Abracadabra Social Media presents Pinterest for Business to Natural Healers


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Pinterest for Business presented by AbracadabraSocialMedia.com. They talk about Pinterest basics, how to monetize pinterest, Pinterest Etiquette, and provide awesome Pinterest tools.

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  • This is a great introduction to Pinterest. Some user hints as well as business examples.
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Abracadabra Social Media presents Pinterest for Business to Natural Healers

  1. 1. WELCOME To Our interest Webinar
  2. 2. About UsWe, at Abracadabra Social Media expand your social footprint and perform marketing and social media tasks in social networks for those business owners who don’t have time to do their social media effectively. Additionally, we analyze small businesses to increase their profitability and engineer marketing campaigns to increase ROI. ‘Social Media Done For You’ Presented by Clyde Lerner & Rosemarie D’Amiani Abracadabra, A Social Media Company contactus@abracadabrasocialmedia.com P: 888.688.0477
  3. 3. Pinterest Business BrandingPinterest is an online pinboard: where you can post collections of things you love and follow collections by people with great taste. interest
  4. 4. Pinterest Business Branding Getting Started on Pinterest1. Get Invited2. Set up Account w/Twitter/Facebook3. Set up Profile4. Invite Friends5. Add Boards
  5. 5. Pinterest Business Branding Getting Started on Pinterest1. Share, Share, Share2. Share in increments, not LARGE bursts of images3. Start Re-pinning4. Pin from your favorites sites5. Upload Original Content with links6. Add contributors to your boards
  6. 6. Pinterest Business Branding What is it that you can do on Pinterest?• Follow other pinboards and get more followers• Be sure to use the right phrases on your pinboards for commercial use Content Sharing Ideas on Pinterest• Photos and Videos• Powerful stats and inspirational quotes• Infographics• Calls to action• Share your unique style• Share your brand
  7. 7. Pinterest Business Branding Increase the Value (Monetize) of Pinterest• Optimize your Pinterest pins/ greater search engine results• Rework and SEO Your Phrases• Rank well for the phrase on your Pinterest account• More overall exposure• Search Engines rank what people are interested in• Why you see an increasing number of images & videos• Target should be focused• Pinterest boards & pins dont rank well for the phrases yet
  8. 8. Pinterest Business Branding Connecting Social Media on Pinterest• Connect to Twitter & Tweet Pins/photos• Connect to Facebook and Post to Facebook• If there is a website on a pin, don’t change it• Click on all pins to see where they go• Create a new unique graphic for Pinterest• Allow click through to your website on graphics• Announce ‘Specials or Coupons’ through your graphic• Set up a price list
  9. 9. Pinterest Business Branding• Get the “Pin It” button• Place “Pin It” button on your Website & Blog• Show Pinterest Stream on website• Make it easy to share your content, product photos• Share your book covers on Pinterest to drive incoming traffic• Have a “Pin It” button on your bookmark bar, so you can pin things you find interesting fast• Remember, Pinterest is Fun
  10. 10. Pinterest Business Branding Make other media Pinterest-Friendly• Put Images on everything thing you do• Put at least 1-2 images per blog entry to make it pinnable• Revisit your website – fill it with images• Revisit old blog posts – make them pinnable – pin ‘em• Go Mobile with iPhone App (ipad – soon to be released)
  11. 11. Pinterest Business Branding Pinterest ResourcesBeginner’s Guidehttp://bit.ly/yc8rdLGoodies – Tools to Promote your Pinteresthttp://pinterest.com/about/goodies/Pinterest Wordpress Widgethttp://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/pinterest-rss-widget/Pinterest for Business (lots of Pinterest news)http://pinterest.com/pinterestbiz/
  12. 12. Pinterest Business Branding Pinterest Resources Cont.Pinnerly – Schedule Your Pinshttp://www.pinerly.com/i/qHpQCOur Pinterest Presentation to Natural Healer’s Networkhttp://www.slideshare.net/secret/eVtMO5ZRt3EsOP
  13. 13. Pinterest Business Branding Businesses Using PinterestEtsy http://pinterest.com/etsy/Land’s End Canvas http://pinterest.com/landsendcanvas/Nordstrom http://pinterest.com/nordstrom/Real Simple http://pinterest.com/realsimple/Abracadabra Social Media http://pinterest.com/abracadabrasm 18
  14. 14. Pinterest Business Branding Still have questions on Pinterest?contactus@abracadabrasocialmedia.comP: 888.688.0477Pin With Us: http://pinterest.com/abracadabrasmFB: http://www.abraonfacebook.com THANKS FOR ATTENDING.