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Pinterest for Business Community


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Pinterest for Business Community presentation. We share how to build your boards to monetize Pinterest in the fastest way possible. We give tips and tricks plus great websites for more resources.

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  • @norbwinslow Thanks for your input and the information you shared was valuable. We are mainly using Pinterest as a way to network, and create exposure for our clients which is our main job. Having said that, we are discovering many marketing strategies and tactics to support those strategies. Data mining is a gold mine on Pinterest as well as finding fabulous resources and cross promotions for ourselves and our clients. Thanks for sharing~
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  • My experience with pinterest:

    I've used pinterest to optimize my site's ranking and the outcome was good, it has improved from page 6 to 4rd spot of 1st page within 3 weeks.

    I found that the seller named 'pinterest', which ranked first when you search 'pinterest' at Fiverr, has produced the best results on my websites. The seller pins my site with 75 different people, not sure how he did this, but it has improve my SERP's ranking. I've tried 5 other sellers who offer pinterest gigs on Fiverr but they can't improve my site's ranking. I don't know why.

    After using pinterest for SEO for quite some time, I've discovered some of its benefits:
    - Google loves social media signal.
    - Each pin is considered as 3 inbound links.
    - Links and images from pinterest are dofollow.
    - Remember to ping the links of the pins to get indexed by Google.
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Pinterest for Business Community

