scheme would be surrounds it, this would interest the the same as the front cover. This audience as the text would say what’s would interest the audience because inside. The lay out is : they might want a sneak preview of the clothes we sell. The contents page will have the following information in it: 2.Best makeup 32. 10. Interview 18. Events-breaking dawn 28. red carpet 12. Celebrity stories 20. Up coming events 30. 34. 4 Best clothes 22. Puzzles 14.Interview 8. High street bargains 16.Pictures 36. 6. Get the look 24. Competition 26. Answers
  7. 7. In my magazine On the double page spread of my magazine the title would be ‘high street bargains’. I thought of this title because it tells the audience what great clothes can come out of your nearest high street shops. Also on this page there will be some pictures which show different high street outfits. The colour scheme on this page will be the same as the colours on the front cover. The layout of the double page spread will look like this:
  8. 8. Why should you by the magazine ? I think that you should buy this magazine because it is brand new and fresh, also this magazine is very unique and it is not like any other fashion magazine as it combines fashion with interviews, high street bargains with competitions and make up with puzzles. It will also bring you the latest gossip in the celebs lives. It will keep you up to date with the latest fashion and it will give you some amazing hair styles. This magazine will make you in to a whole new person as you would be rocking some clothes that are to die for and you would make all of the other girls green with jealousy. So that’s why you should buy this magazine.