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  1. 1. PSYCHOSOCIAL PERSPECTIVES Presented by Dr. Sudanshu bhatt Khan Abrar-Uz-Zaman Khan ( SOS psychology) Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University Raipur Chhattisgarh
  2. 2. NAXALISM : PSYCHOSOCIAL PERSPECTIVESAbstract Naxalism is a severe burning problem in various states of India. Near about 18- 62% of population is affected as reported as by the CNN-IBN data. The causes of naxalism- 1. Social (Poverty, socialization, Low Socio-economical status, Social motive, propaganda, exploit) 2. Psycho-social cause (Culture, Leadership, Impression management, Person perception 3. (Biological genetically). The people are always in fear of being punished by naxalites. Man they are transferred to those areas. Every day brings terror in the minds of the people and trust feeling is diminishing. As the member of the family goes for work in the particular area. The whole family is in tension. The social consequences are also apparent as the responsible person for development of that area, does not want to go therefore the development is obstructed. Educational, health, social relations are also affected. The solution of the problem needs a power. First and for-most action needed is to create environment for stopping the naxalites activates it can be done through bringing awareness among the people of Naxalite area. It is important to inculcate the local area leadership. The local area leadership is important, so that the communicational gap can be fulfilled. The role of social worker, executive, psychologists, sociologist, is very important in controlling the naxalism problem.
  3. 3. NAXALISM : PSYCHOSOCIAL PERSPECTIVES Introduction:- Definition:- Naxal-affected areas of India:- Highly affected areas:- Moderately affected:- Marginally affected:- Targeted areas:-
  4. 4. NAXALISM : PSYCHOSOCIAL PERSPECTIVES Deaths related to naxal violence. Violent incidents involving naxlites .
  5. 5. NAXALISM : PSYCHOSOCIAL PERSPECTIVES Naxal-affected areas in Chhattisgarh 10 district are affected:- Highly affected area:-
  6. 6. NAXALISM : PSYCHOSOCIAL PERSPECTIVES Effect :- Physical harm:- Civilians:- Forced:-
  7. 7. NAXALISM : PSYCHOSOCIAL PERSPECTIVES Effect :- Development effect National highways:- State roads:-
  8. 8. NAXALISM : PSYCHOSOCIAL PERSPECTIVES Effect :- Psychological illness
  9. 9. NAXALISM : PSYCHOSOCIAL PERSPECTIVES Effect :- Social disturbance Economical crisis
  10. 10. NAXALISM : PSYCHOSOCIAL PERSPECTIVES Cause :- Social cause:- Poverty:- Socialization:- Social motives:- Rumors:- Biological cause:-
  11. 11. NAXALISM : PSYCHOSOCIAL PERSPECTIVES Cause :- Psychosocial cause:- Culture :- Leadership:- Impression management:- Person perception :-
  12. 12. NAXALISM : PSYCHOSOCIAL PERSPECTIVES Suggestion :- Proper training should be held on impression management and rumors. Local area Leadership should be promoted. The naxilte problem handling must be at foot war. By the help of psycho Education :- By the help of Development :- By the help of Economical, psychosocial, back support:-
  13. 13. NAXALISM : PSYCHOSOCIAL PERSPECTIVES Conclusion’s:- Naxalism is a social psycho. problem, heaving it’s roots in felling of deprive nation among the people who have being ignore by the society, as well as by the govt. Now this problem is out of control Solution of the problem lye’s in the society and the govt. who have work in the welfare the people’s. They can be helped the social psychological development.