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grooming assignment abrar hussin


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grooming assignment abrar hussin

  1. 1. Grooming assignmentGrooming assignment By Abrar hussain Batch-k4 Branch Infantry Road
  2. 2. What is Grooming?What is Grooming?  It is the process of making yourself look neat and attractive The things which you do to make yourself and your appearance tidy and pleasant
  3. 3. 2.Personal qualities required in2.Personal qualities required in aviation and hospitality?aviation and hospitality?  1. Ready Smile 2. Pro active 3. Tactful to manage even a difficult customer 4. High Sense of Grooming 5. Confident 6. Good communication skills 7. etc., etc., etc.,
  4. 4. Action plan to over come theAction plan to over come the qualities in which i lackqualities in which i lack  Communication skills I will improve by reading English news paper and watching English movie and daily spending daily two hours and by correcting my mistakes from teachers
  5. 5. Types of skinTypes of skin  The skin is the largest organ of the body, covering the entire body. As the outer protective covering of the body, it is exposed to the environment, making it vulnerable to growths, rashes, discolorations, cysts, burns,...  There are 5 types of skin  Oil  Normal  Dry  Combination  Sensitive
  6. 6. I have oily type of skinI have oily type of skin and the measures toand the measures to overcome that type ofovercome that type of skinskin  Overactive oil glands can be bothersome if they cause acne, unwanted shine or a greasy, unclean appearance. Avoid the temptation of scrubbing your face with soap, because it may trigger even more oil production. Instead, choose a gentle cleanser or astringent which removes excess oil, but doesn't eliminate it entirely.
  7. 7. Personal grooming treatmentsPersonal grooming treatments  Grooming involves all the aspects of your body  Overall cleanliness  Hair  Nails  Teeth  Uniform  Make-up
  8. 8. Types of hairTypes of hair  Oily hair: They looks good for day or two after shampooing, then after that they become greasy. It has the problem of dandruff. Their head looks dirty because hair cling to each other forming groups which looks unattractive.
  9. 9. Dry hairDry hair  They look very dull and are very difficult to control after shampooing. They break off easily They have splits at the ends. The head feels dry and itchy.
  10. 10. Combination hairCombination hair  Combination hair: It is a combination of both dry and oily hair. The hair looks good after shampooing except the ends. The hair near the head is greasy and the ends are dry. By the time hair needs shampooing again, ends look quite good.
  11. 11. DietDiet  This is a diet that is loaded with various vegetables and fruits, along with the lean meats and also other protein sources. You should make a healthy diet as your lifestyle. You will find that healthy diet will maintain your good health. This can also prevent that some disease such as
  12. 12. Importance of balance dietImportance of balance diet  A well-balanced diet is so important these days to help keep children and adults alike at their happy and healthy best. It should include foods from the new food pyramid that have all the essential nutrients your body needs
  13. 13. My bodyMy body  Height: 5.11  Weight: 55 kgs  BMI: Normal  Methods to maintain balance same  Continue the same diet plan
  14. 14. Personal dietPersonal diet Days Breakfast lunch dinner Monday Bread with jam Dal ,rice and egg 2 rotis with sabji Tuesday Idly 2 rotis with sabji 2 rotis with sabji Wednesday Dosa Rice and Dal fry 2 rotis with sabji and sweet Thursday upma Rice and Dal fry noodles Friday Bread butter Biriyani Biriyani Saturday Bread with jam Rice and Dal fry Polav Roti Sunday Lime rice Rice and Dal fry Polav Roti
  15. 15. How to present yourself in interviewHow to present yourself in interview  Qualities of a professional person… Professional & Positive Attitude. Intelligent & Quick Wicked. Social Person With An Interesting People. Polite & Humble. Patience. Enthusiastic And Charming. Confident & Punctual. Well Groomed. Physical Fit.
  16. 16. conclusionconclusion  CONCLUSION Before I use to have many pimples and tan marks on my face and after following the given suggestions I have seen lots of improvement on my skin .i am using Clinmiskin and they work well.
  17. 17. BibliographyBibliography  Bibliography I got all the information and photographs from  ,