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MagickTiler at Toronto JUG


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Published in: Technology
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MagickTiler at Toronto JUG

  1. 1. M agickTilerA Java tool and embeddable library for converting images into formats suitable for publishing as zoomable Web images.
  2. 2. Image Tiling B asics – The P yramidY Y/2 Y/4 Y/8 X X/2 X/4 X/8 (some math...) No. of zoom levels = ⌈ log 2 max { x tilewidth , y tileheight }⌉ + 1
  3. 3. Tiling Schemes• Zoomify• TM S• Google M aps• M S D eep Zoom• …Variations are in the details… tile naming, directory layout, file formats and sizes, descriptor files, handling of irregular tile sizes.
  4. 4. TM S 1<zo o m -level> <c o lum n> ro w .jpg / png ro w .jpg / png … /0/2.jpg /1/2.jpg /2/2.jpg /0/1.jpg /1/1.jpg /2/1.jpg /0/0.jpg /1/0.jpg /2/0.jpg Tile (x and y) M U S T be n x tilesize! B orders M U S T be top/right.1 as supported by O penLayers
  5. 5. Zoomify<T ileG ro upX > <level>-<c o l>-<ro w >.jpg <level>-<c o l>-<ro w >.jpg … -0-0.jpg -1-0.jpg -2-0.jpg -0-1.jpg -1-1.jpg -2-1.jpg -0-2.jpg -1-2.jpg -2-2.jpg Irregular tiles M U S T be bottom/ right.
  6. 6. Zoomify: TileGroups (The Tricky P art)● Starting with the lowest zoom level (1x1 tile)● Count! (left->right, top->bottom)● Start a new TileGroup after 256 tiles! 5 6 7 1 2 0 8 9 10 3 4 11 12 13
  7. 7. Google M aps• R esize the longest dimension to the closest 256n²• Square the image using background-colour bufer• Tiles are square (256x256)• Tiles per zoomlevel: 4zoomlevel <o ut-dir> -0-0 -1-0 -2-0 -3-0 <level>-<c o l>-<ro w >.jpg <level>-<c o l>-<ro w >.jpg -0-1 -1-1 -2-1 -3-1 … -0-2 -1-2 -2-2 -3-2 -0-3 -1-3 -2-3 -3-3
  8. 8. P erformance O ptimizations• Striping – The base image is cut into either horizontal or vertical stripes to avoid operations on large images – For each zoom level, the stripes are generated based on the stripes of the previous zoomlevel (stripes are merged)• Single GM/IM operations where possible
  9. 9. C LIusage: java -jar magicktiler [-b <color>] [-f <format>] [-g] [-h] -i <input> [-l] [-o <output>] [-p] [-q <quality>] -s <scheme> [-v]-b <color> background color, default=white-f <format> tile format (jpeg or png), default=jpeg-g displays the GUI (ignores all other parameters)-h displays this help text-i <input> mandatory input file or directory-l writes reporting information to a log file-o <output> output directory (for tilesets) or file (for PTIF), default=.-p generate an HTML preview file-q <quality> JPEG compression quality (0 - 100), default=75-s <scheme> mandatory tiling scheme (tms, zoomify, gmap or ptif)-v validate the input instead of generating a tilesetExample: java -jar magicktiler.jar -s tms -f jpeg -i image.tif -p
  10. 10. Finally, some Java!