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Matha Stewart Living Omnimedia

  1. 1. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Allison Smidt Organizational Behavior 10/23/2008
  2. 2. MSO HISTORY • Martha started small in 1976 with a catering business. • In 1995 Martha Stewart’s company became an incorporation called Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia • June of 2003f Martha Stewart was indicted on nine counts of obstruction of justice due to the investigation of the sale of IMClone System shares (Ackman, 2004). She was also charged with defrauding the investors of her own company (Ackman, 2004).
  3. 3. MSO HISTORY • In 2005 Martha was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison in which she served significantly less time than that. While half of her sentence was in prison the other half was at home arrest (Ackman, 2004). • Martha stepped down from her position as chief executive officer, so the company could re-organize and come up with a new plan.
  4. 4. RECCOMENDATIONS • Find and create managers and leaders who have the following characteristics: Trustworthy, Courageous, charismatic, willing, and open to communication. • Financial restructuring • Build a tall organizational structure • Martha becomes a silent partner • New training programs • Selling the new organization.
  5. 5. Plan for Employee Relations • Learn to handle the call volume and issues employees are having. • Employee relations needs to have a meeting and or training session, to inform them of all of the questions and concerns them will be receiving. They then need to learn techniques for calming upset employees down and letting them know their jobs are not at risk.
  6. 6. Plan for Communication • Communicate all changes promptly • Communicate the right information to the media • Communicate regularly amongst all employees, to keep up with what is going on.
  7. 7. Plan for Leadership Credibility • Maintain trustworthy, courageous, charismatic, willing, and open communication leadership.
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