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Beginnings of christianity


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Brief view about how Christianity became the official religion of Ancient Rome, one of the most powerful ancient empires from Europe

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Beginnings of christianity

  1. 1. Beginnings of Christianity
  2. 3. Why Romans didn’t like Christianity? Polytheistic Religion: they worship many gods
  3. 4. <ul><li>… .including the emperor ! </li></ul>
  4. 5. If you don’t respect Roman gods, harm could come to the empire, so… Roman law punished those who refused to worship their gods.
  5. 6. Jesus and his teachings Jesus taugh belief in one god and in Ten Commandments. … but soon his teachings were different from Jewish
  6. 7. God is loving and would forgive those who were sorry for their sins He encourage people to love one another: enemies shall be forgiven and loved.
  7. 8. To make his ideas clearer, Jesus often used parables Do you remember theParable of the prodigal son ?
  8. 9. According to Judaism, a messiah will come to bring world peace Some people became convinced that Jesus was the messiah So… what did Roman leaders think about it?
  9. 10. They thought Jesus might take over the empire and set up his own kingdom Pontius Pilate ordered that Jesus be put to death by crucifixion.
  10. 11. Jesus’ Teac hings Spreads His teachings soon were carried through the Roman roads Apostles were the first people to spread Jesus’ words
  11. 12. Rome and the new religion The Romans allowed people to have other religions beliefs, if they also worshipped the Roman gods So… What happened with Christians?
  12. 13. Romans began to persecute the Christians Many Christians became martyrs
  13. 14. Constantine Accepts Christianity Why the Roman Empire was growing weaker? Government increased taxes = citizens got upset Political chaos= Roman generals fought to rule the empire Emperors faced invaders
  14. 15. “ In Hoc Signo Vinces” In this sign, you will conquer
  15. 16. Constantine won the battle. He didn’t thank the Roman gods A.D. 313 : Edict of Milan made Christianity an accepted religion LATER,CHRISTIANITY BECAME THE OFFICIAL RELIGION FOR THE ROMAN EMPIRE