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Dominating Diablo 3 with the Barbarian


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Dominating Diablo 3 with the Barbarian

  1. 1. The Barbarian comes from Mount Arreat described as near-legendary, dualwielding furies that are relentless and extremely powerful.Back in the Diablo 2 days, they were also the ones carrying powerful doubleweapons designed to deal as much damage as possible.Most people would instantly think of the Barbarian when it comes to Diablo 3for a couple of reasons:- They perceive him to be the strongest ‘tank’ in the game- They have unparalleled physical strength and can normally equip the mostadvanced ‘strength’ based equipment that most other characters will struggle toequip- The ability to handle large crowds using Whirlwind, cleaving throughhordes and leaping down on a group of monsters while dealing huge damage.You can learn so much more by checking this out:Diablo 3 SecretsThe strengths of the Barbarians include being able to deal the most meleedamage. They are able to do so with large amounts of strength and the rightequipment. They also have the most health in the game (if built properly) sothat they are able to withstand a lot of punishment. That is why they are alwayswelcomed in parties because they serve on the frontlines by absorbing damage.The weaknesses of the Barbarian are obviously their inability to use magic likeother spell casters. Therefore they always suffer when it comes to bossesbecause no matter how much health they have, a hit from a boss is usually very,very painful. Melee attacks are also limited in the sense that you have toliterally dive into battle and it could be very dangerous if you do not have anybackup.But to learn how to turn this to your advantage, youll need to download yourcopy of this great game guide:Diablo 3 SecretsAt the end of the day, the person who chooses the Barbarian must not be a stayaway kind of personality and be willing to take one for the team. If this is thetype of player you are, then by all means use the Barbarian to dominate yourDiablo 3 games.Learn more about Diablo 3 Secrets here