Team Leaders and dating, really... yes really


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  • When do sign up? Every month don’t need everyone
  • Colleen remind us people are busy. No isn’t no forever, I just can’t right now
  • Colleen story – team tents / vips
  • Colleen story – 1st entrance to AFCamp story – thank you emails
  • Team Leaders and dating, really... yes really

    1. 1. My Profile I hail from Baltimore and I'm huge Ravens fan. You could probably say I'm football obsessed. Besides football, I'm enjoying life in DC. Here are some random things about myself. • I’m a fundraiser, I work at Blackbaud and help non-profit organizations increase revenue • My glass is always half full. I'm an eternal optimist. • I'm always up for a road trip, Graceland is awesome, it should on everyone's must visit list. Next stop Dollywood. • My sport of choice is running. I don't plan on winning any races soon, but it's a good way to stay active. Plus, after completing a long-distance race, you get a medal. I'm in it for the medal! • I prefer Miller Lite to Bud Light. Yes, I think there's a difference! • I love my blog…
    2. 2. Finding a Match
    4. 4. Why Team Captains?
    5. 5. Participants by Participant Type Team Captains Team Members Individuals • Amount Raise: $761 • Number of Gifts: 9 • Average Gift: $83 • Amount Raise: $111 • Number of Gifts: 2.79 • Average Gift: $40 • Amount Raise: $111 • Number of Gifts: 2.99 • Average Gift: $37
    7. 7. Rule 1: Become best friends with choose column REPORTS
    8. 8. Rule 2: You’re not expected to be everything to everybody Fair, but not equal
    9. 9. Rule 2a: Timing is Everything • When did they sign up? – – – – – 6-9 months in advance 3-6 months 1-3 months 1 month 1 week • Who is signing up? – Past team captains – New team captains? • Speak to team captains differently – For example: • If they sign up 6 months in advance you’ll want to connect with them and see if they’re interested in hosting a team wrap around event • If they sign up 1 month before the event, probably want to focus more on online fundraising
    10. 10. Rule 2b: Are they into you? • What did they do when they signed up? – Did they say “YES” – I will fundraise to fight Arthritis! – Did they create their own fundraising goal? – Did they make an additional donation? • What does it mean when they answer these questions?
    11. 11. Rule 2c: Are they still into you? • What are they doing? – – – – – – – Sending emails from MyHQ Facebook Twitter Updating Personal page # of gifts Last logged in Are they reading your emails?
    12. 12. Rule 3: You need to leave your office • Email is not a cultivation or relationship building strategy • Building relationships will help in long run = growth and sustainability • Which events break through -standout from others, which events succeed? – Top fundraising events have: • active participants • coached participants • Engaged participants
    13. 13. Rule 3a: Let’s Talk Email • Email is important • It’s a way to disseminate information • One word you need to know when talking email SEGMENT
    14. 14. Rule 3a: Let’s Talk Email, why segment? Top Fundraisers • Special line of communication recognizing their status is ideal • Recognize their role in the event’s success • Recognize how they inspire others to be successful with their fundraising efforts No $$ raised (AKA “warm bodies”) The middle tier… raising something • Let them know that they’re supposed to raise money • Spell it out - Tell them how to use the tools • Create an email campaign for $0 • Decided what’s your acceptable loss • This is where the real potential lies! • They’re already fundraising…how can you move them to the “top tier”? • Let them know about important milestones, fundraising levels • Let them know they can compete with the top fundraisers
    15. 15. How can Blackbaud Sphere help improve my email communications? Event Email Templates: • Create an email campaign for team leaders – recruitment or fundraising/ team support • Single one time email or recurring email
    16. 16. How do I get started? 1st - Check out the emails created by the National team! They’re a great starting point.
    17. 17. A little email campaign inspiration Event Email Templates: • To help you get started Blackbaud has included a few sample email campaigns Sample Campaigns • Percentage to fundraising goal emails • Welcome kit • Recruitment messages – single mailings
    18. 18. Available Merge Fields Event Info • Event Display Name • Event Goal • Total Donations Raised • Event Date • Event Location • Event Address 1 & 2 • Event City • Event County • Event Contact Name • Event Contact Phone • Event Contact Email • Number of sign ups • Sign up Goal • Username Hyperlinks • Hyper Link to Donate Page • Hyper Link to Event Home Page • Hyper Link to Login Page • Hyper Link to Register Page • Hyper Link to Participant Personal Page Team • Team Name • Team Fundraising Goal • Team Member Recruitment Goal • Number of Team Members Recruited • Total Donation Raised by Team • Total Donation Raised by Team + Reg Fee Participant • Total Donation + Reg Fee • Fundraising Goal for donations raised
    19. 19. Hey Colleen: What was your Arthritis Foundation dating experience like?
    20. 20. Rule 4: Attend your team captain’s events • When you attend their team’s: – – – – Restaurant night Car wash Bake Sale Or, stop by their office on jean’s day • You are sending a message that your team captain’s are important and that you care
    21. 21. Rule 5: Ask them out again • Challenge: Very few team captains attend our Kick Off. • How do you over come this? Refer to Rule 4: attend their events • Continue to invite them to events; don’t cross them off your list: – They may not be able to commit at the moment, but will appreciate the invite
    22. 22. Rule 6: Always say thank you • Stand out by going old school: – Send a card – Make a phone call – Host a thank you party • Showcase your participants on your event site – It’s a way to recognize their hard work and inspire others • What are you doing to say thank you?
    23. 23. Rule 7: Just because your event is complete doesn’t mean your relationship has ended • Continue communication • Invite team captains to other events • Ask them to be on your committee • Send them educational & program information • Your entire relationship doesn’t have to be about fundraising
    24. 24. Questions