  1. 1. WELCOMEPinterest for BusinessCommunity
  2. 2. Pinterest for Business Basics Presented by Clyde Lerner & Rosemarie D‟Amiani Abracadabra, A Social Media Company ‘Social Media Done For You’ P: 888.688.0477 2
  3. 3. Pinterest for Business Basics Before you can Monetize, you need to understand the fundamentals What is Pinterest?Pinterest is an online pinboard: where you can post collections of things you love and follow collections by people with great taste. interest 3
  4. 4. Pinterest Business Branding• Visual Way to Share Ideas, Products, Brands, Dreams• Virtual Scrapbook for Business Services & Products• Place to store images of stuff you‟re going to buy later• Way to Plan a Business Trip/Vacation• Way to Plan a Special Business Event/Promotion 4
  5. 5. Pinterest Business Branding As of March 2012 6
  6. 6. Pinterest Business Branding What‟s Really Going On With Pinterest?• Fastest site in history of web to reach 10m unique visitors• Significant Source of Referral Traffic• Pinterest now drives more referral traffic than Twitter• 87% of the traffic is Women• Behavior Pattern = Shift From Search to Discovery• Perfect time to get your brand on Pinterest as an „early adopter‟ 7
  7. 7. 8
  8. 8. Pinterest Business Branding Content Sharing Ideas on Pinterest• Photos and Videos/Powerful stats and inspirational quotes• Infographics• Calls to action• Create and share original graphics for your brand• Create catalogs of your services/products• Host contests with prizes for greater participation• Your Landing Page Free Offer from your website• Tip: Follow other pins and get more followers• Tip: Use the right phrases for search for commercial use 9
  9. 9. Pinterest Business Branding Increase the Value (Monetize) Pinterest• Optimize your Pinterest pins/ greater search engine results• More overall exposure/add website url to every post• Engage related brands and comment, post and re-pin• Be sure to edit every pin and add the url to direct the traffic• You can direct traffic for each of your pins• Don‟t change the back of a pin that does not belong to you 10
  10. 10. Pinterest Business Branding Simple Facts That Impact Brands• Women love Pinterest & Drive all social media• Men are slow to engage on Pinterest• Big Brands are growing on Pinterest• Re-pinning gives you insights into your target market• Facebook, Google & You Tube gain the most referral traffic from Pinterest• Straight advertising is not encouraged, many ways to be subtle• There is a work around to advertising tastefully/Wanda 11
  11. 11. Pinterest Business Branding How to Connect Social Media on Pinterest• Twitter/Facebook Connections• Create a new unique graphic for Pinterest• Allow click through to your website on graphics• Announce „Specials or Coupons‟ through your graphic• Your graphic will be pinned over and over• Have fun and be creative with your new ideas• Pin, re-pin, like and comment regularly 12
  12. 12. Pinterest For Business Super Useful Tools for Pinterest• Get the “Pin It” button• Place “Pin It” button on your Website & Blog• Place the “Pin It” button on your bookmark bar• Make it easy to share your content, product photos• Share your book covers on Pinterest to drive incoming traffic• Have a “Pin It” button for yourself, so you can pin things you find interesting fast• Remember, Pinterest is Fun 13
  13. 13. Pinterest For Business • Super Useful Tools for Pinterest• and Screen2Pin Chrome Extension ( assist in pinning whole websites• ~ Turn your words or famous quotes in to Images• ~Creates a board to post your Facebook updates that include images/Fans can re-post from Facebook• - See how many pins are by a certain user 14
  14. 14. Pinterest Business Branding Pinterest ResourcesBeginner’s Guide – Tools to Promote your Pinterest for Business Good start and there are many other websites 15
  15. 15. Pinterest for Business Basics Recommended Best Practices / Monetizing Pinterest• Use your business name on your Pinterest Profile• Add to your About under your business name• Add your personal photo or your logo• Connect your Pinterest Account to Twitter and Facebook• Above will add social media icons under your company profile• Be certain to add your website name in your profile• Create interesting names for boards-use keywords/short names• Pin content steadily instead of lots of bursts at a time• Network with other professionals in your field and in related fields (follow-comment-pin) 16
  16. 16. 17
  17. 17. Pinterest for Business Basics Marketing• Like other people‟s pins and comment regularly = more connections and more followers and more networking for services you need• Pins from a variety of sources not just your own business• Pinning and liking creating a variety makes boards more popular• Use original content• Everyone gets notified via email when you like or re-pin• This is similar to a re-tweet on Twitter or a share on Facebook• Post content of value or visuals of interest to the audience• Use variety in your pin boards and be creative 18
  18. 18. 19
  19. 19. Pinterest for Business Basics Marketing - cont.• Posts your Webinars on Pinterest and add the url to your sign up page or virtual event• Are you an author? Then add a board for your books or e-books so people can purchase them. Be sure the url is correct to direct the pin to Amazon or kindle or your website.• Create a board for speaking events and announce your availability to speak and share your expertise.• Showcase all your products and or services and create boards for that specific purpose. 20
  20. 20. Pinterest for Business Basics Marketing• To pin videos, use “Pin it” button and you will get an image to post• aggregates the best infographics for magazines and the web.• Pin your blog posts and add a Pinterest „follow me‟ button to website• Create original graphics that are visually appealing• Protect your brand by using watermarks on original graphics 21
  21. 21. Pinterest for Business Basics How to Monetize Pinterest1. Gain followers by posting and re-posting cool and fun stuff either related to your products or just cool2. Engage with your followers by re-pin and like – like crazy3. Create customize graphics with watermarks of your products to avoid scammers/spammers4. Directly post products & add pricing5. Link your products/services by editing your pins 22
  22. 22. Pinterest for Business Basics Marketing on PinterestHow to add „Pin it it‟ button 23
  23. 23. Pinterest for Business Basics Customer Graphics Powder Puffs $188 - 4 ($47/ea) Mini Puffs $358 - 8 ($44.75/ea) - 5% savings Cocoa Puffs $468 - 12 ($39.00/ea) - 17% savings 24
  24. 24. Pinterest for Business Basics Custom GraphicsHow to Track your Website‟s Content on Pinterest Pinterest Traffic Using Google Analytics time to post Pinterest? Saturday Morning 25
  25. 25. Pinterest for Business Basics Presented by Clyde Lerner & Rosemarie D‟Amiani Abracadabra, A Social Media Company ‘Social Media Done For You’ P: 888.688.0477We, at Abracadabra Social Media expand social footprints forbusiness and perform marketing and social media tasks,including daily posting to social networks for those businessowners who don‟t have time to do their own social mediaeffectively.Additionally, we analyze small businesses to increase theirprofitability and engineer marketing campaigns to increase ROI. 26
  26. 26. Pinterest for Business Basics Still have questions on Pinterest?Rosemarie D‟Amiani & Clyde Lernercontactus@abracadabrasocialmedia.comTelephone: 888.688.0477Pin With Us: http://www.AbraOnPinterestFB: THANKS FOR ATTENDING 27