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How to best create and manage product roadmaps?


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In this talk I cover the dos and don'ts with regard creating and managing product roadmaps.

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How to best create and manage product roadmaps?

  1. 1. Product Roadmap How to best create and manage roadmaps?
  2. 2. Why this talk?
  3. 3. Not just features & dates
  4. 4. Take a step back!
  5. 5. Outline Product vision & strategy Creating a product roadmap Managing a product roadmap What are product roadmaps?
  6. 6. What are product roadmaps?
  7. 7. Provide direction
  8. 8. Pair objectives & strategy
  9. 9. Aid communication By Martin Eriksson,
  10. 10. What are product roadmaps? Provide strategic and product direction Offers rationale for decisions, resource allocation and prioritisation Effective communication tool Facilitate stakeholder collaboration & decision making Create continuity of purpose
  11. 11. Product vision & strategy
  12. 12. Business vision
  13. 13. Business vision
  14. 14. Product vision
  15. 15. Strategy - ‘Bit in the middle’ Business goals Revenue & profit User Experience Business model Value chain Customer segmentation Design principles Competitors User needs Technology Compliance Domain Geography Strategy Constraints
  16. 16. Product vision & strategy Think big – A good vision is lofty and aspirational A shared vision – Create a common sense of purpose which is shared widely across the company Motivating – Outlines product benefits for others Use for decision-making – Use your vision as guide when making business or product decisions Distinguish between vision and strategy – A vision should not be a plan that outlines how to reach a goal
  17. 17. Creating a product roadmap
  18. 18. Roadmap Wish list
  19. 19. Roadmap Customer only
  20. 20. ‘Old School’
  21. 21. ‘Old School’
  22. 22. What’s wrong? What is the context? Why are we doing certain things? Why not? What value are we looking to deliver and why? What business or user problems are we looking to solve, for whom and why? Don’t forget that your roadmap is a communication and collaboration tool!
  23. 23. Pitfalls when creating Common pitfalls when creating a roadmap: Why? - Just a collection of features and timings Dependencies - Not thinking about cross-product or team dependencies “Solution sickness” - Fixating on a feature or solution upfront
  24. 24. ‘New School’: Goal oriented
  25. 25. Create a roadmap
  26. 26. Roadmap themes
  27. 27. Creating a product roadmap Don’t fixate on features; focus on problems, goals, assumptions or themes instead Important to not lose sight of measurable results Consider adding extra layers to allow for risks, dependencies and product discovery (‘unknowns’)
  28. 28. Managing a product roadmap By Janna Bastow,
  29. 29. Roadmap a one off
  30. 30. Roadmap Set in stone
  31. 31. Roadmap updates
  32. 32. Things can change
  33. 33. As long as you’re transparent
  34. 34. As long as you’re transparent
  35. 35. Managing a product roadmap Treat your product roadmap as a living document Be transparent about roadmap progress Keep communicating to your stakeholders
  36. 36. Product Roadmap - 3 things 3 things to take away: Take a step back before creating a roadmap A roadmap needs strategic context and goals Stakeholder communication is critical
  37. 37. Thank you! @MAA1