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AHLLC Case Study: The Daily


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Published in: Technology, Business
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AHLLC Case Study: The Daily

  1. 1. Abraham Harrison LLC – Case Study The DailyHelping Your Company Launch A New ProductNovember 2011
  2. 2. Abraham Harrison LLC: Case Study – The DailyChallenge:In early 2011, Rupert Murdoch and NewsCorporation launched a newspaperexclusively for iPad users called The Daily.Abraham Harrison was tasked withspearheading the social media side of thelaunch promotions. This specifically includedblogger outreach and social networking siteprofile management.While the initial task was helping promote TheDaily through social media, upon launching anew challenge presented itself. As with allemerging technologies, there were someglitches/issues with users downloading andusing The Daily. Abraham Harrison thenstepped into the role of monitoring andresponding to customer comments andqueries that were emerging in the socialmedia space.
  3. 3. Abraham Harrison LLC: Case Study – The DailyStrategy/Tactics:We custom created a universe of around4,000 online influencers. We reached outin 3 rounds of messaging to announcethe launch of The Daily and direct them toan easily copy and paste-able socialmedia news release.Our team responded individually to eachblogger who replied to our initial emails.This resulted in hundreds of posts andmillions of impressions.As a result of closely monitoring varioussocial media platforms, the AH teamnoticed some user questions andcomments that needed attention fromThe Daily. Abraham Harrison then Sample of AHLLC secured blog post andfunctioned as an extension of The Daily’s Social Media News Releasecustomer service team following up,answering questions, and assisting TheDaily users.
  4. 4. Abraham Harrison LLC: Case Study – The DailyResults:The six-week campaign led to over 250 postsgenerating millions of impressions. We are normallyable to provide our clients with exact figures on howmany impressions our efforts garnered. In the case ofThe Daily, Abraham Harrison was only a piece of themarketing mix thus exact impressions were difficult todetermine.Abraham Harrison, functioning as a branch of TheDaily’s customer service team created over 40 tweetsfor The Daily to use when addressing both negative andpositive comments.Abraham Harrison also interacted with over 150 Twitterusers during a three week period who were commentingon issues they were having with The Daily.This monitoring and responding on behalf of The Dailyhelped to quickly address negative feedback and ensurea positive and successful launch. Through constantattention to customer needs, coupled with bloggeroutreach, the efforts to raise awareness resulted inpositive press and raving customer reviews.
  5. 5. Further Questions?Please contact us, we would be happy to speak withyou!Mark HarrisonCEO Abraham