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Here we discuss the ins/outs of Facebook Hacking and Hacking Prevention. We at Abracadabra, A Social Media Company, Do social media for you. www.AbracadabraSocialMedia.com, 888.688.0477

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Facebook Anti-Hacking Guide

  2. 2. FACEBOOKHACKING PREVENTION GUIDEGet your Facebook Account Hacked Today! It’s FREE! Presented by Clyde Lerner & Rosemarie D’Amiani Abracadabra, A Social Media Company contactus@abracadabrasocialmedia.com P: 800-688.0477 www.AbracadabraSocialMedia.com
  3. 3. FACEBOOK HACKING PREVENTION GUIDE About UsWe, at ASM expand your social footprint perform marketing and media tasks in social networks for those business owners who don’t have time to do their social media. Additionally, we analyze small businesses to increase their profitability and reengineer marketing campaigns to increase ROI. Social Media Done For You.
  4. 4. FACEBOOKHACKING PREVENTION GUIDE Some of the benefits of being hacked are:Identity Theft, Breach of Personal Information, Scammers who have Your Contact List and Access to Your Family Photos, Especially Your Children.
  5. 5. FACEBOOKHACKING PREVENTION GUIDEQuick Tip:Always remove your year of birth from yourprofile. Your birth date can be even morevaluable to identity theft thieves than yoursocial security number.
  6. 6. FACEBOOK HACKING PREVENTION GUIDEHere we go.... Well, for the 101st time – at least – A friend’s Facebook account got hacked and it didn’t have to happen. Hacking happens all the time in social networks, personally and in business.
  8. 8. FACEBOOK HACKING PREVENTION GUIDE What Can You Do to Protect Your Information?Back up your Facebook Data Once a Month• Keeps your Facebook information in tact• Keeps Your Wall Posts, Messages & Chats• Restores Photos/Videos• Keeps friends’ Names & Some email addresses• (Note: Facebook will only include email addresses for friends who’ve allowed this in their account settings.)
  9. 9. FACEBOOK HACKING PREVENTION GUIDE• So now the Question is “What’s not in Your Archive?”• Your friends’ photos and status updates• Other people’s personal info• Comments you’ve made on other people’s posts
  10. 10. FACEBOOK HACKING PREVENTION GUIDEStep 1 - Change Your Password!https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=account&section=password&t1) Click on arrow next to Home2) Go to “Account Settings”3) Click on “General Settings:4) Look to the right of Password - it will tell you last timeyou changed your password5) If it’s more than 4 weeks ago, click “edit” and update tonew password.6) Great Guide on Changing your password:http://www.itmcomputing.com/blog/passwords-you-really-need-to-change
  11. 11. FACEBOOK HACKING PREVENTION GUIDEStep 2 Change Security Settings• Change Your Security Settings https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=security 1) Click on arrow next to Home 2) Go to “Account Settings” 3) Click on “Security” A) This Enables Secure Website Browsing (Please make sure you see “https://www.facebook.com” (not http://.facebook.com) This is VERY IMPORTANT.
  12. 12. FACEBOOK HACKING PREVENTION GUIDEStep 2 (cont)Change Your Security Settings cont’d B) The reason your Facebook account is insecure when you see “http://.facebook.com is because people can see your password. Why is that you ask? Or better yet, How do you fix it? Go to Account, Click acct settingsClick acct security, click Change, enter Secure Browsing https: Be sure to SAVE or it will not change. Then go back to profileVerify it has changed to https in Profile
  13. 13. FACEBOOK HACKING PREVENTION GUIDEStep 2 (cont) C) Login Notifications - Enable This will tell you any time someone (even you) logs on from a different computer - you should name each one of these INSTANCE OF LOG IN, so you can delete them later on) from any computer. D) Recognized Devices - Enable Each time you log in from different location, label it .You are prompted when logging in from a different location. This way you have a list of all recognized locations and it will help for “Active Sessions.” Later, you need to come to “Recognized Devices” and remove all non-recognized devices or devices you wont use any more.
  14. 14. FACEBOOK HACKING PREVENTION GUIDEStep 2-Cont-Chaning Security SettingsE) Active Sessions - Enable This shows all the sessions you have not logged out of on Facebook. Check your “Active Sessions” once a week if you’re mobile & logging on to other computers. Tip: If you have any concerns about the amount of time your teen is spending on Facebook this feature can be very helpful in tracking them especially when they are supposed to be paying attention in class at school.
  15. 15. FACEBOOK HACKING PREVENTION GUIDEStep 3 - Privacy Protecting Your Privacy https://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy This function will make sure your data is shared with whom you want it shared. We don’t recommend sharing with “everyone” - “every detail,” as this is prime target for identity theft. This is a great way to block users, prevent people from tagging you in photos, stopping annoying invites to events/applications. To get to Privacy Settings, click on down Arrow next to “Home” and you’ll see list of Privacy Settings.
  16. 16. FACEBOOK HACKING PREVENTION GUIDEStep 3 – Privacy - cont• Control how you connect with people you know. This lets you know who is seeing your information.• https://www.facebook.com/ajax/settings/privacy/connect.php• How Tags Work-Control what happens when friends tag you. You can stop people from tagging you or you can approve each tag that someone makes on a photo.• Apps and Websites, control what gets shared with apps, games and websites.• Limit the audience for present & past posts you shared with friends of friends or Public• Control how you connect with people you know. This lets you know who is seeing your information.•
  17. 17. FACEBOOK HACKING PREVENTION GUIDESecurity Setting Number 4Beware of Email Phishing Scam• Get in the habit of glancing at the domain when opening Facebook. Be aware that if you click a link that it is from facebook.com and has no extra extensions as it would not be Facebook but rather a false impostor site.• Never, ever click a link that says “https://facebook.com....” or “http://facebook.com” in an email as we mentioned earlier.
  18. 18. FACEBOOK HACKING PREVENTION GUIDEStill have questions on Facebook Security?Contact Us at one of the links below:Google+ page: http://gplus.am/abracadabraFacebook: www.abraonfacebook.comTwitter: www.abraontwitter.comWebsite: www.abracadabrasocialmedia.comP: 888.688.0477THANKS FOR ATTENDING.