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How to create a product culture?


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As product people we can play a pivotal role in creating a product culture and instilling a product mindset. This talk covers the 'what and why' of product culture, and provides tools to create such a culture.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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How to create a product culture?

  1. 1. How to create a product culture? You can do this! @maa1ProductTank Amsterdam, Feb ‘17
  2. 2. What is product culture? Customer understanding Value proposition Business model & position @maa1
  3. 3. @maa1 Product culture components: Shared vision, mission & values Product mindset Customer centric Clear goals Great people Continuous learning
  4. 4. What I found on my 1st day: Very successful business ‘Build it and they will come’ What is UX or product!? @maa1
  5. 5. @maa1 Asking “why?” That’s where product culture starts
  6. 6. @maa1 Leading without authority Developers want Agile Stakeholders want Gantt charts People living in ‘peace time’ Safe to experiment and fail?
  7. 7. Don’t be a bulldozer! @maa1
  8. 8. Pick your battles! @maa1
  9. 9. Start small but targeted: Product vision Mission statement Manifesto OKRs Data Customers @maa1
  10. 10. Our product vision: “Making international growth simple” @maa1
  11. 11. For (target customer) Who (statement of the need or opportunity) The (product name) is a (product category) That (key benefit, compelling reason to buy) Unlike (primary competitive alternative) Our product (statement of primary differentiation) Mission statement: Which problems are we solving NOW? @maa1
  12. 12. Hilton Hotels example: Vision / Mission / Values @maa1
  13. 13. Aspirational Long term This is what we are doing NOW Embody these values in everything we do Hire and fire accordingly @maa1
  14. 14. Values underpinning a product culture: Curious Courageous Inventive Open Experiment Learn @maa1
  15. 15. Our team values and principles: @maa1
  16. 16. “IT mindset” Scale and execution Doing what “the business” wants @maa1
  17. 17. “Product mindset” It’s about the customer stupid! Constant innovation @maa1@maa1
  18. 18. @maa1 How do we become more customer centric? 5 customers every fortnight Team based user research ‘Exposure Hours’ Feel what users feel ‘Product Retrospectives’ @maa1
  19. 19. People: Hire and fire for the right values and behaviours ‘Product Janitors’ @maa1
  20. 20. @maa1 Netflix aren’t afraid to hire and fire
  21. 21. @maa1 Clear goals: “Acquire better, process better”
  22. 22. Individual OKRs for “Acquire better, process better” @maa1 Objective 4 - Improve on core metrics constantly and iteratively Results: 1. Ensure that those clients who complete the registration form become 6 out of every 10 by the end of December ’17. 2. Create a bespoke onboarding experience for our Asian clients, and increase registration completion to 60% by end of December ’17 from 40% currently. 3. Work toward reducing the onboarding error rate by 10% globally by end of June ’17.
  23. 23. Continuous learning: Measurable Data driven hypotheses Full transparency @maa1
  24. 24. @maa1 Iterative improvements and innovation
  25. 25. You can drive product culture! 1. Create and share your product vision 2. Bring the customer into the building and share! 3. Facilitate product retrospectives @maa1
  26. 26. product-janitor-330db290334a#.39kz0xe7z Links for further learning @maa1
  27. 27. Slide 2 - Slide 3 - Slide 4 - Slide 5 - Slide 6 - Slide 7 - Slide 8 - Slide 9 - small-01292881 Slide 10 - Slide 12/13 - Slide 14 - Slide 16 - Slide 17 - Slide 18 - Slide 19 - janitor-4e9937bd82524499bdd36f44705f08c3 Slide 20 - Slide 21 - Slide 23 - Slide 25 - Image credits @maa1